[Eating Taboo of Sunfish]_Methods_Cautions

[Eating Taboo of Sunfish]_Methods_Cautions

The texture of sunfish is very delicious, and its nutritional value is also good. It is a nourishing product among aquatic products. Many people don’t have a special understanding of sunfish.

When eating, you must understand some food taboo issues. For example, if you are allergic to seafood, then it is best not to eat sunfish. In addition, you should not eat too much, because the protein of sunfish may cause skin diseases and the daily consumption.It is best not to exceed two or two.

Sun fish consumption taboos Seafood allergies should not eat sun fish.

Sunfish should not be used in excess. It is easy to cause skin diseases. It should be consumed within 100 grams per day.

About Sunfish Sunfish is very delicious and rich in nutrition. It is one of the best tonics in aquatic products.

Maybe many people are not very familiar with sunfish. This is a particularly delicious fish with beautiful colors. The meat is very delicious and rich in crude protein, crude fat, rich amino acids and various trace elements.Consumers like it.

One way to eat sun fish, sun fish steamed egg material: a small sun fish, 2 eggs, ginger, green onion, oil, salt.

Practices: 1. Wash the sunfish well, drain the water and spread the salt on the fish. Spread the ginger into the fish belly and place it in the steaming dish.

2. After the eggs are beaten into the bowl, add oil, salt and water, beat with chopsticks and set aside.

3. Pour the beaten egg liquid into a steaming pan, wait for the steamer to boil, put the steaming pan into the steamer, and steam it for about 10 minutes. Take out the sprinkled green onion and serve. Add a few drops if you likesesame oil.

Second, the sunfish material: about one catty sunfish, a tomato, a small chives, old soy sauce, cooking oil, tempeh each.

Method: 1. After killing and washing the sunfish, drain it for later use, cut the shallots into onion beads, wash the tomatoes and cut into small pieces or thick slices.

2. Pour edible oil after the wok is heated. After the oil is heated, add tempeh and scallion. Then add boiling water and boil for a while.

3, add sun fish simmer for about 10 minutes, then add tomato pieces and simmer for about 5 minutes out of the pot.

Third, steamed sunfish material: sunfish two, rice wine, green onion.

Practices: 1. Wash the sun fish first and place it in the dish.

2. Add salt, rice wine, monosodium glutamate, pepper, soy sauce, shredded ginger, minced garlic, and cooking oil for 10 minutes.

3. Add the water in the pot to boil, put on the fish dish and steam for 10 minutes, then open the lid and sprinkle the green onions.

Fourth, the raw materials of fried sun fish: sun fish 350g, salt, ginger, cooking wine, cotton sugar, raw soy sauce, shallots practices: 1, when buying sun fish, let the merchant kill it for you, wash your bloodshot and cheeks after going home, thenSpread a layer of salt evenly, cut ginger into fish belly, and drizzle a little peanut oil to keep it fresh.

2. Use oil, ginger, minced garlic, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, etc. to make a juice.

3, hot oil pan, fry the sun fish on both sides.

4. Cover the lid immediately after pouring in the juice, add a little water after boiling and boil it a little, so as not to mash the pot.

5. Finally, harvest the juice and sprinkle with green onions.

[Easy to make lunch]_ simple making _ how to make

[Easy to make lunch]_ simple making _ how to make

As the saying goes, you need to be full for lunch, which shows the nature of lunch.

Nowadays, the material living standard has been greatly improved. At the same time that people are full for lunch, they also want to have a good lunch.

However, considering the fast pace of life in general, everyone is willing to make some delicious and simple lunches. There are still many references in this regard.

So, what are the simple lunches?

Let’s take a look below.

[Potato and pork stew noodles][Materials]: Potatoes, pork, noodles, shallots, peanut oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce[Methods]: 1. Wash the pork and cut into thin slices, wash the potatoes and peel and cut into 2, Hot pot cold oil, pour pork into stir-fry and change color, add cooking wine, soy sauce, spring onion and soy sauce, stir-fry 3, pour potato pieces into stir-fry 4, add water without potatoes, dig a small hole in the middle, rinsePut clean noodles, boil over high heat and simmer until the soup is thick and season with salt.[Tips]: 1. Don’t cut potatoes into large pieces, stew small; 2. Turn into noodles.Let it absorb moisture in a puddle.

