[How to make cuttlefish fried rice]_ delicious practice _ practice steps

[How to make cuttlefish fried rice]_ delicious practice _ practice steps

Cuttlefish fried rice is a type of seafood fried rice. When it is eaten, it will make people feel a very strong seafood flavor, so that the fried rice feels more and more delicious. In addition,You can also add some other seafood to it, which will definitely taste better, and you must cook the fried rice for 15 minutes before frying.

[Ingredients]: Shrimp, green mussel, chicken, rabbit, squid, cuttlefish, clam, rice, green beans, white kidney beans, tomatoes, olive oil, saffron powder, onion powder, red pepper powder, salt.

[Methods]: 1. Wash the main ingredients, diced chicken, rabbit, squid, cuttlefish, and tomatoes.

2. Put olive oil in the pot, add chicken, rabbit, squid, cuttlefish, clams and stir-fry for a while, then add water and add raw rice, green beans, white kidney beans, saffron powder, red pepper powder, onion powder, and salt.

3, cook for 15 minutes, add shrimp and green mussels and cook for a while, then serve.

4. Bake the cooked rice in a 150 ° C oven for 5 minutes.

Risotto[Materials]: 8 clams, 8 clams, 8 shrimps, a fish, a small piece of Nanfeng meat, a cup of rice, half a green and red bell pepper, 8 straw mushrooms, and a half onion, 1 tablespoon ginger, 2 tablespoons edamame.

[Methods]: 1. Soak the rice for about 1 hour and set aside.

Jiwei prawns, sausages, salt and pepper marinate for about 15 minutes, cuttlefish cut flowers and flying water for use, clams, flower clams flying water, Nanfeng meat cut diced, onion cut diced, green sweet pepper cut into small pieces,Mushroom slices.

2. Add olive oil to the meat pan and fry the prawns to 8 and remove.

In addition, restart the oil pan (olive oil), add the onion to the fragrant ginger, shredded mushrooms, and stir-fry. Add the black pepper and lemongrass powder. Stir the rice, Nanfeng meat, edamame and water.Add stir fry (don’t make the fire large) and see that the water has swallowed the rice and then add water (don’t add enough water at a time, slowly add) cover the pot lid for a while, repeatedly add the water lid cover and cook until the rice 9 is ripe,Then add fish, clams, flower clams, kiwi shrimp and vegetable butter, and season with salt, black pepper, lemongrass powder, instead of sugar.

Stir over low heat until the rice is cooked, and finally add green and red bell peppers.

[Mustard mustard lamb noodles.The practice]_ mustard lamb noodles noodles.The home-made practice of _ mustard mutton noodles.The practice of Daquan _ mustard mutton 潜 莜 noodles.How to do it

You can find out how to identify the problem by using the hot pot, and if you can’t tell the difference, if you can’t tell the difference, you can’t tell the difference.The result is that it is a good practice for you to use it for a while. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very easy to use. It ‘s very easy to use it. It ‘s very easy to use it.潯銆傜殑鍋氭硶鏋佸叾绠€鍗曪紝鍙渶鑺卞緢鐭殑鏃堕棿灏卞彲浠ュ畬鎴愪簡銆?銆侀€熼鏃犳补绛遍害闈㈡潯涓€琚嬨€?What is the difference between this and the other? What are you doing here?銆 佺 敤 50 搴 ︽Press?0涓€40鍒嗛挓銆?In the meantime, you will be able to find out how to do it, and you will be able to find out how to do it. If you want to know how to do it, you will be able to find out how to do it.噺鐑按鐒栫倰5涓€6鍒嗛挓鍏崇伀銆?銆 业 博 鍏 ョ  畏  纴 燲 铮 擮 擉 揉 ℃ With a fork and a fork to cut off and cut off, and cut off, and cut off, and cut off, and set up, and work out, and work hard.墠鑳芥椿寰楁洿骞哥锛屾Θ鑿滅緤鑲夋敖鑾滈潰鏉°€傜殑鍋氭硶绠€鍗曪紝瀹冨彲浠ヨ鎴戜滑鐨勮垖澶村緱鍒 版 瀬 澶 х 殑 婊 ¤ Frozen 銆?

