[How long is the shelf life of whey protein powder]_ pick __ save

[How long is the shelf life of whey protein powder]_ pick __ save

Whey protein powder is a health care product processed by a special process, which has a good health care effect. In general, the shelf life of whey protein powder is more than 18 months.Go to a cool and ventilated place and put it in a dry place. If the package has not been opened for too long, it should be taken in time. When choosing whey protein powder, be sure to choose a product with a brand distance.

How long is the shelf life of whey protein powder? The shelf life of most whey protein powders is relatively long, which are all over 18 months.

Some people find that even whey protein powder has expired, and it tastes no different from unexpired ones.

So, can I drink whey protein powder after it expires?

Even if the taste of the expired whey protein powder does not make any difference, but the expired things try to stop eating.

In addition, the opened protein powder should be eaten as soon as possible, and the method of placing it should be paid attention before opening to prevent the whey protein powder from “expiring” in advance.

Therefore, the whey protein powder must be sealed and placed in a dry place at room temperature, that is, according to the instructions.

In addition, do not leave the whey protein powder open for a long time.

Although whey protein powder has great nutritional value, it is suitable for all ages. Don’t buy too much whey protein powder at home. It is recommended to buy as much as you can.

I want to remind you that as long as there are no abnormalities in your body, you don’t need to deliberately supplement your nutrition. As long as you pay attention to a balanced diet and avoid partial eclipse, you can generally meet your nutritional needs.

Whey protein powder purchase principle 1, select brands do not choose bulk protein powder refers to WPC80 powder, this type of powder is a production raw material, there is no strict disinfection and sanitary filling process.

2. Choose professional instead of amateur professional sports brand’s whey protein powder, because the formula is reasonable, which will help the fitness crowd gain muscle.

The protein powder produced by ordinary health products companies pays more attention to the functions of health.

3, choose the genuine but not the cottage. In fact, the category of sports nutrition is very easy to copy, and the filling process has no technical difficulty.

This provided the possibility for counterfeit businesses to use WPC80 powder to fake.

Therefore, when buying whey protein powder, do not blindly pursue the price ratio, pay more attention to the purchase channels and merchant reputation, and try to avoid buying from individuals.

All in all, when buying whey protein powder, try to choose a big brand or buy it in a trusted mall.

[Practice of Straw Mushroom Edamame]_Homemade Practice of Straw Mushroom Edamame_Practice of Straw Mushroom Edamame_How to do Straw Mushroom Edamame

銆 咯 咏 咨 Pocket Purchasing 殭 餭 懭 桶 銆 咱 咎 姴 姴 圣 圜 圴 咫 咫 再 咉 咛 咉 咣 咴 圴 圛 問問 問問 啫 問 啫 啫 啫Guo pot?
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Guolian (603613) company research briefing: TOB e-commerce ushers in a period of strategic opportunity to broadcast live to promote the company’s accelerated growth

Guolian (603613) company research briefing: TOB e-commerce ushers in a period of strategic opportunity to broadcast live to promote the company’s accelerated growth

Affected by the epidemic, the company is expected to benefit deeply in this round of onlineization. Economic growth, Internet dividends and SARS catalyze. Online shopping has developed rapidly since 2003, but it is still dominated by C-commerce.

E-commerce has never occupied the mainstream of the market, but after several years of development, relevant technologies and markets have matured.

At present, the dividends of Internet and mobile Internet users have disappeared, and the increase in online shopping to C has continued to narrow, and the penetration rate of online shopping transactions has accelerated.

  The epidemic has made it difficult for enterprises to operate offline, and small and medium-sized enterprises have online purchase and sales scenarios, and B-commerce has ushered in a growth point.

Relying on the traditional information resource network, the company builds a B-commerce e-commerce platform with a “Pin-to-many” model. The penetration rate is expected to increase further.

The company ‘s multi-billion-dollar industry chain “campaign” support plan launched on February 8 will exceed the expected number of linked companies and will accelerate the growth of the company ‘s user base and transaction size. It is expected to benefit from the online trend generated by the epidemic.

  Fully embrace the live broadcast trend. From B to C, the average value of business will usher in growth and traditional offline marketing indicators, influence indicators, higher accuracy, and reduced cost. Webcast marketing is expected to become the mainstream mode of online marketing.

The MCN (multi-channel network) in the webcast promotes the output of various platforms through the 夜来香体验网 productization model in a multi-content form, and realizes a multi-format monetization model mainly based on advertising and e-commerce. The effect of carrying goods is obvious and the marketing effect is significant.

  The company’s high-quality product supply chain and expert reserves that have been working in various segments for many years will become its advantages in the field of live streaming.

The effect of the company’s live broadcast activity was much better than expected. The first stage will greatly promote the company’s Guolian Resource Network business development, which will bring more registered and discovering users. Subsequently, the membership fee, advertising fee and other income will increase significantly.

  Guolian Cloud Industry Live Broadcasting Platform is an industry online interactive platform 杭州桑拿网 developed and operated by Guolian. It is based on Guolian Resource Network and a wide range of e-commerce industry user groups.