[Cold cabbage][materials]: cabbage, garlic, cooked peanut oil, salt, balsamic vinegar[practices]: 1, clean the cabbage, because it is all tender stems and leaves, there is no part to remove,If it’s older, remove the old stem 2 and add it to the boiling water pot, blanch and remove the drain 3, let it cool 4, add the salt to the garlic, add the garlic to the garlic, and pour into the bowl.Mix the balsamic vinegar 5 and pour the garlic into the cabbage 6 and pour the cooked peanut oil into the bowl and mix well.[Tips]: 1. The cabbage is warm and suitable for most people. 2. The cabbageIt is especially fresh and tender, do not need to be blanched for too long, it can be changed slightly; 3, when mixing, dry and mix.

[Garlic sauerkraut][Materials]: sauerkraut, shallots, ginger, garlic, dried pepper, peanut oil, pepper, salt[Practice]: 1. Wash the sauerkraut because it is all tender stems and leaves,There is no part to be removed. If it is old, remove the old stem part 2. Cut the onion ginger garlic 3, pour the oil in the pot and heat it into the peppercorns, add the onion ginger garlic and sauté 4, and pour itStir-fry cabbage and soften with salt and season.[Tips]: Yangcai is especially tender. It doesn’t need to be fried too much. It can be changed by adding a little color and salt.[Susan Xianjian][Materials]: Leek,, Egg, shrimp skin, flour, yeast, water, peanut oil, salt, cornmeal, flour, chives, black sesame[Practice]: 1, leek choose to wash and dry the surface moisture 2, the yeast is hydrated, pour flour andCover the dough with plastic wrap and proof 3, add eggs with a small amount of water to break up 4, pour a spoonful of oil in the pan and heat, pour the egg liquid into the frying until solidified, use the chopsticks to scatter, cool and set aside 5, and ferment wellDough 6, chopped leeks, mixed with crushed eggs, washed and drained shrimp skin, add salt and peanut oil and mix to make a filling 7,玉Pour rice noodles and flour into a bowl, add half a bowl of water to make a thin paste 8. After the dough is taken out, knead and vented, cut into small doses, roll into a thin noodle with a thick middle edge 9 and wrap with fillings.Put buns 10, put them in a pan and cover them with plastic wrap in order to wake up for 20 minutes. 11. Put the buns into a pan with oil and fry it slightly. 12. When the bottom of the buns are fried to golden color, pour in the batter and cover the lid.13, cook until the moisture is dry, fry the yellow at the bottom and turn off the heat. Sprinkle chives and black sesame seeds on the surface. 14 Shovel out the noodles and fry the lower surface slightly. Does it look special?

[Tips]: 1. Add a certain amount of water to the egg liquid and mix well. The evenly stirred eggs are particularly tender and smooth; 2. The batter water is best mixed with white flour and corn flour to make it not thin and thick. 3,After pouring in the batter water, cover the pot first, and when the water dries, the bottom will become crispy yellow and fragrant.

[Mental Health Law]_ Mental Health Law _ What is _ How to do _ Function

[Mental Health Law]_ Mental Health Law _ What is _ How to do _ Function

With the continuous development of society, the pace of people’s life gradually accelerates. Every day, they are busy with work and have to take care of their families. It is very stressful.

The longer this living environment harms our psychology, it means that we have to learn to regulate ourselves.

So what mental health laws are there?

Let me introduce you today.

If you want to achieve morality, health, and health care, you must first start with adjusting your mindset and maintaining mental health. However, mental health care methods must be used as often as fitness habits.

The law of returning to the old age often recalls childhood funny things, visiting friends from teenagers (youth food), so revisiting the place, repeating the old things, as if you are back to the childhood.


The method of spiritual victory must be unsuccessful, maintain a strong energy, and not be discouraged in the face of setbacks, and defeat it mentally and physically.


Tengyun drives through the fog to read, watch movies, watch TV, or listen to people’s speeches, so he must concentrate on his mind and expand his thinking like that.


The whimsical method tries to imagine itself as a practitioner, pay attention to the position of the observer, be the master, and not be the guest.


Opportunities must be tried every day to save time, effort, and savings.

Think of new ways to solve the category problem.


The insatiable access to knowledge must never be satisfied.

Daily plans should be full to enrich your life.


Make friends everywhere, happy to do good things for everyone, be a socialist, a diplomat.


