[Is the amount of pumpkin low for weight loss?

】 _Slimming_Benefits

[Is the amount of pumpkin low for weight loss?

】 _Slimming_Benefits

Pumpkin is a kind of food that people like very much, because the taste of pumpkin is sweet and suitable for the taste needs of most people, especially for those who consume too much, do n’t worry about excessive problems caused by too much sugar, because pumpkinThere is not much sugar in it, so you can eat it with peace of mind.

Here is the effect of pumpkin degeneration for weight loss?

I hope obese people can find out.

Pumpkin has low plasma and reduced carbohydrate content. We feel it is sweet, not because of its high sugar content, but because its fructose content is sweeter than sucrose, and it is recommended to eat it during weight loss.

Pumpkin is rich in trace elements cobalt and pectin.

Cobalt is high in content and cannot be measured by any other vegetables. It is a trace element necessary for the synthesis of insulin by trace island cells, which can reduce blood sugar levels in the body. It is often eaten to replace diabetes.

Pumpkin contains some alkaloids, trigonelline, pumpkin seed base and other physiologically active substances, which can eliminate and catalyze the decomposition of carcinogen nitrosamines, thereby effectively preventing cancer.

It has good health effects for liver organs.

The weight loss effect of pumpkin is that it is rich in supplementary fiber, and you will feel full when you eat pumpkin (in poor days, you will use melons and vegetables instead of food). You do n’t want to eat more. In fact, you will not get fat even after eating a lot.The static electricity of pumpkin is very low.

Method: 1. Peel the pumpkin and cut into thin slices. You only need to cook the pumpkin slices in the way you like. It is recommended to use a microwave oven to cook on high heat. If you do not have a microwave oven at home, you can steam it in a pot, butMore water and gas will be created.

2. Pour the pumpkin slices into a basin. Use an eggbeater or chopsticks while hot to mash the pumpkin slices into pumpkin puree. Then add an appropriate amount of fine sugar and mix well. Set aside.

3. After the pumpkin puree is allowed to cool, add glutinous rice flour in small portions at a ratio of about 1: 1. If it is too dry, add an appropriate amount of water, not too much, like pasta, until it becomes pumpkin dough.It is advisable not to touch your hands.

4. Divide the pumpkin dough into several small doughs, knead them into small balls, and then pat them gently. If you want a shape, you can use an abrasive tool to pat flowers and make them into heart or flower shapes at will.

5. Heat the pan, pour a small amount of olive oil, turn to medium-low heat, and fry the pumpkin pie until golden on both sides.

[How to make pasta]_Homemade pasta _How to make pasta _How to make pasta

[How to make pasta]_Homemade pasta _How to make pasta _How to make pasta

When you drag your tired body and continue to work, do you yearn for the food street by the road?

In fact, it is unhygienic to go to the roadside, you might as well learn to do it yourself.

Let ‘s take a look at how to make pasta.


1 classify three strips and flatten them gently with a rolling pin 2.

2 All materials are mixed and kneaded into a ball 3.

Over-pressing the dough machine (repeated pressing repeatedly until the dough is smooth).

Turn to the middle gear pressure once and then turn to the minimum gear pressure reduction 4.

Can be directly pressed into strips with a machine, or cut into small squares and pinched into butterfly noodles.

If the amount of water is small, you can use the flour pressing machine to directly take out the take-away life all the time without dusting. You must be tired of it.

Now that you have mastered the practice of making pasta, you definitely want to go to the kitchen and do it yourself.

I believe that your different understanding of this dish will definitely cause the most beautiful taste in the world.

Zoomlion (000157) quarterly report comments: the post-cycle variety boom performance continued to increase

Zoomlion (000157) quarterly report comments: the post-cycle variety boom performance continued to increase

In Q3 2019, the company’s revenue / attributable net profit will increase by 50 each year.

3% / 106.


In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 317.

55 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

96%; net profit attributable to mother is 34.

800,000 yuan, an increase of 167 in ten years.


In Q3 single quarter, the company’s revenue / net profit was 94.


04 million, an increase of 50 each year.

33% / 105.


The gross profit margin remained stable at a high level, the sales / management expense ratio narrowed every year, and the R & D investment increased.

In Q3, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 29.

39%, down slightly from the previous month.

6%, increase by 1 every year.


Overall maintained at a historical high.

In the first three quarters, the company’s sales / administration expense ratio decreased by 0 each year.

22%, 1.

67%, a significant improvement in operating efficiency.

R & D has been intensified, new products have been re-launched, and the power has been continuously developed.

In the first three quarters, the company’s R & D expense ratio reached 2.

30%, a year to raise 0.


Credit controls were strictly controlled, and accounts receivable remained stable from the previous quarter.