[Mushroom stewed pork ribs practice]_Mushroom stewed pork ribs_How to do_How to do

銆 愰  Chi 囩 厴 厺 掗  pot 抭 銆 撣 钣 钣 Luan 弣 栣 帓 Nan Nan ╛ pick up 庝 箞 歘 歘 悘 傘 傘 傘 傡 傘 傘 傡 傘 傡 傺 備 傘 傍 傘 悍 傺 傡 傺 悍 傍 揍 傍 傍 悍 悍 傍?
棣欒弴鐐栨帓楠ㄦ槸姣旇緝甯歌鐨勪竴绉嶆惌閰嶄簡锛岃€岃繖涓€閬撻鐗╁叾瀹炶惀鍏讳环鍊间篃鏄瘮杈冮珮鐨勶紝浣嗘槸瑕佹敞鎰忓湪鐐栫叜鐨勮繃绋嬪綋涓帉鎻″ソ鐏€欙紝鐗瑰埆鏄叢姹わ紝鐏€欑殑鎺屾彙鏄緢閲嶈鐨勪竴浠朵簨鎯呫€?鍋氭硶涓€銆?鍘熸枡鎺掗500鍏嬶紝棣欒弴80鍏嬶紝钁辨15鍏嬨€佸鍧?0鍏嬨€佺洂5鍏嬨€佹枡閰?5鍏嬨€佺櫧绯?鍏嬨€佸懗绮?What are you doing?銆侀鑿囩敤娓╂按娉¢€忥紝鍒囩墖銆傛帓楠ㄥ墎娈碉紝娌告按鍚庢崬鍑哄啿鍑夈€傝懕娈点€佸鍧楁媿鐮淬€?銆侀攨涓婄伀锛屾斁鍏ユ帓楠ㄧ倰骞茶〃闈㈡按鍒嗭紝鍔犳按鐑у紑锛屾斁鍏ラ鑿囥€佽懕銆佸銆佹枡閰掞紝鍊掑叆娌欓攨涓皬鐏叏45鍒嗛挓锛屽姞鐧界硸銆佺洂銆佸懗绮捐皟鍛筹紝鍐嶇叏10鍒嗛挓鍗冲彲銆?鍋氭硶浜屻€?Restriction / Sorry Advertisement: Chip 囷 囷 溮 擮 梖 姾 枡 閰 掞 纴 纴 纴 纴 麵 曣 楣 凣 楏 冣 夾 夾 夣 夾 夣 夾 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夣 夾 夣: What is the problem?鍙栧崄鍑犱釜棣欒弴锛屾牴鎹帓楠ㄥ灏戦€傞噺璋冩暣锛岄鑿囦腑鍔犲皯璁告穩绮夛紝鎼呮媽锛岄潤缃竴浼氱瓑娉ユ矙娌夋穩鍚庢崬鍑洪鑿囷紝鍦ㄦ礂涓€閬嶏紝鐢ㄦ俯姘存场鍙戙€?灏嗘帓楠ㄧ殑琛€姘存礂骞插噣锛屾斁鍏ラ珮鍘嬮攨锛屽姞濮滅墖鍔犳按娌¤繃鎺掗澶х伀鐓紑鍚庯紝鍘诲共鍑€娴搏銆?3鏀惧叆鏂欓厭锛岄鑿囷紝鍔犲叆涓€鐐圭偣鐨勭洂灏戜竴鐐瑰嵆鍙渶鍚庤繕瑕佽皟鍛筹紝铏界劧璇存渶鍚庡姞鐩愭瘮杈冨ソ锛屼絾鏄渶鍚庡姞鐩愭劅瑙夎倝娌″暐鍛抽亾锛屾堡鏈夊懗閬擄紝鐩栦笂鐩栧瓙4涓婃苯鍚庤浆灏忕伀锛屽搷10鍒嗛挓锛屽叧鐏€傚彲浠ュ厛鍋氬叾浠栬彍锛岃鎺掗闂蜂竴浼氾紝鑳芥墦寮€鐩栧瓙鍚庯紝鏍规嵁闇€瑕佸啀鍔犵偣鐩愬拰楦$簿銆?