There must be a wide range of interests in crowd collecting and collecting methods, like fishing, flower cultivation, calligraphy, painting, and collecting various items.


Calmness encounters unpleasantness.

For angry things, don’t lose your temper or eager to act, calm down for 10 minutes.


See different ways of thinking about fresh, strange, unknown things, like it, approach it, study it, master it.

Through the above introduction, everyone must have a certain understanding of the methods of mental health care.

In fact, there are many ways for people to get mental health if they are often used to be effective.

Communicating with friends and sharing psychological ideas with everyone is also a method of mental health care.

Shennan Circuit (002916) 2018 Annual Report Review: Meeting the Start of the 5G Cycle and Grasping a New Round of High Growth Potential

Shennan Circuit (002916) 2018 Annual Report Review: Meeting the Start of the 5G Cycle and Grasping a New Round of High Growth Potential

The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 76.

20,000 yuan, +33 a year.

68%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

9.7 billion, +55 per year.

61%; net profit after deduction 6

47 trillion, +69 for ten years.


Thanks to the smooth climbing of the Nantong plant and the significant improvement in expenses during the period, the company’s 2018Q4 performance was outstanding.

Looking ahead, we are optimistic that 5G infrastructure will bring considerable growth demand to the PCB field, and the company is expected to usher in obvious high growth potential.

The performance in 2018 was dazzling, with high revenue growth and significantly improved profitability.

The company achieved revenue of 76 in 2018.

2.0 billion, +33 per year.

68%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

97 ppm, +55 a year.

61%; net profit after deduction 6

4.7 billion yuan, +69 per year.


In a single quarter, the company achieved revenue of 22 quarters in 2018Q4.

65 trillion, +53 for ten years.

83%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

24 ppm, +105 a year.


The company’s revenue growth rate is in line with expectations, mainly benefiting from 1) strong downstream demand such as communications: domestic 4G continued to expand (adding 43 in 2018).

(90,000 stations), overseas 4G accelerated 天津夜网 construction; 2) Capacity expansion: The capacity of Nantong’s smart factory has climbed smoothly.

In addition, through intelligent upgrade + product structure optimization to improve the gross profit margin level, and expand internal operation capabilities to promote cost management, the company’s net profit growth performance is better than revenue.

The cost-side advantage continued to strengthen, and the cost-side control was good.

The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 23.

13%, ten years +0.

73pct, Q1 by quarter?
Q4 gross profit margin was 24.

8%, 21.

8%, 22.

0%, 24.

12%, of which Q4 improved significantly, mainly benefiting from the increase in the proportion of high-margin products such as high-speed and high-speed, and the labor cost reduction brought about by the intelligent upgrade of the Nantong plant.

Looking into the future, with more profitable 5G product lifting capacity and intelligent technological transformation in old factories, the company’s cost-side advantage is expected to strengthen.

In addition, the company’s period expenses are 11.

7%, one year -1.

9 pcts improved significantly, mainly benefiting from a significant decline in financial expense rates each year (1.
PCB accounted for 71% in 18 years. In 2019, we will continue to take off at the beginning of the 5G cycle.

The construction of 5G macro base stations in China is ahead of schedule. Expected in 2019?
15/76/97 million stations were built in 21 years.

In addition, the change in the structure of 5G base stations has resulted in the increase in PCB usage at a single station and ASP. Therefore, we are optimistic that communication PCBs will usher in volume and price.

The company is an internally-funded PCB leader, accounting for 60% of its communications business. It has pre-researched 5G products with customers 2 years in advance. The technology scale is fully prepared, and it has entered Huawei’s global Top5 communications equipment supplier supply chain.

With the gradual release of 5G orders, the company is expected to grow rapidly with core key customers.

Package substrates accounted for 12% in 2018, and continue to benefit from domestic substitution, focusing on the storage area in the future.

Since 2008, the company has entered the field of package substrates. This product has a silicon market share of nearly 2%, ranking first in domestic capital with a market share of nearly 300%.

We are optimistic that the rapid growth of domestic storage capacity has stimulated the demand for domestic replacement of packaging substrates. The company newly built a packaging packaging substrate production line with an annual output of 600,000 square meters in Wuxi. It is expected to start production in 2019. The development progress of key storage customers is in line with expectations.Contributes annual revenue and net profit13.


900 million.

Risk factors.

5G base station construction was less than expected; new capacity climbed more than expected; package substrate prices fell.