At the end of the third quarter, the book balance of the company’s bills and accounts receivable was 281.

710,000 yuan, basically unchanged.

In Q3, the company’s net operating cash flow was 13.

8.7 billion.

Under the strict control of credit barriers, the ability to collect funds is high.

Post-cycle varieties continued to develop, and construction 杭州桑拿网 cranes / concrete machinery helped boost performance.

The company’s core varieties of construction cranes and concrete machinery are still in the booming demand stage, supporting the company’s continued high growth.

1. For heavy trucks, after July / August (high demand last year / National Six implementation of demand early feedback), the overall overall drive stabilized and the subsequent flexibility weakened; 2.Construction cranes, driven by prefabricated buildings,The demand for medium-sized tower cranes has a large gap. Under the high rent level, the demand for leasing companies ‘scale of machine purchases will continue in the next year, and the boom will still be supported. 3. Concrete machinery and environmental protection are becoming more serious.Under the control of the super, the economic benefits of large-tonnage mixer trucks indeed require the replacement of small-toner mixer trucks.

It is expected that concrete machinery will maintain a high growth trend next year.

Profit forecast and estimation.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent for 2019-2021 will be 43.07, 52.

10, 59.

5.2 billion yuan, EPS 0.

55, 0.

66, 0.

76 yuan / share, corresponding to the current price of PE 10.

6, 8.

8, 7.

7 times.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: Infrastructure investment growth is slower than expected; sales credits expand rapidly, reducing terminal profit elasticity; market competition is intensifying, and the company’s market share is replacing

Gu Jia Household (603816): Steady performance and steady progress in channel and capacity building

Gu Jia Household (603816): Steady performance and steady progress in channel and capacity building
Event: The company released the third quarter report for 2019, and achieved operating income of 77 in the first three quarters.7 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.6%, Q1 / Q2 / Q3 respectively achieved revenue of 24.6 billion, 25.500 million and 27.600 million, an increase of 32 each year.8%, 16.1% and 18%; achieve net profit attributable to mother 9.20,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.8%, Q1 / Q2 / Q3 are 3 billion, 2 respectively.600 million and 3.600 million, a year of growth of 10%, 23% and 18%.3%; net profit after 南京桑拿网 deduction is 67 ppm, an increase of 4.3%, overall performance is solid. The gross profit margin was slightly shifted by the impact of the trade war and the operating capacity improved.The company achieved a gross profit margin of 35 in the first three quarters.1%, a slight decrease of 0 a year.6pp, mainly affected by the trade war and the company’s rising proportion of low-margin custom business.In terms of period expenses, the four expense ratios for the first three quarters totaled 23.3%, rising by 0 every year.5pp, mainly due to outbound mergers and acquisitions, the increase in management expenses and financial expenses, the first three quarters of the total management and research and development expense ratio was 4.8%, rising by 0 every year.7pp; financial expenses 0.6%, increasing by 0 every year.5pp.The company’s own operating capacity has been steadily improved, and the selling expenses have been reset17.9%, a decline of 0 per year.7pp.In summary, the company’s net profit attributable to its parent was 12 in the first three quarters.5%, down slightly from 0 previously.3pp.Benefiting from the deferred consolidation, the company’s net operating cash flow inflow in the first half of the year was 14.30,000 yuan, compared with 4 in the same period in 18 years.7 ‰, an increase of 204% in ten years; the inventory turnover days in the first three quarters were 56.6 days, compared with 57 in the same period of 18 years.6 days, the operation capacity continued to improve.Overall, the company’s cash flow has improved, the inventory turnover rate is benign, and its internal operations are still relatively high-quality. Channels have expanded steadily and endogenous performance has been solid.The company continues to promote channel construction. In the first three quarters, it opened approximately 280 new stores. The total number of domestic stores reached approximately 4,500, and the total number of global brand specialty stores exceeded 6,000.The new category continued to grow steadily. In the first three quarters, fabric mattresses grew by about 15% each year, and the custom category grew by about 50% in ten years. The overall endogenous growth rate of the company was between 2-3%. Sufficient production capacity supports the company’s expansion.The main structure of the Jiaxing Wangjiangyan project has been basically completed, and the decoration works have been completed by more than 90%. The central China (Huanggang) base project has officially started pile foundation construction in July, and the main infrastructure has entered the construction phase in September.It is expected that the two projects will reach Dagang and achieve an annual revenue of approximately 28 before 2021 and 2022 respectively.800 million, 3 billion, a total increase of 1.2 million standard sets of software furniture and 400 kinds of general custom home products. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 2.04 yuan, 2.52 yuan, 3.04 yuan, corresponding to PE is 17 times, 14 times and 12 times respectively. Considering that the company as a software leader, its performance has grown steadily, maintaining a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: the risk of sharp changes in raw material prices, the risk that the government supplements less-than-expected risks, the risk of changes in foreign exchange losses and gains, and the risk that the trade war will cause the company’s US market sales to fluctuate, and the savings release less than expected risks.