Zhengjin Shopping Cart: Over 250 stocks in 17 consecutive quarters

Zhengjin Shopping Cart: Over 250 stocks in 17 consecutive quarters
Securities Times Original Title: Zhengjin Company Shopping Cart: For the 17th consecutive season, more than 250 shares of Securities Times reporter Chen Jiannan Zhengjin Company played the role of market stabilizer.On the occasion of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, let’s take a look at the shopping cart of Zhengjin Company. Any good products for investors’ reference.  Securities Times · Databao statistics show that at the end of the third consecutive quarter, the securities companies have appeared in the top ten tradable shareholders’ list of more than 440 stocks, most of which have not moved.Only Dongxu Optoelectronics, Nanjing Pharmaceutical, Bailian, Dongfang Net Power, Aerospace Engineering, Guangtian Group and other stocks are new heavy stocks.  Most stocks held stocks at the end of the period were not high, and only Dongxu Optoelectronics held stocks worth over 100 million yuan at the end of the period.However, Zhengjin’s stake in Dongxu Optoelectronics may not change.It was found retrospectively that in the third quarter of 2018, the reporting gold company held the stock 3090.610,000 shares, the same as the latest number of shares.The change in the top ten tradable shareholders of the securities company is likely to be due to the withdrawal of other shareholders holding more shares.The same situation also occurred in Nanjing 杭州夜生活网 Medicine, Aerospace Engineering and other stocks.  It can be seen that the securities company previously moved its shopping cart substantially, and its operations in the third quarter were almost negligible relative to its positions.However, compared with the large-scale holdings during the stability period in 2015, Zhengjin has not placed a large number of stocks in its shopping cart for 17 consecutive quarters.  For more than 17 consecutive quarters, Data Warehouse statistics show that since the third quarter of 2015, Zhengjin has appeared in the top ten circulating shareholders of more than 250 stocks for 17 consecutive quarters.That is to say, the securities company has multiple positions in these stocks for 4 consecutive years, of which 17 shares held by the total share capital have never decreased, that is, may have never been reduced.Calculated at the lowest price of the three trading days during the peak period of stability, the latest in the past years, most stocks may decline.From the coaxial crack, it can be said that most of the stocks held by Zhengjin Company for 4 years have a floating book loss.  Most securities companies held 17 quarters of stocks, and they have increased or decreased their holdings in the past four years.From the perspective of holding the stock market value at the end of the period, the securities company’s third quarterly report holds the largest market value of Ping An in China, reaching 47.7 billion yuan.At the end of the period, the value of stocks held by Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and China Life Insurance exceeded 10 billion.In addition, China Pacific Insurance, Guizhou Moutai, SAIC and other stocks held stock values of more than 1 billion at the end of the period. Over 100 stocks such as Hailan House, Yutong Bus, and Shanghai Construction Engineering held stock values at the end of the period between 100 million and 1 billion.  Compared to the period’s lowest price, most stocks may now show a decrease.From the coaxial crack, it can be said that most of the stocks held by Zhengjin Company for 4 years have a floating book loss.Specifically, * ST Xinwei latest price 1.1 yuan, which is more than 96% off the lowest price during the period; Dongfang Jinyu (right protection) latest price is 2.39 yuan, a discount of nearly 80% ranked second.* The latest price of ST Kaidi (right protection) 1.05 yuan, discount over 79% ranked third.In addition, Jiangsu Wuzhong, ST Kangmei (right protection), Lifan shares and other stocks have the highest discount rates.  The higher profitable stocks are mainly consumer white horse stocks. The higher profitable stocks are mainly concentrated in consumer white horse stocks, such as Guizhou Maotai, and have produced a number of super large cattle stocks, including Wuliangye and Guizhou Maotai.Data show that the lowest price of Wuliangye during the stabilization period is less than 22 yuan, and the latest price is more than 130 yuan, which has increased by nearly 6 times after restoration.The lowest price of Maotai in Guizhou during the stabilization period was about 220 yuan, and the latest price premium was more than 5 times.In addition, the latest prices of stocks such as Haitian Flavor, China National Travel Service, and New Hope have a higher premium rate than the lowest price during the period of stability.  Judging from the operation of Wujinye by Zhengjin Company, the overall holding pattern has been maintained, from holding more than 70 million shares at the beginning of the period to more than 90 million shares.From this point of view, the securities company has made most of the profits on the stock.In Moutai, Guizhou, the profits were also considerable, but due to the reduction in holdings, until the whole body was eaten.  The earliest is that in the three quarters, the net profit increased by more than 30% per year, and the stocks with a dynamic price-earnings ratio of more than 20 times. The latest price of 17 stocks was discounted from the lowest price during the period of stability and the stock value at the end of the period exceeded 100 million yuan.Among them, the discount rate of individual stocks such as Oceanwide Holdings and COSCO Haifa exceeds 40%, and the discount rates of individual stocks such as Huadian International and Sunshine Lighting are also higher.