Profit forecast and estimation.

The company is a domestic leader in 5G track PCBs. It has a three-in-one business layout of PCB, PCBA, and package substrates.

At present, the company’s communications business accounts for nearly 60%, and has become a core supplier for customers such as Huawei. It is expected to benefit from the trend of accelerated 5G infrastructure.

We forecast the company’s EPS for 2019/20/21 to be 3.



24 yuan, 50 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 157 yuan, the first coverage, given a “buy” rating.

Shanghai Airport (600009) Q1 2019 report comment: Q1 deducted non-same increase of 32% tax-free business increased by 50%

Shanghai Airport (600009) Q1 2019 report comment: Q1 deducted non-same increase of 32% tax-free business increased by 50%

Core view company Q1 revenue also increased 22% to 27.

700 million, net profit attributable to mothers / deductible non-net profit increased by 37% / 32% to 13 respectively.

900 million / 13.


Q1 company’s tax-free sales performed well, with an increase of 30% +, and a new deduction rate for overlapping T2. It is expected that the tax-free leasing business will also increase by 50% to 1.2 billion yuan.

In addition, due to changes in the accounting calculations of investment companies and the increase in earnings of some investment companies, investment income in the first quarter increased by 39% to 3.

0 million.

  Performance Overview: The company’s Q1 revenue increased by 21.

6% to 27.

700 million, net profit attributable to mothers / deducted non-net profit increased by 36 respectively.

7% / 32.

0% to 13.

900 million / 13.


Gross profit margin increased by 4 in Q1.

6 pieces to 55.

2%, during the same period, the expense rate dropped by 0.

67pct to 0.

42%, investment income increased by 39.

2% to 3.

0 million.

New investment in Q1 Satellite Hall 8.

20,000 yuan, has gradually invested 78.

1 trillion, the total project budget expenditure is 167 trillion.

  Constrained by time resources, Q1 passenger / aircraft takeoff and landing increased by 4 respectively.

9% / 2.

4%, the growth rate also decreased by 0.


3 points.

Due to the constant saturation, the company’s domestic and international aircraft takeoffs and landings increased by 3 respectively.

8% / 1.

1%, growth rate +4 per second.

6 pieces / -6.

5pcts, Q1 completed 9.22 million / 7.9 million domestic / international passengers, an increase of 5 respectively.

5% / 4.

9%, ten years growth rate +3.

8 pieces / -4.

9.In order to meet the Spring Festival transportation in Q1, the flight flights were more biased towards domestic routes, leading to the increase in international flights. However, we can see the growth of international passengers in Q1 (4.

9%) should be significantly higher than the international aircraft takeoff and landing growth rate (1.

1%), indicating that the demand for outbound tourism is still strong.

  Continued growth in tax-free sales will boost tax-free lease income by 50% to 12 trillion.

The airport’s tax-free demand remains high, and the company’s Q1 tax-free sales are expected to increase by 31% to 3.5 billion yuan.

42 is started at T2.

Driven by the new 5% deduction rate and the continuous growth of tax-free sales, it is estimated that Q1’s tax-free lease income may increase by 50% to 12 trillion, which will 天津夜网 directly bring incremental profits to the company by about 3.


With the increase of the T2 deduction rate and the exemption of tax-free consumption by expanding production and tax-exempt categories, optimizing the store layout, and precise marketing, etc., the tax-free consumption conversion rate and tax-free consumption per capita are increased. It is expected that the company’s tax-free rental income is expected to increase by 50?

  Operating costs rose slightly, the three fees were well controlled, and investment income increased by 39% as a result of adjustments in accounting methods.

Considering that there is almost no additional cost for the tax-free leasing business, the increase in operating costs mainly comes from the aviation business.

It is estimated that the company’s Q1 aviation revenue growth rate is less than 5%, and the company’s Q1 operating costs also increased by 10.

4% to 12.

4 ppm, the increase is expected to be due to increased labor and other costs.

The management fee rate also decreased by 1.

The impact of 2pcts, the Q1 company’s rate during the same period fell to 0.

7 pieces to 0.

4%, the rate is already at the expected level.

Affected by the changes in East China Kay’s accounting methods and the increase in the effectiveness of investment companies, the company reported an increase in investment income of 39.

2% to 3.

0 million.

  Risk factors: The growth of tax-free at the beginning of the year does not meet expectations, and it is always adjusted.