We expect that, as the first batch of e-commerce live broadcasters, the company will rely on strong professional capabilities and rich customer resources to feed back the Guolian Resource Network, many platforms and petty birds, thereby providing more traffic and exposure opportunities, andBring more registered and research users, follow-up membership fees, advertising fees and other income increased significantly.

  And live broadcast will also bring more efficient and flexible delivery methods for products. It is expected that many platforms and petty birds will also launch live broadcast in the future, which will fully enable e-commerce business development. Profit forecast and rating will not be adjusted for the time being. It is expected that 2019The company’s net profit will be 1 by 2021.



USD 6.2 billion, considering that the company’s development ushers in a period of strategic opportunities, the growth hub will move further upward in the next few years, and will propel the company to accelerate its growth, because the company, as an Internet leader in the stock industry, is on top in multiple ToB markets., And has the advantages of high barriers to entry, strong customer stickiness, and high growth. Therefore, the company was given a small premium on revenue, and the target price was raised from 87 yuan to 116 yuan, corresponding to 45 times PE in 2021.

  Risk reminders: self-operated e-commerce companies are subject to price changes and customer credit risks; pre-payment methods are used to spread funds; macroeconomics leads to weak final downstream demand; and industry competition intensifies.

Macalline (601828) first coverage report: self-employed + commissioned two-wheel drive advantage channel counter-cyclical bargaining price highlight

Macalline (601828) first coverage report: “self-employed + commissioned” two-wheel drive advantage channel counter-cyclical bargaining price highlight
The industry has a broad space for demand, and the concentration is expected to further increase.China’s 南宁桑拿 urbanization rate has increased steadily, from 59 in 2018.15%, but 83% compared to British and American countries.40% / 82.26% is prorated into the difference, plus per capita expenditure on household and furniture for the whole year of 2018 is only 2694.65 yuan, while the United States, the British per capita reached 6435.21, 5399.62 yuan, there is room for improvement.In terms of home decoration and furniture market concentration, the company, as the industry leader, resettled its market share11.82%, the industry’s lowest concentration.We believe that the company’s own self-managed + commissioned business two-wheel drive model, coupled with large expenses and strong brand effects, and dig deep into the new Internet retail model, in-depth use of furniture Internet technology, has used the industry siphon effect, and is expected to further enhance the industryMarket share. “Self-employed + commissioned” two-wheel drive, the industry’s countercyclical inventory channel competitive advantage is prominent.One of Macalline’s core businesses is a self-employed model. It implements a “single price, one price” strategy in rental management, and achieved revenue 57 in Q1-Q3 2018.7 ‰, an increase of 10 per year.9%. In the case of the 18-year decline in the macroeconomic environment of the home industry, Macalline has adopted means of elimination and assistance to achieve a steady increase in rent and operating efficiency. We believe that the response to the possible industry boom continues to decline and the company uses its strong channelsIn the competition in the stock channel market, its bargaining power for rent has been continuously improved to achieve excess returns.In terms of commissioned business, the company’s operation management output model quickly deployed third-, fourth-, and lower-tier cities to achieve rapid expansion of light assets. The commissioned charging model was “large fixed + small separated” and achieved revenue in the first half of 2018.49 ppm, an increase of 18 years.74%. Internet thinking is permeating enterprises, and new momentum helps future development.Red Star Macalline merges the spirit of artisans with the thinking of the Internet and continues “platform + content” and “retail + service” to improve customer satisfaction with high efficiency.The company reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent, promoted the IMP system, and joined forces with Yatai International to build a “Rolls-Royce” in the home improvement industry, providing a powerful driving force for the company’s performance development. profit prediction.We expect the company to achieve operating income of 136 in 2018-2020.48 billion, 170.14 billion, 195.6.3 billion, an increase of 24 each year.5%, 24.7%, 15.0%, achieving 成都桑拿网 net profit attributable to mother 49.8.4 billion, 60.5.7 billion, 71.3.6 billion, an increase of 22 each year.2%, 21.5%, 17.8%, corresponding EPS is 1.40 yuan, 1.71 yuan, 2.01 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 9.6 times, 7.9 times, 6.7 times, with a target price of 17.50 yuan, given a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: the demand for home decoration and furniture is declining, the industry competition is intensifying, the fair value of real estate has dropped significantly, and the profitability of self-employed and commissioned management models has declined.

New Classic (603096): Growth in 2019Q1 picks up, premium copyright reserves increase

New Classic (603096): Growth in 2019Q1 picks up, premium copyright reserves increase

The event New Classic today released its 2019Q1 earnings report.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company achieved operating income2.

21 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

55%, net profit attributable to mother was 5,582.

40,000 yuan, an annual increase of 1.

65%, realized a deduction of non-net profit of 5097.

60,000 yuan, an annual increase of 9.


Brief Comment 1. The revenue growth rate returned to positive in a single quarter, and the non-net profit deduction recorded a 9% increase.

55%, net profit attributable to mothers increases by 1 each year.