Irish House of Representatives elects new Prime Minister instead

Irish House of Representatives elects new Prime Minister instead
Original title: The Irish House of Representatives voted for new prime ministerDublin, February 21 (Reporter Zhang Qi) The new Irish House of Representatives voted for the new prime minister at the first meeting on the 20th, but no candidate has been electedMore than half of the votes.The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote again in early March.  According to the Irish National Radio and Television Company, all 160 members of the House of Representatives voted on four candidates recommended by major political parties that night.The results showed that Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald received 45 votes, Republican leader Michel Martin received 41 votes, Prime Minister and United Party leader Leo Varadka received 36 votes, and Green Party leader EgeMon Ryan won 12 votes, and no one got more than half of the votes needed to become prime minister of the new government.  Leo Valadka 深圳spa会所 delivered his resignation to Irish President Higgins after the meeting and was approved.Under Irish law, Varadeka and his cabinet will continue government reforms until a new prime minister is elected.  House Speaker Sean Offachol announced that the House of Representatives will return to the meeting on March 5 to elect a new prime minister.  Ireland’s antique elections on the 8th of this month.The results show that the Republican Party received 38 seats out of 160 in the House of Representatives, ranking first.The left-wing party, Sinn Fein, ranked second with only one seat difference, creating the best record in history, and breaking the long-term domination of the House of Representatives by the Republican Party and the United Party.The United Party won 35 seats, ranking third.Analysts point out that due to the equal number 厦门夜网 of seats in the three major political parties, the creation of a new prime minister and the formation of a new government may face many difficulties, and the possibility of re-establishing the general election due to the failure of government formation cannot be ruled out.

Zhou Dasheng (002867): Channel Expansion Continues to Develop Forces, Operating Performance Increases Faster

Zhou Dasheng (002867): Channel Expansion Continues to Develop Forces, Operating Performance Increases Faster

Event: The company achieved revenue of 48 in 2018.

700 million, +28 per year.

0%, net profit attributable to mother 8.

100 million, +36 a year.

2%, net profit after deduction is +32.


Among them, Q4 achieved revenue of 13 in a single quarter.

300 million, net profit attributable to mother 2.

10,000 yuan.

The gross profit margin was basically stable, and the expense ratio rose during the period: gross profit margin +1.

65pp to 34.

0%, period expense rate +0.

45pp to 14.


The financial expense ratio +0.

71pp to 0.

5%, mainly due to the increase in interest rate payments; sales expense ratio -1.

05pp to 10.

7%; management expense rate +0.

8pp to 2.

8%, mainly due to the implementation of the company’s first phase of the income stock incentive plan, the share payment expenses of 4070.

5 million.

Intensive operation management was carried out, and core competitiveness was further enhanced.

In 2018, the company closely focused on its business strategy and annual goals. Driven by multiple factors, its main business continued to maintain a rapid growth rate.

(1) From the perspective of business model: the franchise business has a revenue of +35 for two years.

1%, accounting for 66.

7%, maintaining stable and rapid growth, including franchise goods wholesale income +38 per year.

8%, brand royalty income +26 per year.

0%, the income of franchise and management services increased by 26 each year.


The self-operated offline business revenue performance is stable, +10 per year.

9%; revenue from self-operated online (e-commerce) business is +23 for two years.

7%, maintained a rapid growth, the total proportion of self-operated business accounted for 30.


In 2018, the supply chain business achieved revenue of 4,728.

90,000 yuan.