How can I lose weight?

How can I lose weight?

Many mm who want to lose weight have the same interference, that is, they can’t control the appetite of greed, and they can’t control their mouths.

To sum up, people with strong appetite have two characteristics in common, eating too fast and eating too much.

Heavy and heavy diet, it is easy to cause the body to hoard water, and will eat more and more, the appetite is wide open.

Ping An Health Net Weight Loss Information teaches you some tips to control your appetite and help you lose weight successfully.

  When you want to eat, drink a cup of water and drink water to let the mouth and stomach have something to pass through. The water can support the stomach space, eliminate the obesity, and slow down the urge to eat.

In addition, drinking water can also fill the stomach and reduce the amount of food intake.

In addition, drinking plenty of water is also good for detoxification.

  Choosing a pair of snacks is really flustered, and you can eat some snacks that are both unresolved and low-converted.

But be sure to chew slowly and control the total amount.

You can eat small ingredients of dark chocolate or a small amount of nuts, yogurt, fruit, etc. are good choices.

  Some fungi contained in yogurt can promote the health of the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation, and make your lower abdomen look more obese.

If your office has a rest room, you can cut a small piece of lemon (with skin), chop it, and add it to the original yogurt.

A small cup can eat for about 15 minutes.

  Brush your teeth immediately after meals to resist appetite. Eat 70% of each meal. Brush your teeth immediately after meals. It will become your teeth more healthy, and also inhibit your appetite after meals. Whenever you want to eat, you must imply that you have brushed your teeth.
Mint-flavored toothpaste has the best effect of stopping hunger.

In addition, remember to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth.

Look at some of the tongue, is it covered with a white tongue, be careful that this may be one of the culprit causing your appetite.

People who often smoke and drink alcohol, eat processed foods, and taste heavy people, the tongue phenomenon is more serious than those with light diet. This means that saliva secretion is less, taste buds are less sensitive, and eating more is also unsatisfactory.When it is satisfied, it is easy to get out of control of appetite.

  People with heavy dietary tastes love salty foods and eat high-fat foods. These foods are often more delicious. It is easy for people to have a wide appetite. It takes a long time, and water and misfortune are accumulated in the lower body.

So, give up these high-metabolism foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more steamed foods, less oil and less salt.

The study found that as long as three days, with dietary records and behavioral changes, your taste buds can be corrected and become a gluttony, bulimic eating habit.

  Guaranteed quality sleep, good quality sleep can also help you control your loss of rational appetite, because good sleep can relieve stress, and many women’s appetite is caused by stress.

During the process of sleeping, the body will automatically produce a repairing effect, and continue to consume calories. With the tired and untidy body, risking becoming too much transmission, it is better to sleep well and not think about it.Eating a bite to bite the ear points can also control the appetite of the human body. The acupuncture points are like an organ. Several acupuncture points on the auricle are connected to the center of the brain to control appetite. Stimulating those acupuncture points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

This is the principle of TCM ear stick weight loss.

If you don’t want to go to the hospital, you can help you lose weight by stopping at home.

  Control high blood pressure: The index finger blocks the obesity of the right ear for 1 minute, and changes the left ear to do the same.

  Principle: When the gastrointestinal tract sends a “I am hungry” signal to the appetite-suppressing hypothalamus, people will have a desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

  Avoid emotional eating under stress: Thumb and forefinger pinch the right door for one minute, then change the left ear to do the same.

  Principle: Many people eat too much, not because the body really needs it, but because of pressure.

Inserting the gate can calm the body, reduce tension, and relax the nerves that stimulate the appetite.

Whitening skin drink drinks away spots on the face

Whitening skin drink drinks away spots on the face

The formation of freckles is due to local pigmentation on the skin.

In the summer, these annoying little spots will become apparent.

Faced with these annoying facial spots, have you tried many whitening methods?

In fact, it is not so complicated to remove them!

Teach you a few simple ways to help you “drink” these spots!

  Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily can supplement freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, it is known as “the warehouse of vitamin c”.

Vitamin c can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

  Rice and cucumber porridge to correct freckle take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of refined salt, 10 grams of ginger.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the heat on the rice, ginger, and Wuhu boil, then use the gentle heat to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick, and season with salt.

Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.

 Drink lemon juice often, you can stir lemon juice with white and tender skin, add rock sugar and stir.

Lemon is rich in vitamin c, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin c.

It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins.

Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tenderen the skin, but also prevent skin blood vessels from aging. Black fungus removes black spots. Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.

Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.

Every morning and after dinner.