  Investment suggestion: Considering that the company ‘s Q1 tax-free sales revenue has increased by 30 +%, and the development potential of the domestic airport tax-free market, we maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/20/21 to 2.



17 yuan, corresponding to PE is 25/24/21 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Clean up dead beauty before the holiday

Clean up “dead beauty” before the holiday

Beauty experts tell us that many people often focus on the face when they are in skin care, and they do n’t use products with various functions.
Compared with the focus on the face, some parts of the body have been ignored and turned into “cosmetic dead spots”, which are prone to various problems and even make you regret it.
  After combing from head to toe, you will find that the scalp, neck, hands and feet are the top three “cosmetic dead corners” that are most easily overlooked. They are the areas that are most easily overlooked. They should be cleaned before the Spring Festival.
  死角1 头皮  清扫迫切指数:★★★★★  按摩膏为头皮做SPA  ●高桥美佳,日本知名美容大师  完整的头发护理应该包括洗发露洗发、护发素护发以及头皮头发按摩三大step.
The most important thing is scalp massage.
After shampooing, take out 3 coin-sized scalp hair massaging creams, apply it to the scalp several times, and then start from the temple, press the thumb along the hairline upward to stimulate the acupoints, and then press laterally from the top of the head.Then slowly press from the forehead hairline to the back of the neck, and then, like lifting the scalp, gently pinch the sides of the head with your fingertips, and tap lightly, and finally pull the hair up and then slowly lower it like a pigtail, “scalp spa”It’s finished.
  死角2 颈部  清扫迫切指数:★★★★★  面霜和身体乳不能代替颈霜  ●牛尔,知名美容达人  洗脸时,可以把洗面奶也用到颈部,由下而上进行按摩,用脸When applying toner, you can also extend the care to the neck, and then gently press from the outside of the shoulder to the inside, from the lower part of the chin to the lower part of the neck. This can massage the lymph and promote blood circulation and toxin shooting.
It should be noted that neither face cream nor body milk can replace neck cream. The neck cream is moist and contains ingredients that make the neck skin firm, moisturized and anti-aging.
Do not use too thick and greasy products, otherwise the contours of the face and neck will be difficult to absorb, which will cause pores to be blocked.
  死角3 手部  清扫迫切指数:★★★★☆  一到两周进行一次深层护理  ●何澄怡,Jurlique美容培训师  正确的日常手部清洁和护理应遵照以下步骤:首先用温和的洗手液清洁手部Skin, develop a good habit of using hand cream immediately after cleansing, especially to strengthen the care around the edge of the hand.
Perform deep hand care once a week or two. After cleaning your hands, soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes to fully soften the cuticles, and then use the body exfoliating products to gently exfoliate the skin, especially nails that are prone to hard skin and barbedThe edge part, and finally apply a thick hand cream to the hands, while giving special moisturization and protection to the hands, it can also brighten the skin color of the hands and reduce pigmentation.
  Experts’ tips: Do n’t forget to wash your hair behind the ears. ● Stone, beauty editor. The most deadly corner of the beauty is the ears, especially behind the ears.
It is best to clean your ears every time you wash your face and hair, including the inside of the ears that are prone to dirt and dirt, as well as the back of the ears. Every time I wash my head, I clean the inside and outside of the ear with a cotton swab carefully.Residues of shampoo products.
In fact, after rubbing the moisturizing product, you may wish to use some moisturizing cream around your ears and massage it gently to relax your nerves. The whole person will feel comfortable.

Studies show that eating more coarse grains is less likely to develop diabetes

Studies show that eating more coarse grains is less likely to develop diabetes

Urban life is intense and busy, and people often overlook dietary requirements.

In fact, from the first glass of water you drink in the morning, the day of eating and drinking has begun.

Do different colored vegetables contain some kind of nutrition?

How to make vegetarian meals in the morning, middle and evening?

In order to keep you away from corrections and even diseases caused by misunderstandings in eating and drinking, the editors of Life Family carefully search for classified health care information for you and personally customize your healthy diet!

  It is reported that Swedish TV reported on the 22nd that research shows that eating more whole grains such as whole wheat bread can reduce women’s risk of cancer.

  Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 6.

A 17-year follow-up study of the health status of 10,000 adult women was conducted and it was concluded that they had conducted a dietary questionnaire.