65%, deducting non-net profit increased by 9.

29% to 5097.

60,000 yuan.

The company’s non-recurring profit and loss was 827 in 2018Q1.

20,000 yuan (mainly financial income) dropped to 484 in 2019Q1.

80,000 yuan, the company deducted non-net profit recorded a growth of nearly 10%.

Since 2018, due to the high base of some popular books in 2017 and the lag of tax exemption policies, the company’s performance has been under pressure on a certain scale.

2018 preliminary company realized operating income9.

26 ppm, 10-year average1.

9%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 2.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.

65%, deducting non-net profit 1.

94 ppm, a ten-year average of 2.


From a single quarter perspective, the company’s revenue end in 2018Q2-Q4 was subdivided into ten years.

34%, -1.

31%, -0.


In 2019Q1, the three indicators of the company’s homogeneity returned to positive growth, indicating that the company gradually stepped out of its influence and returned to a stable growth channel.

2. The operating cash flow improved significantly, and the gross profit margin level remained stable. The company’s operating cash flow in Q1 2019 was 4515.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 136 over the same period last year.


At the beginning of 2018, the company’s operating cash flow was -1720.

50,000 yuan, still affected by the delay in the introduction of the 2018 tax exemption policy, and the settlement of uncompleted sales of goods with channels.

Since 2019, the company’s operating cash flow has improved significantly, and the impact of tax exemption policies on operating cash flow has gradually faded.

The company’s overall gross profit margin in Q1 2019 was 47.

41%, down by 1 every year.

94 units, up 1 from the previous month.The 08 units show the company’s relatively rational attitude and efforts to maintain a stable gross margin level in the face of various “full reduction” and “promotion” activities in the channel.

3. The Q1 yards in 2019 will increase by 3.

61%, the quality of Mayang’s growth is improved. According to the “Main Business Data Announcement for the First Quarter of 2019” issued by the company, the company’s “general book distribution” business in the first quarter of 2019, Three business of book distribution) to achieve code foreign 3.

72 ppm, a ten-year increase3.


Realize operating income 2.

0.7 million yuan, an increase of 5 in ten years.


The general discount rate for general book distribution is 54 from 2018Q1.

78% increase to 0.

91 up to 55.


The company’s general book distribution business includes the planning and distribution of its own copyright books, the distribution of non-owned copyright books, and the book distribution business. Among them, the gross profit margin of the book distribution business is relatively low, and its current share of the company’s revenue continues to decline.

The book distribution business accounted for 48% of the company’s total revenue in 2014.

8%, realized revenue 3.

7.4 billion.

The proportion of book distribution business revenue has continued to decline since 2017, which were 13 in 2017-2018.

29% and 5.


As a result, the company’s 2018Q1 to 2019Q1, the general book business generated 3.

Among the 7.1 billion yards, the number of yards contributed by the book distribution business will also continue to decrease. The company ‘s core proprietary books are planned and distributed, and non-owned copyright books issue a higher proportion of yards, indicating that the company ‘s growth is driven by core business and the quality of growthPromotion.

In other businesses, the company’s digital book business achieved operating income of 611 in the first quarter of 2019.

50,000 yuan, an annual increase of 707%, and the gross profit margin of the digital book business also increased1.

74 up to 67.

69%; book retail business achieved sales code of 1150.

510,000 yuan, an increase of 174 in ten years.

08%, realized operating income of 850.

730,000 yuan, an increase of 519 in ten years.

21%, gross profit margin from 35.

21% rose to 45.

71%, gross margin increased by 10.

5 units.

In our judgment, the revenue growth of the company’s book retail business is much higher than the growth rate of sales code and the significant increase in gross profit margin, mainly due to the increase in sales of non-book categories in the company’s offline book sales channels.

The sales of non-book products do not enter the sales code, and at the same time have a higher margin.

The company has now formed a clear business layout: general book distribution contributes core revenue, digital books, and book retail operations, although the current volume is relatively small, but the growth rate is fast and the development momentum is good.

4. The prepayments increased significantly. The Copyright Reserve Acceleration Company’s 2018 annual report showed that the company’s prepayment balance at the end of the year was 1.

8.6 billion yuan.

Among them, the progressive book value of prepayment is 1.

6.7 billion.

The prepaid level is an important core asset of the new classic. The extra prepaid level demonstrates the acceleration of the company’s copyright reserve on high-quality book content products.In 2018, the company prepaid an important innovation of 9810.

550,000 yuan, the book value of the overall prepayment increased by 142 over the end of 2017.


According to the top five ending balances of the 2018 prepayments disclosed by the company, the ending balance of the “unit one” prepayments reached 7419.

10,000 yuan, 淡水桑拿网 accounting for 39 in advance.


It should be noted that the copyright procurement model in the book industry is different from the IP procurement model in the film and television and game industries.

When the film and television and game industries purchase IP, they usually make a one-time payment based on the agreed IP authorization price.

The authorized price of IP for film, television, and games ranges from millions to tens of millions.