If you take it regularly, you can take care of your skin, remove freckle, build muscle, and treat facial dark spots.

The black fungus in this recipe is described in the Compendium of Materia Medica to remove dark spots on the surface.

Black fungus can moisturize the skin, prevent skin aging, jujube and qi, strengthen the spleen and moisturize, and help black fungus remove black spots.

  After washing your face in the morning and evening every day, pat your face with fresh carrot juice and grind and squeeze the fresh carrots. Take 10-30 ml.Pat your face with your hand.

In addition, drinking 1 cup of carrot juice daily also has a freckle effect.

Because carrots are rich in provitamin a.

Vitamin a can be converted into vitamin a in the body.

Vitamin a has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

Why do men call broken sleeves and women call mirrors?

Why do men call broken sleeves and women call mirrors?

“Homosexuality” refers to a person’s sexual, psychological, emotional, and social interests. The main target is people of the same sex. Such interests are revealed by explicit behavior.

Those who develop love, sexuality, or admiration for the same sex are called homosexuals.

Although “homosexuality” is a modern term, it has actually existed in ancient China.

In ancient China, gay men were called “broken sleeves”, while lesbians were called “mirrors.”

  The allusion to “broken sleeves” gradually became the Western Han Dynasty two thousand years ago.

In the two years of Jianping in the Western Han Dynasty, one day, Emperor Han Ai returned to the palace and saw a person standing in front of the temple. When he was reporting a false omission, the Emperor Ai asked casually, “Isn’t that the sacrifice Dong Xian?

“The man hoeed his head and said,” It is Xiao Xian, the little minister.

Dong Xian is the son of Yu Shi Dong Gong, who had been the prince’s housewife when Emperor Han Ai Liu Xin was still the prince.

  It was at this moment that the Emperor suddenly found that after a few years of absence, Dong Xian became more and more handsome, and even more beautiful than Liugong Fandai. He couldn’t help but love him and ordered him to be a follower.

Since then he has become more and more fond of him, riding in the same car, sleeping on the same bed.

Dong Xian looks like a beautiful woman and talks and behaves like a woman. She is “sexual in nature” and “beautiful in kind.”

The deep love of the Emperor to Dong Xian can be illustrated with an example.

During a siesta, Dong Xian fell asleep on the sleeve of the Emperor.

  The Emperor recalled, but couldn’t bear to wake up Dong Xian, and drew his sword to cut his sleeve.

Whenever later generations mentioned Emperor Han Ai, he said that he had the habit of “broken sleeves.”

As a result, “broken sleeves” have become synonymous with gay men.

  So why are lesbians called “mirrors”?

It turned out that “sharpening a mirror” means polishing a bronze mirror.

Ancient bronze mirrors must be polished before they can be illuminated.

According to the famous Han Dynasty writer Liu Xiang’s “Mr. Lixian Chuan · Negative Bureau” records: “Mr. Negative Bureau doesn’t know who he is, the language is like the Yan Dynasty people, often loses the mirror bureau, according to Wu City, dazzle the mirror.
“Taiping Yulan · Hinei Shipin” also said: “Xu Xunzi tasted Jiang Xia Huang Gong and Huang Gong Xuan, and he was buried there. He was impoverished by his family.Get ahead.

“In Tang Dynasty poet Liu Deren’s” Gift to a Taoist “, a poem was cast:” There is no fixed employment in Chang’an City, and Dan’s mirrors are sold poorly.

“The Qing Dynasty novelist Pu Songling’s” Liao Zhai Zhi Yi · Goddess “also says,” Ask the person, but the surnames, and the mirror-polliners in the city. ”

The lesbian is called “sharpening the mirror”, which means that the two sides get a certain sexual satisfaction by rubbing or stroking each other’s body. Because they have the same body structure, they seem to be putting a mirror in the middle and rubbing.Called “polishing the lens.”

  In ancient times, lesbians in the palace were the most important. Why did this happen?

A poem by the famous poet Yuan Zhen of the Tang Dynasty, Xing Gong, can be described as vividly: “The ancient palace is very rare, and the palace flowers are lonely and red.

The white-headed palace girl was here, sitting idle and talking about Xuanzong.

“In the desolate and solitary ancient palace, the red flowers blooming in the palace are just one year of spring.

However, the red-haired girl who entered the palace at that time also suffered dozens of spring and autumn in loneliness, and now she is already gray-haired.

Their youth is buried here, and their sorrowful tears flow here, and they are sighing in the face of the blooming red flowers.

  They were the most beautiful women of that time.

Once skin-like, charming.

However, the only man left the three thousand beauties in disregard, with only Yang Yuhuan in his eyes.

It ‘s okay not to love, but their youthful and ruthless air-drying.

Love is a right that even animals can enjoy, but they are deprived bluntly.