(2) From the perspective of online sales: the company’s Internet (online sales) revenue3.

500 million, +23 a year.7%, accounting for 7.


The cumulative sales volume in 2018 was 45.

40,000 pieces, including reorganized jewelry 3.

30,000 pieces, +82 a year.

9%, sales income 4350.

80,000 yuan; Prime gold jewelry sales 40.

90,000, previously +14.

6%, sales income 3.

0 million.

天津夜网 Higher development efforts, the number of stores steadily increased, single store revenue and gross profit steadily increased.

In 2018, while stabilizing the existing market, the company continued to expand its development efforts, opening 872 new stores, a net increase of 651, and a total of 3,375 stores.

(1) Self-employed: The company’s total number of self-operated stores was 302, a net increase of 26, and the newly opened stores realized revenue of 5,172.

90,000 yuan.

Self-operated single store operating income 396.

80,000 yuan, +11 a year.

6%, the single store gross profit was 118.

70,000 yuan a year + 12.


(2) Franchise: The company has a total of 3073 franchise stores, newly opened 820, a net increase of 625, and new franchises to achieve revenue 9.

600 million, gross profit 3.

10,000 yuan.

The franchise single store’s main operating income was 118.

10,000 yuan, gross profit 39.

80,000 yuan, at least +11.

2%, +15.


Profit forecast and rating.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 10 in 2019-2021.

200 million, 12.

500 million, 14.

9 trillion, EPS is 2.

10 yuan, 2.

56 yuan, 3.

05 yuan.

Focusing on the acceleration of the company’s asset-light expansion, focusing on brand building, channel sinking and tying up industry dividends, and maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: supply by vendor, commissioned production may be lower than expected risk; joining management risk.

Network dependence strong grooming is key

Network dependence strong grooming is key

Recently, a survey report completed by the US Internet company IAA and JWT Advertising Co. said that, compared with US Internet users, 42% of Chinese Internet users aged 16 to 25 are more dependent on their online experience. These peopleThink of the web as an important platform for social and opinion sharing.

Although the contrast of this data has the influence of factors such as the re-economy and culture of China and the United States, the background of social development, etc., more and more people have “network dependence”, but we have to be vigilant.

Communication Blog-Correspondent’s own blog The aforementioned survey report shows that 42% of Chinese Internet users sometimes feel “Internet addiction”, compared to only 18% of US Internet users.

Nearly 25% of Chinese Internet users said they could not leave the Internet for more than a day, compared with 12% of US Internet users.

This shows that Chinese netizens of the same age are much more dependent on the Internet than the United States.

In addition, a survey conducted by a survey agency in the United States shows that the average online time of Chinese netizens is 17.9 hours per week, compared with 11.4 hours in the United States.

  The data show that the inevitable “post-80s” is the main population for the onset of network dependence.

At present, young student netizens account for 1/3 of the total of 172 million netizens each year.

Calculated according to the proportion of survey reports of IAC and JWT companies in the United States, and the number of “post-80s” network dependents has exceeded 20 million.

  It is necessary to dialectically view the high degree of Internet dependence in China’s “post-80s”. In the information age, the Internet has changed the traditional way of life and business model, enabling users to obtain a lot of useful information, saving labor time, improving work efficiency, and expandingSocial scope.

Communication Blog-Correspondent’s own blog!

While the network brings great convenience to people, its disadvantages cannot be ignored.

Computer cyberspace is an unpredictable and infinitely changing virtual world, and it is easy for people to indulge in it and cannot extricate themselves.

Especially for teenagers who are curious and easy to accept new things.

Communication Blog-Correspondent’s own blog!

  Research shows that the reason why young people fall in love and even indulge in the Internet is mainly related to the Internet’s ability to meet their needs, interests, fantasies, and desires.

First of all, the high-speed nature of online information dissemination is in line with the personality of young people in pursuit of effectiveness.

In fact, the virtual nature, extensiveness, and anonymity of online communication are in line with the ambivalence of young people who are eager to interact and are afraid of reality, eager to be true and doubtful.

Communication Blog-Correspondent’s own blog!

K) T5B6[-Some of the functions of the virtual network provide young Internet users with a sense of satisfaction that cannot be achieved in reality.