The purchase of book copyright is usually a “prepayment expectation” model.

According to the introduction of the new classic prospectus, the company “when a new version of a book is copyrighted, it will be partially replaced by the prepaid copyright party . The amount of the prepaid redemption is generally obtained by multiplying the first print of the book by the pricing and then by the agreed replacement rate.Under the 天津夜网 circumstances, the publisher’s judicial book market prospects are pre-judgmented, and the book’s sales volume is conservatively predicted to confirm the first print of the book “; the company” the replacement rate of purchased copyright books is within the range of 3% -17%, Usually 7% -9%, the initial rate of best-selling books by individual well-known writers may be as high as 15% -17%. ”

We make a simple calculation of the prepayment temporary situation of the book industry.

Assuming a book to be published is priced at 60 yuan, assuming that the writer’s bid is changed to 15%, and assuming that the first print volume of the book is 5, 15, 20, and 300,000 copies, respectively, the prepaid replacement interest rate corresponding to the bookFor 45,135,225,2.7 million yuan.

It can be seen that with millions of movies and millions of movies and games IP licenses ranked, the current prepayment of the book industry is still in a relatively reasonable position.

5, the new book with its own copyright, the Mai Family “Sea of Life” has received market attention The company’s own copyright book “Life of the Sea” was officially released in early April.

The book is a new work by Mao Dun, winner of the Literary Award, and a well-known writer following the “Wind”, “Unspoken”, and “Decryption”.

In terms of distribution, the company held a new book launch conference for the book at the front page of the front door.

A number of people from the literary and art circles attended and transformed the book “Sea of Life” with high praise.

As of April 29, the book had a score of 8 on Douban.com.

5 points, also ranked first in Dangdang.com’s “New Books Hot List” in the past 30 days.

6. Investment suggestion We continue to be optimistic about the company’s selection and distribution capabilities as an excellent private book planning company.

The company’s operation in the first quarter showed that the company was gradually returning to a stable growth channel.

It is expected that the company’s net profit for 2019-2020 will be 2 respectively.

94, 3.

82 trillion, EPS is 2 respectively.

16, 2.

81 yuan.

The price-earnings ratios of the closing prices corresponding to the 2019-2020 earnings on April 29 were 28.

4x, 21.

8 times.

Considering the company’s core content capabilities and full competition in the mass book market, the company can enjoy higher revenue.

Recommend continuous attention.

7. Risks suggest that the company’s core book products are decreasing; new book sales are less than expected; continued price wars in the book market have squeezed upstream space; and other forms of entertainment, such as mobile Internet, have compressed users’ reading time.

Computer MM Health Liver Liver Begins

Computer MM Health “Liver Liver” Begins

“Long-term damage to the liver, long-term damage to the bone.”
The computer family has been sitting in front of the computer for a long time, staring at the display screen, for a long time will appear dizziness and headache.
If the liver qi is not good, the whole body’s qi and blood operation will be disordered, and diseases such as high blood pressure and digestive system disorders will occur. Women will also experience symptoms of irregular menstruation.
Therefore, the computer family’s health must start from the “liver”.
  First of all, we should pay attention to diet and nourish, eat more chives and other foods to warm the yang.
Eating chives often can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body.
In addition, onions and garlic are also good for liver and yang.
Jujube is flat and sweet, nourishes the liver and strengthens the spleen, and you can also eat buckwheat, amaranth, spinach, celery, chrysanthemum, lettuce, eggplant, horseshoe, cucumber, mushrooms, etc.Bright eyes.
Taking tonics such as Tremella at the right time can moisturize the lungs and promote liver health.
At the same time, eating less sour and more sweet foods to nourish the liver and spleen is very beneficial to disease prevention and health care.
Now introduce two kinds of nourishing liver porridge, the computer family may wish to try.
  Wolfberry porridge: 30 grams of wolfberry and 60 grams of rice.
Cook the rice into half-cooked rice, add wolfberry, and cook until ready to eat.
This porridge is suitable for those who often have dizziness, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, and waist and knee weakness.
Patients with hepatitis take wolfberry porridge, which has the good effect of protecting the liver and promoting liver cell regeneration.
  Pork liver and mung bean porridge: 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG each amount.
Wash and cook mung beans and rice first, then boil over high heat and cook slowly over low heat. After eight hours of maturity, place the sliced or stripped pork liver in the pot and cook again. Cook and seasonProduct.
This porridge nourishes the liver, nourishes the eyes, clears the heat and brightens the eyes, and has a moisturizing effect.

Why does my child suddenly not speak?

Why does my child suddenly not speak?

When he first saw Xiao Cong, he followed Xiao Wang like a little fart, without saying a word.

Dr. Wang took us to an empty activity room and sat down, specially, let Xiao Cong sit opposite me.

At this time, I was able to take a closer look at Xiao Cong: it ‘s a little different from a normal twelve-year-old boy. Xiao Cong is very thin, with a pointed chin, to avoid stretching and legs above.Because of his earlier development, Xiao Cong’s hair is thicker, her eyebrows are thicker, and her skin seems dark due to the weight of her hair.