It was found that about 3,000 patients with diabetes preferred fine grains such as rice, and their proportion of women who preferred coarse grains had a 44% higher risk of cancer.

  Researchers suggest that women should eat as much coarse grains as possible, such as whole wheat bread, potatoes, etc.

They also pointed out that although eating habits will affect women’s physical functions to a certain extent, they are not a key factor in determining the onset of diabetes.

How to Condition the Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach

How to Condition the Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach

There are many reasons for the spleen and stomach deficiency, and the common ones include irregular diet, unscientific living habits, etc., which cause the spleen and stomach disorders.

So, how to regulate the spleen and stomach deficiency?

Below we take a look at the conditioning methods proposed by experts.

… How to adjust the spleen and stomach deficiency to change life habits: develop good habits in daily life, drink less alcohol without smoking, some spicy foods, fried foods, carbonated drinks and so on.

Keep warm in your daily work and eat less cold food.

  Persist in a healthy lifestyle of eating “eight fulls” every day: if you experience symptoms of gastrointestinal upset, indigestion, etc., you must not take it lightly, or you should receive treatment immediately.

  Have breakfast every day: drink milk or soy milk appropriately.

  Relax: Don’t be overjoyed and overworked.

  Don’t take analgesics indiscriminately: It is a drug that is three points poisonous. Taking more analgesics will lead to physical decline and symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Reduce the amount of anger: otherwise anger will cause great damage to the spleen and stomach.

  Condition the spleen, stomach and stomach from coldness in the diet. Pepper pork belly soup Ingredients: pepper, pork belly, red dates, raw powder Method: scrub the pork belly with raw powder and salt, then rinse with water; put the prepared pepper intoPork belly, then put in the thread; put the pork belly and red dates into the pot together, and then add an appropriate amount of water; after the high heat is boiled, simmer for 3 hours on a low fire; add the appropriate amount of salt before seasoning, and thenYou can eat pork belly and red dates directly.

  Efficacy: How to regulate the deficiency of the spleen and stomach, this recipe is a good choice. It can effectively protect the spleen and stomach, eliminate cold, and make the whole body analgesic.

Especially for the treatment of some patients with stomachache, cold spleen and stomach.

  Rice porridge material: rice, water method: wash the rice clean, then add the water of the waiter in the pot; after the high heat is boiled, cook on a low heat, you can start to eat the pot directly after about forty minutes.Serve after cooling.

  Astragalus Jianzhong Decoction Material: Huanghuang, Jianzhong Method: Wash Astragalus and Jianzhong thoroughly, then add proper amount of water to the pot to cook; after about forty minutes, remove the residue and directly take the medicinal solution.

  Efficacy: Astragalus has the effect of invigorating qi, while Jianzhong can warm the spleen and stomach to dispel cold. After the two herbs are combined, it can effectively treat the spleen and stomach deficiency.

Tips for telling children bedtime stories

Tips for telling children bedtime stories

Tell stories for young children. If they speak fluently and vividly, children must be fascinated.

For a large group of children, the story that the plot is exciting and stimulating requires good eloquence and vivid expressions and gestures, but it is not necessary to tell bedside stories for young children.

Here are a few tips for telling bedtime stories: Have feelings tell bedside stories for your children, use feelings to express the atmosphere, and be soft and sweet.

Before telling a story, it is best to understand the theme and content of the story. If you read it first and master the personality and storyline of each character, it must be natural to tell.

  Voice-rich storytelling changes your voice moderately, and it must sound more vivid.

For example, the “whine” of a train or the “beep” of a car, the dog “bawling” and the kitten “meowing”, you can use different onomatopoeia to best express these sounds, instead of being rigidRead the words carefully; likewise, the voice of father and grandma should be different.

If the parents can fully express the emotions of happiness, anger, disappointment, sadness, etc., the bedtime story will be as wonderful as the radio drama.

  Stories The story of serene climaxes can certainly attract children’s attention, but it also tends to make children over-excited and not suitable for bedtime.

In order for the child to enter the dream quietly, it is best to choose a story with a sense of stability and a calm change of the plot, so that the child will not listen more and be more excited.

When parents tell a story, they should tell the story in a peaceful atmosphere, and from time to time consider the child’s age and mental development, and adjust the content of the story slightly.

  Love and patience If the child has fallen asleep before the story of yesterday is finished, then it is best to have a “preliminary summary” when telling the story tonight, and step on the child appropriately.

