Teeth allergy does not prevent chewing tea

Teeth allergy does not prevent chewing tea

Many people’s teeth are sour when they eat irritating things. What is going on?

  Stomatologists say that tooth sourness is an inherent allergic symptom of the tooth. The reason may be that the lack of enamel causes the dentin to be exposed, or the calcification of the enamel is poor, or it may be caused by chronic chewing of food, which causes severe tooth wear.

Inertia is inherently allergic. In addition to the usual oral cleaning methods such as regular tooth brushing, there are several tips you can use.

  For example, patients can chew some raw walnuts, or repeatedly rub the allergic part of the tooth with a cross section of fresh garlic.

Allicin has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and has certain effects in treating dentin allergies.

Raw walnut kernels contain a large amount of implanted acid, which can solidify the protein in the essential tubules of the teeth and can also axially desensitize.

  Another easy and convenient way is to use the tea leaves that are everywhere around us.

Don’t throw away the tea at random. You can use it as a “waste” and chew it in your mouth, especially allergic teeth.

You can also directly chew fresh tea leaves into sensitive parts of your teeth.

Studies have shown that tea is rich in components such as fluorine and tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have disinfecting and sterilizing effects. It not only inhibits the growth of dental caries, but also enhances the acid resistance of tooth enamel.With participation, the antacid capacity is unexpectedly enhanced.

In addition, the fluoride ion in tea also has very good health effects on the teeth. It has a great affinity with the calcium of the teeth, which is like adding a protective layer to the teeth.

  When using the method of chewing tea to treat tooth soreness, it is not necessary to choose high-grade tea, because the fluorine content of high-grade tea will inevitably make the tea much less.

  These methods are all remedies after tooth aches, in fact they are also useful for the prevention of dental diseases.

Of course, long-term drinking tea can also achieve certain dental health effects.

In addition, in order to prevent allergies to the nature of the teeth, it is best to chew food with three teeth usually, the teeth at the tip are excessively worn, and it is best to eat less hard food.

5 reasons why men love their mistress

5 reasons why men love their mistress

Picasso had mistresses, Clinton had mistresses, Tang Bohu was outside Qiu Xiang, and even other mistresses.

Successful men like to find mistresses. Can a woman call her husband without success?

  1. Mistress is not annoying.

  After being busy with work, the man was afraid to go home and endure his wife’s troubles.

Because the annoying mistress is not without, but my friend said, oh, then not a mistress, but a little wife.

  -It’s strange that after the woman comes home from work, she likes to ask her husband questions.

Don’t they need a husband who won’t bother them?

And in case the husband is quieter, the woman will say, “What bad thing did you do.”

  2. Mistresses make men always feel in love.

  For example, mistresses do n’t look like wives, clinging to plastic wrap with their arms (women say, that ‘s a beauty mask), wearing the sportswear she left behind in college, and sitting beside men watching boring TV shows.

Before the man comes back, the mistress has finished covering the plastic wrap, cucumber, and the fruit you want to change the name, and then put on the man’s favorite transparent underwear, rent a sexy DVD and wait for the man to come back to watch.

  -Strangely, if a man comes home and shaves first, takes a shower, puts on neat pajamas, and reads “Iijima Ai 18 tricks”, and kindly asks his wife to come together, the wife frowns and says, you shave deeper in the middle of the nightWhat’s a beard!

Watch A again, go, help wash clothes.

  3. There is only one man in the mistress’s mind (I agree, maybe pretend, but at least pretend), everything is based on the opinion of the man.

  The man said, it looks like it will rain tomorrow.

No matter it is reported on television that there will be no clouds tomorrow, the probability of rain will be zero, and the mistress will respond accordingly. Well, it will be cooler with some rain.

  -It’s strange that his wife has only one man, but there is a completely different way to treat this only man.

For example, when her husband was just getting excited, she would say, “Oops, did you sign your son’s workbook?”

  4. Although this is a trivial matter, it is absolutely important.

  The mistress won’t say, it’s your turn to do the dishes.

I wouldn’t say, go to work tomorrow and pay the electricity bill.

Not to mention, you threw stinky socks on the sofa again.

The mistress will not say anything, but will only say, is she hungry?

  -It is strange that my wife always complains that she is better at home than cattle, but she always asks, or at least expects her husband to be proactive in doing housework, to work hard and to complain.

  5. When the mistress receives the money that the man gave her, she will send a kiss and a grateful expression; as for the wife, she can say, oh, why is there 500 yuan less?

You hit another ambush, right?

  -Even stranger, my wife has an unusual feeling about men’s wallets. She always makes men wonder whether women’s requirements for management are first husband and then wallet, or wallet first and then husband?