Alive, the heart is surging, tenderness is like silk, but it can only be turned into water at the bottom of the ancient well. The light is dark, the moss is growing, the seasons are cold and cold, and the thick unloved sadness grows.

  Until they were claustrophobic, tinged with blue silk, and sat together, talking quietly to the man in their hearts.

Such scenes, such as the red of Gong Hua and the woman with white hair, are not peaceful, but cruel.He was the protagonist of their dreams, but he fell into the tenderness of another country-loving woman and was unconscious.

If there is a glorious flatness, such a life can still make people laugh away.

Let them spread their palms into the sky and gain nothing but futility, and they have quickly aged.

  ”Gonghua Lonely Red”, these five words describe how profoundly thousands of women have been lonely and withered in the deep palace for thousands of years.

Sex is a natural need of human beings. Under normal circumstances, both men and women are hungry for love, marriage and sexual happiness, but this right of life for the maids is cruelly deprived.

  In the harem, only the emperor and the eunuch were in contact with the palace ladies. The eunuch had no sexual ability, and there was only one emperor. How many of them could be favored by the emperor?

  ”Stay, long autumn nights, long nights without knowing the sky is unknown;

Spring is late, and it is difficult to sit alone in the day; Gongying Baixian is annoyed, Liang Yan is always jealous.

Gui Yan went quietly. Spring and autumn do n’t remember the year. Instead, he looks at the bright moon in the deep palace. The east and west are four or five hundred . ”
A poem by Bai Juyi, another famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, entitled” Shangyang White Haired Man “.It also fully shows the scenes of sexual loneliness and thirst for “lifetime to hospitalization” that make women intolerable.

  In such a situation of sexual loneliness and distress, what should court women do?

The daring court ladies fled collectively. For example, Tang Zhongzong and Li Xian went out of the palace one year in the middle of the year to see the sun and walk around the city.

The timid palace woman only sighed and killed herself for the rest of her life, such as Mrs. Hou during the Sui Dynasty.

  However, these situations are still very few after all, and most maids endure in silence, and sometimes seek some methods for progressive venting.

There are various ways of venting sex. One is to become a famous couple with the eunuch to get emotional comfort, which is called “food” or “vegetable”, and the second is “masturbation” through hands or tools.The third is to engage in homosexuality.

In fact, “Grinding the Mirror” also known as “Grinding Tofu” In the Hong Kong star Zhou Xingchi’s movie “Journey to the West”, the champion No. 1 Wu Mengda Yi Jin returned to his hometown and said to the two wives “Thank the ladies for grinding tofu.”

“The plot of the.

  The ancient court ladies mostly used “sharp mirrors” to solve their sexual loneliness and sexual distress, and the folk “sharp mirrors” were no lack of people. The most “sharp mirrors” and the most advanced were the ancient nuns and Taos.

  Nuns and Taos started in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties and developed in Qin and Han dynasties. After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, they formed a heyday, but generally they don’t like nuns and Taos in society, because in a man-centered society, people always think that women should be at home.The waiter raises children, and becoming a monk is always “non-observant”.

  In ancient China, the “three aunts and six wives” had never had a good reputation, and the 142nd mile of “A Dream of Red Mansions” said, “I said that the three aunts and six wives must be no more!

In a word, the road was broken, and the nuns and the aunts were the first of the “three aunts”. They are also the targets of men’s attacks in ancient society. In many ancient novels, the nuns and the concept of women’s Taoism have always been replaced by stealing love.In Han’s adultery places, people usually think that nuns and dauns enter ordinary people’s boudoirs either to send *** or pimp, or to engage in homosexuality.

A poem says, “Broken into the Zen forest, one’s body is unclear.

It was stormy at night, and the sound of knock was suspected.

“That is to say, the situation where female nuns have sex with men.

  ”Three words and two beats” is the most influential fictional novel in the Ming Dynasty. It reflects the living conditions, ideas and appreciation of the market class since the Song and Yuan dynasties.

  For example, Feng Menglong’s “Awakening to the World” Volume 15 “He Daqing Hate the Badger”, Ling Chu’s “Paid Case Surprise” Volume 30 times “Scent of Life and the Battle of the Cui Fuyu” all describe the man’s entry into the Nirvana.A group of nuns dragged on, prostitutes day and night, took turns fighting, and finally died.

There are also too many folk songs and taunts, all of which laugh at monks, nuns, and female nuns, and aunts.

  In fact, there are many different reasons why ancient women cut their hair to be Nirvana or Tao: One kind of people converted to the teachings sincerely, abiding by the precepts, and this life is the majority.

The other is to be forced by life. Take Nijiu and Taoism as a destination or temporary shelter. For example, some prostitutes are old or abandoned, and they have no choice but to go and become nuns and Taos.