For example, online games can meet the needs of self-realization; free chat of QQ or MSN can show venting feelings of dissatisfaction with something; online TV movies can meet the entertainment psychology in the first time; through timeless, two-way communication network mediaLetting netizens or other online audiences know and understand can satisfy the identification of seeking self-worth.

At the same time, the network vertical can explore and try new life and other things that are difficult to do in the real world but can be easily done in the virtual world.

  As a result, the Internet dependence population has intensified and the dependence has deepened for a reason, but from the current survey, Internet dependence has similarities in physical, psychological (depression) and social aspects to gambling addiction.This kind of reliance on correct presetting and grooming is the focus of attention.

  ”Evacuation” is the expansion of the key transfer network and the increase of netizens to solve the “addiction.” Because of being unable to extricate themselves in the virtual world, which affects human health, it has become a new research topic for psychologists.

  With the advent of the information technology revolution, issues related to the use of the network have also received increasing attention.

When many people are confused and dazed by a large amount of information, others are ecstatic and even unwilling to go offline because of their new discoveries online.

In other words, someone is very dependent on the Internet, just like scale addiction.

This phenomenon is called “Internet dependence”-a kind of behavioral dependence or technology dependence, which has attracted the attention of psychologists.

Relevant experts believe that Internet dependence syndrome or a mental illness with a lot of momentum.

  Another survey shows that 25% to 59% of people believe that excessive use of the Internet has an impact on their work and life, and a similar proportion said that others prevent them from using the Internet excessively.

Studies have shown that increased Internet surfing time and loneliness are significantly associated with depression, and are also related to the psychological stress index during the day.

Although internet dependence is not equal to internet addiction, medical experts call it: “The proportion of internet dependence among netizens is divided. Under certain external conditions, internet dependents may develop into internet addicts.

Therefore, we cannot ignore network dependent groups.

“This situation is widespread among young people aged 16-25, and we have to draw our attention.

How can we guide them to face the network correctly and prevent “network dependence”?

Psychological consultant Rong Weiling believes that parents should help their children create realistic conditions that can attract him, and cultivate their children’s interests in various aspects, such as singing, playing chess, and playing games, and divert their attention to the Internet.

Communication Blog-Correspondent’s own blog!

  Lin Zhan, deputy chief physician of the Medical Education Department of Hainan Anning Hospital, said that the development of the Internet is a manifestation of the progress of the times, and the key is how to make good use of this “double-edged sword.”Pay attention to the right amount when surfing the Internet, have a certain ability to identify and judge the content of the network, and adjust your mentality in a timely manner.

To stay healthy, it ‘s best not to quit milk for life

To stay healthy, it ‘s best not to quit milk for life

The body’s absorption rate of calcium in milk can reach more than 32%. Many parents can insist that breast milk becomes half a year old for their children, and choose milk products as complementary foods after breast milk replacement is over.

However, many children start breastfeeding to varying degrees after the age of one.

Many people gradually give up the habit of drinking “milk” as they age.

Nutrition experts point out that in fact, there is no age limit for drinking milk and edible dairy products.

To stay healthy, it is best not to quit milk for life, and choose the right dairy products for you at different stages of growth.

  The body’s absorption rate of calcium in milk is relatively high. “Someone is best to start supplementing milk from infants and young children, which is of great help to improve their physical fitness.

“Zeng Qingshan, director of the nutrition department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said at 25?
Before the age of 30, the human body will reach a bone tip, that is, the level of calcium in the bone will reach the upper limit, but the loss continues, so before the age of 25, calcium supplementation is very important.

In many foods, the absorption rate of calcium in milk by the human body is relatively high compared to many foods, which can reach more than 32%.

Therefore, after weaning from infants and young children, children and adolescents who are in the stage of vigorous growth and development, consume 250 ml per day?
500 ml of milk can better promote the normal development of children, increase the amount of calcium in the bones of adolescents and adults, and delay bone aging.

  People who don’t like milk can use cheese and yogurt. For those who don’t like milk, Zeng Qingshan recommends edible cheese and other dairy products instead.

  ”In general, everyone can choose to drink milk.

“She said, but for pregnant women, hyperlipidemia, the elderly and other special groups, formula milk can be purchased on the market as needed.