Oral lightening treatment has recipes

Oral lightening treatment has recipes

The throat and oral diseases caused by the fire mainly include the following: Toothache: The fire is easy to cause “wind and fire toothache”. The main symptoms are lymphadenitis, tooth root pain, and untouchable teeth, which far exceed the reduction of teeth and periodontal.Toothache caused by inflammation is usually accompanied by systemic symptoms such as yellow thick tongue coating, bitter mouth, fever, constipation or poor stool.

  Gum swelling and pain: Common patients with swollen breasts on the side cannot even chew.

Because the air is very dry in spring, the human body’s saliva is reduced, the respiratory tract is dry, the blood vessels are more brittle, and they are more likely to be infected with bacteria.

If you eat supplements or spicy foods, it will speed up the blood flow. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “blood fever”, which can cause symptoms such as gum swelling and pain.

  Mouth ulcer: It is a superficial ulcer that occurs on the oral mucosa. The size can be from rice grains to soybeans, round or oval, the center of the ulcer surface is depressed, and the surrounding is congested. It can cause pain due to irritating food.It is caused by factors such as “exciting heart” and “heat accumulation in the spleen and stomach”. It occurs frequently in young and middle-aged adults and occurs throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer seasons. When the temperature rises, some people sleep late, stay up late, and modern people are used to eating barbecueGreasy foods make oral ulcers of hot constitution more likely to occur.

  Sore throat: The pharyngeal connects the esophagus and leads to the stomach; the larynx connects the trachea and leads to the lungs.

Such as exogenous wind and heat caused by sore throat, is a real heat syndrome; if the kidney yin can not run the throat, rising fire, can also cause sore throat pain, which is a deficiency of yin.

Usually, symptoms such as redness and sore throat, difficulty swallowing, cough, headache, fever and other symptoms are exogenous wind-heat; dry throat, thirst, constipation, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow fur, and real lung and stomach heat.

  Diet can help you lower fire and cure wolfberry porridge Ingredients: 15 grams of wolfberry and 150 grams of sticky rice.

  Method: Wash the glutinous rice and wolfberry separately, add water for 30 minutes, and cook with low heat to make porridge.

Take 1 bowl daily.

It has the effect of nourishing yin and soothing the throat, and is suitable for those with chronic laryngitis and dry throat.

  Sugar cane and radish drink ingredients: sugar cane juice, radish juice each half a cup, lily 100 grams.

  Method: Boil the lily and mix into two juices for later use.

Take 1 cup daily before bedtime.

It has the effect of nourishing yin and lowering fire, and is suitable for those who suffer from voice fatigue and chronic laryngitis, weak fire, strong throat, dry throat, red face, and hot hands and feet.

  Ingredients for sesame brown sugar porridge: 50 grams of sesame, 100 grams of previous rice, brown sugar amount.

  Method: first fry the sesame seeds and grind them into fines.

Earlier, cook rice porridge. When the porridge is thick, stir in sesame brown sugar and cook for a while.

This porridge qi has beautiful fragrance and is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness, dryness and cough.

  The fat sea medicine is sweet and peaceful. Take 1-2 capsules in a cup and soak it in boiling water. In a few moments, the fat sea will soak in the water. It looks like a flower and can be taken.

The taste is slightly bitter and not astringent, with a cooling sensation, which can be used as tea.

However, it should be noted that the fat sea is a kind of cold Chinese medicine, and those who have symptoms of deficiency should not take it for a long time.

  Watermelon Juice Material: Half a watermelon.

  Method: Dig out the juice from the squash.

The melon juice is contained in the mouth, swallowed after about 2-3 minutes, and then contains new melon juice, repeated many times.

  Fresh pomegranate juice material: two fresh pomegranates.

  Method: Peel off the seeds, mash them, soak in boiling water, and filter after cooling.

Gargle several times a day.

Has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, swelling, and promote healing of oral ulcers.

  Radish juice material: Several radishes.

  Method: Wash the radish, chop it up, and mash it to get the juice.

Rinse mouth with juice, several times a day, with clearing heat and detoxifying, stagnating blood, and removing stagnant radish. Fresh radish juice materials: several raw radishes, 1 jin.

  Method: Wash and shred the rotten juice, rinse it several times, and use it for 3-4 days in a row to treat the oral mucosa ulcer caused by vigorous heart fire.

  Mung bean porridge material: mung bean 2 two, millet 1 two.

  Method: first stew the mung beans over low heat, and then add millet. The stew is extremely rotten. Put an appropriate amount of sugar. Drink two bowls each morning and evening to treat oral ulcers.

  Bitter melon fried meat material: 1 kg of bitter melon, 2 pork.

  Method: Fry the pork first, then add fresh bitter gourd and a little salt or no salt, and simmer for half an hour. It can be used to treat oral ulcers, stomatitis and gingivitis.