  The third type of woman is to use monks and nuns as a means of “sexual openness” and “sexual freedom”.

This reflects the proliferation of lesbianism at the time.

  During the Tang and Song dynasties, aristocratic women became nuns, especially for aunts. Among them, there were heavy makeup and bright makeup, happy guests, and a few extravagant women.

“The Record of Xiangshan Mountain” contains: “The Chinese princess is the Nepalese, and more than 20 people follow the court.

  The two embargoes were sent to the temple, and Chuanzhai was granted.

Biography of the order to give more poems, only Wenwen Gong Peng Qiaonian still has reporter cloud.

“And” Liu Ting Poetry “also recorded:” Li Yishan’s poem “Bicheng” three, Princess Gai Yong into the Tao also.

Princess Tang, please be a monk.

At the same time, Yishan, such as Wen’an, Liyang, Pingliang, Shaoyang, Yongjia, Yong’an, Yichang, Ankang successively begged as women Taoist priests, set their sights outside, and were quite unsafe.

The words “Building a view from the outside and being quite defensive” indicate the essence of the problem.

The princesses live in the palace. After all, it is inconvenient to be “sexually free.” As a female aunt outside the palace, the situation is different.

Tang Xuanzong saw Yang Yuhuan, his daughter-in-law, and was willing to accept her as a concubine. In order to conceal her eyes and eyes, she was sent to Taoist Temple to become a female priest, with the Taoist title “Yu Zhen”.  In addition, women and women’s crowns traveled all over the country. Access to the palace and the people’s house were relatively free and convenient, and access to women was more unrestricted, which created favorable conditions for their sexual activities.

“Eating and drinking men and women, people have the desire to save”, some female nuns and female aunts are unavoidable, and romantic female Taoists like Yu Xuanji are by no means individual.

  In addition to heterosexuality, there is more homosexuality, and society is more tolerant of lesbianism, because it does not damage the marriage and family, it is not “out of step”, and it does not affect the bloodlines of children.

Of course, it will not be considered a “good thing”. Tao Zongyi of the Yuan Dynasty believed that female nuns, female aunts, etc. could not enter the woman’s boudoir at will to prevent chaos. Its main meaning is to prevent lesbians from happening.

  If it is said that court women, female nuns, and female aunts, because they have less access to men, use homosexuality as a form of sexual venting, then this is actually restricted by the relationship between men and women. Lesbians are a last resort.For this reason, this is the so-called “sexual homosexuality” of modern sexuality science. If the environment allows them to have extensive contact with men, they will be “conformity”, “returning vulgarity” and “marrying their spouse”.

However, the homosexuality of some folk women is affected by psychological changes and traditional customs, and it is completely voluntary. This kind of homosexuality is inevitable.

Call a call every day

Call a call every day

He is an actor and a dutiful son.

He said: “Parents are the most important factor in my happy life, and the biggest motivation I have been working hard!

“He hopes to be filial to his parents. However, his career has determined that he can’t spend a lot of time with his parents.”

How to deal with this contradiction?

He took a way like this – making a phone call every day.

  In 1992, he was admitted to the air force political drama troupe teaching class and became a literary and art soldier.

When the conditions of the initial conditions permit, the communication equipment has not been expanded now. In order to call the family, he often queues at the Wangfujing Post and Telecommunications Bureau in the middle of the night (this call is a discount), which is four hours in order to tell the family that he is very good.Let them rest assured.

  He looks ordinary, in the film and television circle of the handsome man and beauty, his appearance is not good for him for many years, almost even the role of running the dragon can not be caught.

Drifting in Beijing, he is ashamed of life supplements.

He said, “At that time, please ask someone to eat KFC and have to ponder for a long time.

However, on hard days, he will also try to save money to pay for telephone bills.

He smiled happily on the phone and reported the so-called “good news” to his parents.

  Later, after a long wait, he finally ushered in a major turning point in his acting career.

A red-screen TV show in China brought him all the attention.

He became very busy and busy, busy filming, busy running around, but no matter how busy he was, no matter where he was, he still hangs up at home every day.

This habit has been around for more than a decade.

  One day, he received the news and his father was suddenly ill.

He groaned, the first time he felt fear, the fear that stemmed from regret, and the fear lost his father.

He is in the crew, and the person is far away. All he can do is to call the unconscious father and tell his father to insist and tell his father to wait for him to go home.

Fortunately, God cares, and my father finally survived the biggest difficulty in life.

Later, he did his best to accept his parents in Beijing, and he did his best to accompany him more.

  this is a true story.

Shanghai Oriental TV’s “Star Dreams 30 Years – Martial Arts Biography” special, in the face of countless audiences, Jiang Chao, who plays “Li Dazui”, complained about this experience, the five big three thick men can not help but the tears of the tiger eyes reveal.