Such a skinny boy is also of this age. It should be said that he should be a lively elf like a little monkey, and Xiao Cong sitting in front of me, not only some people think he is shy, even, his expression is a little bitsluggish.

In fact, Xiao Cong’s situation is even worse. Before coming to Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital for treatment, he had not said a word for two years!

  A ten-year-old naughty child suddenly becomes “dumb”!

  Xiao Cong was born in an ordinary family in Guangning County, Guangdong Province. His father worked with the construction team all year round to do engineering. His mother was a less-educated housewife and was responsible for taking care of Xiao Cong and his 5-year-old sister at home.

In the first grade, Xiao Cong was smart and smart, and he scored 100 points on Chinese math exams.

After entering the second grade, the little boy ‘s active personality began to show up. He talked with his classmates in class, engaged in small movements, and his grades began to change. In the third and fourth grades, Xiao Cong ‘s average number of Chinese words was only sixty or seventy.separated.

Xiao Cong was very anxious, but he couldn’t help himself, and in the meantime, two other things that had a great impact on Xiao Cong happened.

  Starting from the second grade, I don’t know why. The students around him started to call Xiao Cong “fool”. Primary school students called each other by nicknames, which were very common, and the extremely insulting nicknames hurt the sensitive Xiao Cong., Especially when his results continue to break, the title of “fool” is particularly harsh!

Xiao Cong told the teacher more than once that his father had told his classmates to call him a “fool”. Sadly, this did not cause the teacher and parents to realize enough that the abusive behavior between the children had not been effectively stopped.

  If the teacher did nothing in the nickname incident, and another thing, the teacher’s handling method greatly hurt Xiao Cong.

Because the class had a small meeting and repeated small teaching actions, the teacher was angry and transferred Xiao Cong, who was sitting in the second row of the classroom, to the last row. This caused Xiao Cong, who had strong self-esteem, to be hit.

  The occurrence of a single incident made Xiao Cong gradually become dumb.

And when the teacher and parents finally noticed, the ten-year-old Xiao Cong, who was originally active, no longer said a word to anyone!

  What happened to the child?

  Because he couldn’t communicate with others, Xiao Cong had to leave school at home.

The anxious father took him to the hospital for an examination, and the result was that the proper system was normal, and Xiao Cong’s body had no problems, but he couldn’t speak!

According to the doctor’s guidelines, his father took Xiao Cong to the psychiatric department of the local hospital for treatment, but due to various reasons, Xiao Cong only received psychological outpatient treatment, and the doctor prescribed some antidepressants for Xiao Cong to take home to take., But nothing worked.

  Seeing that the originally lively, even naughty son did not say a word for two years, his father finally quit his job and took Xiao Cong to Guangzhou for medical treatment.

At the doctor’s suggestion, Xiao Cong underwent in-patient surgery and was formally undergoing psychological treatment at Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital.

  ”When he first arrived, Xiao Cong was very unaccustomed and often cried because of homesickness, but even crying, he just opened his mouth and couldn’t make a sound.

“Dr. Wang, who is in charge of Xiao Cong’s psychotherapy, introduced us to the situation that Xiao Cong had just been admitted to the hospital:” Considering that the child has not spoken for two years, we first checked him and found that there were no problems with the appropriate biological organs such as the vocal cords, so,We started interventional psychotherapy.

“Because this is the first time they have been exposed to such cases, doctors at Baiyun Psychological Hospital are also very cautious.

  After experiencing the initial discomfort, Xiao Cong slowly got used to the changes in the environment.

Because of his young age and special condition, the hospital gave Xiao Cong more care in psychotherapy.

In addition to normal medication, the attending psychotherapist, Dr. Wang Zhengan, conducts face-to-face psychotherapy with Xiao Cong for at least an hour every day, and often brings Xiao Cong to the outdoors for light exercise and relaxation.

Worried that Xiao Cong would not speak for too long and his language function was degraded, Dr. Wang also instructed the nurse to help Xiao Cong slowly perform vocal exercises.

In a gradual and gradual environment, Xiao Cong, who had a trust in Dr. Wang and the nurse, miraculously broke the silence that lasted for two years after only one week in hospital!

  ”In the beginning we tried to read some small booklets to Xiao Cong. Xiao Cong stood there, looked at the booklet, and opened his mouth, but there was no sound.

We were all worried. Imagine for a while that Xiao Cong was able to make some hoarse sounds. Although it was muddy, at least, there was a sound!

We are all very happy, so we continue to encourage him . “Speaking of the scene when Xiao Cong finally began to speak, Dr. Wang was still excited:” Progressive, Xiao Cong’s appropriateness is clearer, I can hear him as a wordOne word is being read. Although he is reading very slowly, and many words cannot be heard clearly, how great a progress it is!

Now, Xiao Cong has been admitted to the hospital for almost a month. Basically, daily and less complicated communication has been achieved. Xiao Cong still loves to sing. He often sings by himself with a microphone in the activity room, right, Xiao Cong!