In addition, in general, children over one year of age can properly supplement yogurt.

Yogurt not only has the same nutritional value as milk, but also has the functions of protein, vitamin AD and vitamin B, and also has the function of regulating immunity, preventing infections in the body and improving rehabilitation.

  Zeng Qingshan introduced that milk is a food with high nutritional value.

Mammals can provide all the nutrients needed for body development in the first month of life.

The amino acid composition of milk protein is close to that of the human body, and it has a good digestion and absorption rate and conversion. It is recognized as a high-quality protein in nutrition.

In addition, milk contains almost all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and also contains a large number of physiologically active substances such as lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, growth factors.

How much is the temperature of the milk powder?

How much is the temperature of the milk powder?

For milk powder, always consider what water is used, and what temperature is the best, because this will directly affect the nutrition of the milk powder.

  Different brands of milk powder have different formulation instructions, but generally they are used at 40 ℃?
A warm water rinse at 60 ° C is preferred.

This temperature is good for accelerating the speed of chemical reactions, dissolving invert sugar, milk powder, etc. in the liquid, preparing a more uniform solution, and ensuring that the nutrients in the milk powder are not destroyed.

  When preparing milk powder, you can use the skin temperature of the wrist to measure the temperature, it is advisable to feel warm and not hot.

Alternatively, you can mix 1/3 of cold boiling water and 2/3 of hot boiling water, and then add an appropriate amount of milk powder to shake.

Be careful not to use too much force when shaking, otherwise air bubbles may be generated, causing inflation.

Yoga Meditation Self Attempt

Yoga Meditation Self Attempt

When you start meditating, it means that you are ready to experience the silence and deep mysteries that come from your heart.

  Close your eyes to gain insight into the nature of things, just as your eyes have never been closed. This is a whole new world. Let us master the exploration of the world with our eyes, explore the world of ourselves, and meditation is the awakening of ourselves.

  Close your eyes and feel that far away in the body that transcends thought, materiality, and behavior.

Close your eyes to feel the meditation carefully. This is a journey of life. We sail slowly, we will experience from “relative knowledge of things” to “absolute experience of matter”. We will also find that there is no mood in meditation.Shape and color.

  Closing your eyes, only sound pervades your ears, closes your senses, shrinks your desires, and you slowly move forward to explore the inner world. This is another place that transcends our bodies.

Consciousness flickers, don’t worry, don’t be confused, let it come slowly, follow it slowly, self is the witness of the soul, it is unmoved.

Transcend your body, surpass it, keep keeping your eyes closed, deeper and deeper, discarded names, shapes, and colored thoughts, slowly throw these imaginations away and surpass your body.

  There is no fear in that place, you become higher and higher, higher and higher, beyond the interstellar.

In this distant place, beyond my body, in this sacred universe, guarding myself, leap.

  Continuing on this way, it seems like a cardiovascular car, driving farther and farther, farther and farther, beyond the body, beyond the senses, and beyond the mind.

Lose your fear, except for “the Great Brahma of self”, nothing can reach you, and you will not touch it.

  Closed eyes, as you get deeper and deeper into this place, you will see the mysterious light and mist, blue and blue, lotus color, red, green, yellow, purple.

You can see countless bright silver rays passing through the darkness and following its direction, it helps you move forward, deeper and deeper.

Beyond the body, beyond consciousness, beyond the senses, beyond pain and joy.

Chess rushing car, continue to drive, the farther and farther, the faster and faster.

Colors are coming towards you, they float over your eyes, touch your skin, touch your heart, close your eyes to observe them, you try, you are still moving.

  Relax your cheeks, raise your jaw, take a deep breath, always keep your alert, let yourself experience the activity of meditation, it’s like a naughty child.

When you see the color swaying in the dark, you know it is getting closer and closer to you.

You see all the colors turn into colored smoke.

These colored smoke have just begun to rise, begin to swirl, and begin to transform.

At the same time you rise continuously with each breath.

  Breathe evenly and slowly. Don’t let your mind control your breathing.

With the thoughts floating on our bodies, you seem to be going through a journey, a journey of self.

Continue to transcend your body, transcend thought, transcend material .