  ”Hundreds of good filial piety is the first”, we are grateful for the parental parenting, bearing in mind the parents’ efforts, we are willing to honor our parents.

However, when careers and families cannot be balanced, what do we usually like to do?

Buy a lot of gifts, or give your parents a lot of money?

Perhaps, what parents need most is just a phone call.

  It’s easy to make a phone call every day, but it’s hard to stick to it.

Can you?

Why Yoga Is Heating

Why Yoga Is “Heating”

It is reported that hot yoga consists of 26 stretching exercises and 2 breathing methods. It also belongs to flexible exercise, which can improve the spine softness, and is especially suitable for office workers.
It directly stimulates the nervous and muscular system through some static movements of twisting and stretching and the rest time between movements, and can reduce weight.
  At the invitation of the hot yoga instructor, Mo Huiping from the Sanfang Apartment Gym Yifang Yoga Center, the reporter attended a hot yoga class to find out more about hot yoga.
  1. Experience hot yoga. Before the class, the reporter complied with coach Mo’s instructions: Do not eat for 3 hours before training, and it is best to drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the class.
  Entering the hot yoga classroom, there was a wave of heat coming up front.
Although the spacious and bright practice room is full of people who come to practice, it is very quiet. Everyone has a bottle of water and two towels by their side.
Coach Mo said, “Because the room temperature is hot, towels are used to wipe sweat, and water is used to replenish water during training.
“Class on time.
After the instructor introduced the schedule and requirements for drinking water, he began to practice posture.
The reporter started to sweat just after starting one or two moves.
During the training, each posture coach is required to repeat it.
Although Coach Mo allowed reasonable relaxation after the trainees finished each posture, the reporter still felt that the big sweat beads of soybeans were flowing down the cheeks.
  In this warmth, it seems that everyone’s flexibility has reached its optimal state, stretched and squeezed to the maximum, and let the sweat “swell out” unscrupulously. After a while, the clothes are soaked.
At this time, it seems that the pressure in the body can be discharged together with the toxins.
  As this is the first time to participate in the training of hot yoga, Coach Mo told reporters, “Beginners will sometimes have difficulty adapting to the stress of yoga and the respiratory system caused by yoga practice at this temperature, and they will have dizziness.normal.
At this time you can lie down and take a break.
“2. Coaching weight loss like hot yoga coach Mo told reporters that practicing yoga can indeed reduce weight.
Yoga does this in two ways.
  First, some positions can stimulate loose glands to increase hormone release.
Because the thyroid gland is directly related to the body’s metabolism, it can affect weight.
Hot yoga, including shoulder standing and leaping dragon gates, is particularly suitable for adjusting the thyroid.
Fat metabolism is also increased by yoga, so fat is converted into muscle and energy.
This means that while reducing fat, you can also get better muscle texture and a higher level of vitality.
  Second, deep breathing exercises in yoga can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body, including fat cells, which increases oxidation and burns more fat cells.
  ”If you are not overweight, your weight will remain the same.
If you are underweight, you will gain weight.
The increase is healthy, solid body tissues, not fat.
In other words, yoga can create the ideal weight.
This is because yoga has the function of normalizing glandular activity.
3. Why yoga should be “heated” Hot yoga was founded by Indians Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga, a branch of yoga.
  In the Hot Yoga series, Bikram retained the 26 poses of the original Hatha Yoga and arranged them scientifically.
These 26 movements are scientifically arranged in the order of pulling and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Bikram believes that if the practitioner jumps to the 15th movement without proper preparation of the relevant muscles, the result will be as unpleasant as a hasty backflip.
Therefore, you should follow the instructions of the coach when you practice, otherwise you will make mistakes.
  Hot yoga requires practitioners to be at a room temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, because Bikram believes that it is easy to be injured while practicing yoga when the body is not hot, which is like heating a piece of steel and then easily using a hammerChange it into the shape you imagine, and there is no way to change the shape of the iron without using a hammer.
  The advocates of Hot Yoga believe that this set of exercises can coordinately restore the body to a balanced state within 90 minutes, so that the whole body can be exercised.
It can systematically deliver 100% of oxygen-filled fresh blood to all parts of the body, allowing them to return to a healthy, natural working state.
  In addition to weight loss, hot yoga has a therapeutic effect on insomnia, migraine headaches, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, and gastrointestinal diseases.At the same time, yoga practitioners can reduce facial wrinkles, make people feel younger, live longer, and can increase disease resistance, improve vision and hearing, weight loss, mental and emotional health, and sharper intuition.

  4. People who are practicing hot yoga for heart disease should be cautious. The main principle of yoga nutrition is to consume less and eat high-quality food.