At this point, Dr. Wang raised his head to Xiao Cong, and Xiao Cong smiled wryly.

  ”Although Xiao Cong’s situation is much better than before, in fact, the underlying problem in his heart has not been truly solved.

Dr. Wang slowly put away a smile and said without limitation: “Although through this step of communication and treatment, we know some of the reasons that caused him to have a language barrier, but it is easy. This is only a small part, and it belongsPart of what happened at school, while the more profound family reasons are still unknown.

Every time I talked to Xiao Cong about things at home, he basically returned to a state of silence. Even so, when we asked him some questions about his personal feelings, he was always silent.Speaking of this, Dr. Wang showed a little helplessness: “Originally we still wanted to understand Xiao Cong’s condition at home from my parents, but because the family is far away, I haven’t met Xiao Cong’s mother so far, and his father does notAt home, many conditions are unclear.

This is a very unfavorable condition for our treatment. In the next step, we plan to take more measures to start from the family side and analyze the root cause of Xiao Cong.

Based on the preliminary judgment of the current situation, the reason why Xiao Cong did not speak for a long time was because of the stress disorder caused by peripheral external stimuli, which caused silent symptoms.

“For the treatment of Xiao Cong, although the current performance is good, Dr. Wang is still very worried:” Because of economics and some other reasons, after seeing Xiao Cong start talking, Xiao Cong’s father wanted toLet Xiao Cong be discharged home.

However, in fact, many of the root causes have not yet been identified, and Xiao Cong is still in the early stages of recovery. If the environment is changed at this time, the environment that has been protected, cared for, and taken care of by the hospital will be converted to a place with few protective measuresSocial environment, a certain school, if something similar to the nickname event, teacher punishment and other things happen again, this will probably hurt Xiao Cong more than before. If there is another accident, and then you want to recover, it will be difficult.
Therefore, we are also working hard to communicate with parents, hoping that Xiao Cong can be treated here for three months. I think such a treatment time is more suitable for Xiao Cong’s current situation.

“What is mutism?

  Silence as a special symptom refers to the absence of organic lesions in the speech organs, the lack of mental development and the absence of speech.

The disease generally has no organic cause of the brain.

At present, it is thought that it is caused by mental factors acting on children with certain personality characteristics, which may be related to the following reasons-1. Children with personality characteristics before the disease?
They often have sensitive, timid, shy, lonely, fragile, and dependent personality traits. Parents of children often have personality abnormalities and mental disorders.

  2. Although mature children with delayed development have acquired language function, the time to start speaking is significantly longer than that of normal children, and often accompanied by other language problems.

It is also often accompanied by other developmental disorders such as functional enuresis, functional enuresis, and some of the children’s EEG manifestations are immature EEG and other abnormal changes.

  3. Children with psychosocial factors often experience emotional trauma in early years, such as family conflicts, parental disagreement, parental separation and divorce, parental abuse of children, and sudden changes in family environment. Some children are affected by family environment changes or a significantOnset after mental stimulation.

  How to tell if your child is suffering from mutism?

  The accurate diagnosis of mutism in children is quite difficult and requires a comprehensive examination and evaluation, including neurological examination, psychopsychological examination, hearing examination, social communication ability examination, learning ability examination, language and speech examination, and various related objective examinations.

At present, relevant experts in the United States believe that there are 5 clinical features that can be used as a basis for diagnosis. -1 “Cannot” speak in situations where verbal communication is required, but speak normally in other environments.

  2. Duration of more than 1 month.

  3, no speech barrier, no language problems caused by speaking foreign languages (or different dialects).

  4. It is because of entering the school or changing the school, relocation or social interaction, etc. that affect the children’s life.

  5, did not suffer from such autism, schizophrenia, mental retardation or other developmental disorders such as development or mental illness.

  How is mutism treated?

  When parents find that their child has symptoms of mutism, they must not be taken lightly. Instead, they should take the child to a professional psychotherapist for help in time. Delays may lead to the child’s illness and increase the difficulty of recovery.

  At first glance, Xiao Cong, the editor’s note in front of me, is such an ordinary, but temporarily quiet child. Maybe in the next second, he will jump up like a little monkey and yell, just for the badBadly jump everyone down!

But Xiao Cong has been sitting so quietly, lowering his head slightly.

Encouraged by Dr. Wang, he finally looked up and slowly asked, “What’s your name?

“The black man, with a little dazed smile in his eyes.

When Dr. Wang asked Xiao Cong if he could tell me his experience, Xiao Cong shook his head first, but then he heard Dr. Wang say that this was done to tell more people to care about their children, protect them, and keep them from changing.When many children encountered what he had experienced before, Xiao Cong nodded immediately.

What a kind and sensible child!

  After listening to Dr. Wang’s introduction to Xiao Cong’s experience, it is true that Xiao Cong was ill and had a lack of personal characteristics. However, why no one can detect it in time and make the poor child suffer for so long?

In addition to the past, there are two factors that need our serious attention.

The first is the school factor.