The child may have questions during the appointment. At this time, the child should explain to the child first, and then continue. Don’t say “Don’t ask now, tell you when you’re finished,” that is the least clever.

Remember, love is just as important as patience.

  Moderate adaptation can moderately adapt the storyline. Children’s absorptive abilities and interests are different. Parents can try to understand the child’s ability range, and then change the story content slightly.

For example, the protagonist’s name in some foreign stories is full of flavor. Maybe change it to the name of a child next door. The child will sound more friendly.

Remarriage is not a child’s play, so you need to think carefully

Remarriage is not a child’s play, so you need to think carefully

First, be practical and not idealistic about reorganizing your family.

After remarriage, nothing more than to get love and care from the family and more resources.

But loving and getting along are two different things.

Don’t take a mythical mentality before marriage and have unrealistic expectations about marriage.

It must be understood that it is not easy to adapt to the marriage life. If you remarry, the challenge is even greater.

  Second, it is necessary to precipitate the pre-marital experience and rebuild self-esteem.

If you reach middle age after divorce, you can’t help but want to find a partner as soon as possible.

The figures show that men move faster than women.

But experts point out that after divorce do not replace emptiness with remarriage.

Some people have been dating during their separation, and have not completed the procedures to live with their new partner.

In fact, it is necessary to rebuild self-esteem and value after divorce. If the reasons for the failure of the previous marriage are not fully summarized, the same problem will inevitably occur again.

  Third, don’t let unpleasant experiences affect couples get along.

Many couples “point each other” after marriage, because the couples have reached a consensus on cooperation in their living habits.

When they remarried, they thought that they could increase resources and share the economic pressure. Later, after finding out that “marriage”, the two parties would have a thinning of resources, and they started to argue.

Marriage relationships are built on trust and appreciation of each other, but the unpleasant experience of a former marriage can be astonishingly pessimistic about the marriage, or the current companion can be compared with an ex-wife or ex-husband.

  Fourth, there must be consensus on the upbringing of children.

Newly married stepfathers, stepmothers who are eager to take the role of their children’s biological parents, and biological parents’ eagerness to get their children to accept their new partner can cause problems.

Parents need to be considerate of their children’s conflicting feelings-both worried about step-parents taking away their parents’ love (too many children compete with step-mothers); and afraid of having a good relationship with step-parents, as if they are not loyal to their leaving biological parents.

Furthermore, parents’ remarriage, children’s relocation, and school transfer will change their emotions. It is impossible for children to regard their stepparents as their biological ones.

In the early stage of remarriage, the discipline of children should be carried out by the biological parents. Following the parents’ intervention in the role of friends and mentors, mutual trust relationships, behaviors, and reward and punishment standards can be established before common discipline can be implemented.

What is wrong with others is an important principle of getting along.

  Fifth, live in harmony with each other’s loved ones.

The colored glasses of relatives and friends of both families are definitely a stumbling block for remarried families to establish a harmonious relationship.

“Families need to understand that they are already under great pressure to organize this family.

Bystanders should not have a discriminatory vision, less slight criticism, and less comparison between old and new. This is the greatest support.

The couple must also learn to be more open. Since other people’s views are difficult to change, the couple must work together to encourage and support each other. Don’t shake each other’s feelings because of other words.

  Sixth, the mental health of children of remarried families is an important issue that cannot be ignored.

Divorced parents or bereavement of their father, bereavement of their mothers have caused these children an ordeal, and the remarriage of their parents has exposed them to a more complicated living environment.

In the long run, it is difficult for children to develop normally.

Therefore, remarried families should strengthen communication with children, create a relaxed learning and living environment, satisfy them spiritually, and guide children to reduce their psychological burden. This will give these children a complete family and give them complete fatherly love and peace.maternal love.

In addition, the consistency and consistency of family education is particularly important in remarried families. Compensatory love or laissez-faire can easily cause children’s emotional abnormalities.

  Although some couples have special experiences and complex relationships that make their rebuilt families different from their first marriage families in some ways, they also have a certain cohesiveness, because after all, they are also married relationships established by love.

As long as the husband and wife actually follow the principle of “knowing about each other and not doubting each other” to coordinate each other’s relationship, then whether it is first marriage or remarriage, they can harmonize their feelings and make the wine for remarriage sweet.