Yoga practitioners recommend eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole shells and raw nuts. Because of their vitality, meat must be eaten less or not eaten at all; you can also eat fresh and raw foods, not too hot or coldthing.

Alcohol is considered to be detrimental to health and hinder yoga progress.

  Mo Huiping suggested: 1. During the training, you breathe through your nose: Nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and it can also stabilize your nerves and make your body healthier.

  2, do not eat for an hour before and after practicing yoga: keep fasting.

  3. Grasp the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement are more important than completing posture.

  4. Keep the number of breaths when completing the posture, limited to your physical fitness.

Beginners can keep the number of breaths 3-5 times, and then increase the number slowly.

  5. As long as you practice yoga persistently and do your best, you can achieve results.

At the same time, law enforcement officials should be reminded that high temperatures can cause discomfort.

One of the most beautiful gifts


One of the most beautiful gifts

When I was young, my father got a bag of fine watermelon seeds from afar.

Since then, the hillside of the James family has ushered in a bumper harvest, and the watermelons are big and sweet.

When his family’s watermelon was pulled to the market, it was suddenly snapped up. It was really enviable and dead.

But my mother’s knees did not show a smile.

銆€銆€After returning home, Dad knew that the mother wanted to take the seeds out and give them to the villagers. The folks were tempered and there was no suitable reason. They would not accept it.

Dad smiled and sipped a few words next to his mother’s ear. In an instant, his mother’s shoulder showed a smile.

銆€銆€The next day, my mother followed the plan, and the villagers were willing to accept the precious watermelon seeds.

銆€銆€瑭瑰鏂棶濡堝閮借浜嗕簺浠€涔堬紝濡堝璇达細鈥滄垜缁欎簡涔′翰浠竴涓緢绠€鍗曠殑鐞嗙敱锛氣€樹綘浠殑鐡滀笉濂斤紝浠ュ悗铚滆渹椋炴潵椋炲幓鍦颁紶鑺辩矇锛屽鏋滃姡璐ㄨ姳绮変紶鍒颁簡鎴戠殑鐡滀笂My melon will suffer, but if you plant all the good melons, I won’t have to worry about it.

He is a little younger.

銆€銆€In the second year, the whole village was planted with excellent watermelons, and the harvest was great. The folks were filled with unspeakable joy.

銆€銆€After growing up, James became a very successful businessman.

銆€銆€On a weekend with his wife on a walk home, they saw a worn, but neat young man with a basket of shoes on his side.

And the hands kept licking their own clothes, and the low head did not see the pedestrians.

James suspected that he must have been a “newbie” who was just getting started. He might not be used to this kind of life. He had a pity, and suddenly turned around and picked up a small group of dirt on the ground and smashed it on the shoes.At this time, the shoes became dirty.

銆€銆€James walked to the young man and kindly wrote: “Young man, started work!”

At this time, he moved a small stool to James, and squeezed a full length of smile, then he lowered his head and carefully rubbed his shoes.

Under the enthusiastic inquiry of James, the silent young man suddenly opened his voice.

銆€銆€It turned out that the young man became an orphan at the age of 16 and lived with his grandmother.

After entering the university, all the expenses are maintained by the meager scholarship.

Unfortunately, Grandma has recently developed a disease that requires a large medical bill to operate, otherwise it is life-threatening.

銆€銆€”I know that it takes money to raise medical expenses. I am worried that my weak mother’s weak body will not be able to survive that day.

Therefore, I ran out of my grandmother’s time to wipe out the shoes, hoping to make some small money, let her eat better every day, so that there is a better body to resist the disease.

Said, the young man fell into tears.

銆€銆€James listened quietly to this sincere story.

When he left, he said to the young man: “Relax, everything will be solved!

The next day, the young man received a check and a letter, and he felt happy and upset.

He quickly opened it and saw a few lines of bold characters: “Young people, you are very filial and very strong, you make me very moved!”

I hope this money will help your grandma through the storm.

“How can I accept this huge sum of money without any reason?”

Grandma is in urgent need of this money, just when he is in conflict, it is difficult to make this choice, he found that the second page also has a line: I am a businessman, never do a loss of business, in a short time I hopeYou come to my factory for an internship. I will replace this money from your salary a little. If you agree, please send it to me at the end of the signature. The uncle is the uncle who was stranger last night.

The young man was relieved to see it here.

銆€銆€On the third day, the young man’s grandmother successfully operated the operation in time. Later, he became a very good employee of James. Now he is a very powerful assistant to James.

銆€銆€Mother gave the seeds to the folks, they were very happy to accept, and ushered in a bumper harvest in the entire village; James sent the money to the young man, the young man accepted, which completely saved the grandmother’s life, also rewrittenThe life of young people.

This is the most beautiful gift!