Once a child enters school, they spend a lot of childhood, a large part of their studies, and social interaction in the school, and the school should take important responsibility for the growth of the child.

It ‘s true that nicknames are common among children, and the teacher’s strict discipline is reasonable at the same time, but why are not sensitive teachers like Xiao Cong for years?Extra attention?

Are there too many students?

Or is the current educational purpose still to train good students who can score high marks, but ignore the healthy growth of children’s psychology?
The second factor is the family.

Indeed, the work of adults today is too busy and tired, and many parents are unable to spare more time to accompany their children to grow up, which makes the majority of the only children today more lonely, so they may cause psychological problemsIt has increased greatly. However, in the limited time spent with children, parents still judge how their children are based on their achievements. So who cares about children ‘s mental health?

  Maybe Xiao Cong’s example is only a very small number of cases, but we can still see the problems reflected from it. How can we make children’s mental and physical health grow up as well?

This is still a thought-provoking question and requires the common attention of the entire society!

Choose your favorite photo to test your love

Choose your favorite photo to test your love

From childhood to now, everyone will have many different types of photos from different periods, so choose the photos you like and test your love!

(Single-choice questions, you can only choose your favorite) A, group graduation photo B, personal art photo, photo C, photo D in a natural scenic area or outdoor activities, family photo, family photo E, childhood photo answerAnalysis: Choice A: You are a nostalgic, nostalgic person.

The love you like is the kind of dim, bland love without any impurities. Some school-day love may be just an eye on the other side, a smile on the corner of your mouth, which can make you fascinated and spring.

  Option B: You are more confident, and it is easy to be outwardly beautiful. What you need may not be equal love. You prefer the worship and pursuit of the opposite sex. In love, you will not fully open your heart to each other, and a littleA little narcissistic.

  Choice C: You are an optimist, lively and good at getting along with people, so it ‘s good to get along with your lover, but even if the other person is a person you love, you want full freedom and enough personal space. If the other person is too aggressive,You would rather give up love than lose yourself.

  Choice D: You are a mature and considerate person.

The concept of family is more important, and the relationship is more serious. I hope that the object of your love is a loyal person, suitable for a lifetime with yourself.

Your role in love is also a lover like a loved one, giving the other party a sense of security, and even some alternatives.

So don’t overdo it, moderation is best.

  Choice E: You are a simple and kind person.

It often feels that love is complicated and laborious. In this way, even you are in love, but also an immature girl, a boy, often coquettish with the other party, so that the other party always complains with love, “you are not a child.”

The love you most desire is a relationship with the boy (girl) next to you, kind, simple and plain, like Wu Qingquan.

Summer heat appetizer

Summer heat appetizer

Many people like to eat cold dishes in summer, but the real “cold dishes” are rare. Take a look at the ice cream snowball introduced today: Material: lotus root pieces, lemon, ice glass 1 glass, saltOne teaspoon, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and two teaspoons of caster sugar.

  Method: Wash the pan, cut off the knots, boil in boiling water for 5 minutes, cut into thin slices after cooling, mix with salt, put it in the refrigerator and let it cool out, then absorb water with kitchen paper, mix with sugar and vinegar.

Wash the lemons and slice them.

Take a shallow dish, spread a layer of ice grains, then spread the thin lemon slices on ice, and then put the cricket slices to eat, sour and sweet, refreshing, appetizing.

Glamour gene

Glamour gene

Men are often more skeptical of charm, but more about being strong, well-trained, and determined.

In fact, although charm cannot completely replace ability and character, it is a powerful weapon for interpersonal communication. It is a force summoned from our Y chromosome.


One of the strongest things about Clinton’s concentration is that he convinces every housewife that he understands their pains and difficulties.

He seems to have abused this talent, but according to his professional characteristics, it is understandable.

Clinton is good at discovering some people’s characteristics from others but never staring at them.

Because women say that they will never be able to think of words related to charm, they will only make their hearts feel hairy.

And to the man, if someone stares at me desperately, I will be angry and resist, “Hey, don’t stare at me constantly, you make me uncomfortable.

“Of course, on some occasions, it is very important to stare into the eyes of a loved one.

  Psychological keywords: Pygmalion effect The ancient Greek sculptor Pygmalion devoted all his efforts and emotions into a perfect girl statue. He fell in love with the works he created, and looked at the sculpture with affectionate eyes all day.Almost sick.

Finally, a miracle appeared, the girl became a living person, and the happy people became dependents.

The “Pygmalion effect” is widely quoted in psychology, meaning that people’s expectations have a significant impact on people’s behavioral effects and psychological development.

It was verified in the psychological experiment that the students’ positive changes were caused by the teacher’s false expectations.

Although in most real-world scenarios, expectations are first generated based on social perception, deliberately arranged expectations and concerns can expect the other party to be implied and produce the feeling of being perceived, thereby subconsciously moving in the expected direction.

So even if you don’t really pay attention to the other person, you can try to focus and give the other person a fulcrum of self-esteem, and at the same time you will get respectful returns.


Occasionally, from the legendary Ji Kang to Leslie Cheung, the apostasy means surprise.

Do you know the woman who married you?

When you come home from work tonight, try something different than before, such as tenderly hugging her from behind and kissing her tenderly, and giving her a honey-filled message board, because she is with youOld companion.

This action does not need to be done often, but occasionally.

Charm is a little bit of naughty, improving those bland days.

  Psychological key words: Do you always feel that you have no extra energy to make changes in your life?

The most important Yuyuan method of the mind in the theory of psychologist Yeller is called “excitement”, and the most important source of excitement is the mobilization of reserve power.

Your exhausted mind is not actually the whole mind, which is why there are often situations that are considered to exceed human limits.

And in ordinary life, to surpass the tedious status quo and get unexpected surprises, you must learn to use this hidden reserve power from time to time, create some ideas, and use a little humor.

People suffering from mental illness are particularly prone to fatigue. Psychotherapy is to stimulate the reserve force to achieve the purpose of treatment.

In this case, occasionally trying to touch this magical power, and even using it to become a habit, can not only prevent mental illness, but also improve living conditions.


Seeing through other people’s psychology Queen Victoria was asked, she prefers to keep Benjamin or William with him.

She replied that when she ate with William, she felt that he was the most interesting person in England; and when she ate with Benjamin, she felt that she was also the most interesting person.


Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby) once suggested that the best gift you can give someone is to look at them as they most expect to be seen.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is rather a weakness. Seeing through someone ‘s psychology is a high-level boring way. It is even more meaningless to classify people. People become so ridiculous, clumsy or vanity in harsh evaluation.

  Psychological Keywords: Self-efficacy Self-efficacy is a belief that you can fully perform in a certain situation. Your self-efficacy will affect your perception, motivation and performance in many ways.

When you don’t expect to produce results, you don’t try to take action or seize opportunities, and when you think they are not enough, you run away.

Judgment of self-efficacy affects how much effort people are willing to make and how long they can persist when facing difficulties in various situations in life.

Therefore, when you feel that you lack the ability to do one thing, first determine whether there is a problem with your self-efficacy.

  4.Keep memorizing Have you ever seen the best example of this lack of charm?

When Yang Ling had lunch with a friend, the friend mentioned that he had climbed Mount Everest last summer and was injured in an ice cave, leaving uneven scars on his body. After only four days, Yang Ling asked his friend if he wasBecause how strange and strange experience will leave scars.

Forgetful men are often condemned as egoistic, and although generally come from girlfriends for criticism, it may suggest to you that everyone is evaluating you behind the scenes.

  Psychological keywords: Processing level theory returns to why friends around you always repeat what you can’t remember or prescribe.

Let us first introduce a point of view, that the degree of processing of the information will affect your memory of the information.

The theory of processing level believes that the deeper the processing level of information, the possibility of it being stored in memory is that if the processing involves more analysis, understanding, comparison, and fine processing, the better the memory effect.

If you want to improve the situation, try to take the news seriously, try to connect with the surrounding situation, and then engrav it into memory.

Actually, if you really want to remember one thing, you will definitely be able to 5.

Outspoken blinking and smirking, turning corners can only delay time. If there is no more sense of humor and moderate irony, it will become more ridiculous and abominable.

Therefore, in this age where everyone is forced to learn cleverness, it is very precious to dig out of straightforward nature.

  Psychological Keywords: Self-interest Bias Can you objectively analyze your expectations?

In many contexts, one suspects serious attribution to success and situational attribution to failure.

It is the self-interest bias that leads people to attribute their success to themselves, denying or shirk responsibility for their mistakes.

These phenomena are extremely common in human groups, and people subconsciously create illusions to deceive themselves and others, becoming more conceited and hypocritical in an effort to maintain their perfect image.

The psychological state, which is hard to be detected, really exists, causing seemingly simple modesty and frankness to be unexpectedly difficult. Consider whether you have had such a biased attribution situation in your life?


Considering the opposite sex, some men make women of all ages feel their charm. Of course, it is not achieved through naked flattery, but a natural and passionate way.

Attractive men always have women who feel that if fate can put them in the proper environment and state, he will surely pursue her fanatically.

  Women always want others to pay attention to her, and hope that her temptations will be shaken.

Of course, men need to have a gentlemanly recognized woman, but the most effective contribution a man can make is still: dumping for women.

  Psychological Keywords: Gender Identity Are you more accustomed to being looked after by women, or are you taking care of women?

Different from the meaning of gender in biology, gender in psychology refers to a learned psychological phenomenon of gender-related behaviors and attitudes. Gender identity is the degree to which an individual understands masculinity and feminization.Gender awareness and acceptance.

These different identities are jointly determined by biology and culture, and the more people with a higher degree of gender identity can understand their own gender characteristics, play a good gender role, and men who consider women caringly are in this list.

They appoint themselves as big men, and show their concern for women calmly and gracefully, which is a symbol of the complete dissection of men and women, and men with incomplete gender identity may be more childish.