Uncovering recipes for longevity elderly diet

Uncovering recipes for longevity elderly diet

Since ancient times, people have hoped that they can live a long life. Let us take a look at the secrets of long life for longevity old people.
Like to drink porridge Judging from eating habits, all longevity old people like to drink porridge.

Famous economist Ma Yinchu and his wife Zhang Guijun, both husband and wife are centenarians, and they especially like to drink porridge.

Every morning, add 50 grams of oatmeal to 250 grams of boiling water and brew for two minutes to make porridge.

This is true every day and never ceases.

  The elderly like Xiaomi the most, and regard Xiaomi as the best tonic.

Frail and sick elderly people often use millet to nourish the body.

Xiaomi Yi five internal organs, thick stomach, filling fluid, strong bones and muscles.

A famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty said: “Xiaomi is the most supportive.

Rice oil is better than ginseng soup when cooking porridge.

It can be seen that it makes sense for the longevity old man to like rice.

  Corn is a staple food for longevity old people.

The American Medical Association conducted a census and found that Native American Indians in the United States did not have high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis. They originally ate old corn.

Medical scientists have found that old corn contains a large amount of lecithin, linoleic acid, cereal alcohol, and vitamin E, so it is not prone to high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  Drinking milk is a common habit of long-lived elderly people, especially those who live in cities.

  It is said that there are currently 25,000 centenarians in the United States, 80% of whom are women, and their diet is generally drinking milk.

Centenarian Benin, who drinks two cups of milk a day, sometimes drinks more, so by the time she is a hundred years old, she still has no osteoporosis.

  Milk has a high lysine content, low cholesterol content, and all the residues are glucose. It can be converted into lactic acid in tandem, which has the effect of inhibiting the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Milk is rich in calcium and has a high absorption rate. It also contains a lot of vitamins A, D, riboflavin, etc. These are necessary and beneficial for the elderly.

  Cheese made from fermented milk, eating cheese can prevent dental caries.

Drinking yogurt can lower cholesterol, so people who drink yogurt often are not susceptible to cardiovascular disease, but also have eyesight, firm teeth, and prevent cell aging.

  Eating an egg every day has become a common habit of long-lived elderly people.

  Centenary birthday star, well-known economist Dr. Chen Hansheng according to nutritional arrangements, daily diet adhere to the “three one”: “Eat an egg in the morning, a glass of milk at night, and a big apple in the middle.

“He was more vegetarian and less meat three meals a day, scientifically arranged his diet, and ate healthy.

  Nutritionists have determined that egg white contains a lot of water and protein.

Egg white protein has extremely rich amino acids, and its composition ratio is very suitable for human needs. This protein has the highest utilization rate in the human body.

Egg white protein can repair liver tissue damage.

The lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells, can also increase the amount of human plasma protein, and enhance the body’s metabolic function and immune ability.

After being digested by the body, lecithin can release choline, which can improve memory.

Egg yolk is rich in inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins.

  Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol and a few are saturated fatty acids.

Eating too many eggs, the injection volume of suffering from high blood pressure will greatly increase, will cause atherosclerosis and harm the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Healthiest with some kind of chopsticks

Healthiest with some kind of chopsticks

Nowadays, more than one billion people a day eat chopsticks three times a day without leaving their hands. Therefore, how to eliminate hidden health hazards in many aspects such as the material, usage, cleaning, and storage of chopsticks is well learned.

  Chopsticks is one of the important channels for bacterial transmission. The ancient name of chopsticks is tadpoles. The ancient book “Han Feizi Yu Lao” contains: “The old man was the elephant tadpole and the tadpole was fierce.

King Wang was the monarch at the end of the Shang Dynasty. It can be seen that chopsticks made of ivory have gradually appeared as early as the 11th century BC.

China is the birthplace of chopsticks, and the customs of using chopsticks in North Korea, South Korea, and Vietnam are inherited by China.

  In real life, most households mix chopsticks when eating, and the method of cleaning chopsticks is not correct. If you use such chopsticks for a long time, you will be easily infected with gastrointestinal diseases such as hepatitis, ulcer, and acute pancreatitis.

  Data show that nearly 50% of humans have gastrointestinal H. pylori, and most of these bacteria are transmitted from home. Chopsticks are one of the important transmission channels.

  The variety of materials is the healthiest with some kind of chopsticks?

  Assorted chopsticks, blue, red, carved, painted, blue and white porcelain, cartoon, and alien, do you want to own it?

But after buying it, most of the chopsticks may also be used as a collection. Occasionally, take a look and play. So what kind of chopsticks are the most healthy, most suitable, and most qualified to accompany us for three meals a day?
  First, the best choice-bamboo chopsticks When we choose chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are the first choice and the best choice.

It is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and the cheapest of all chopsticks.

Good quality bamboo chopsticks will not deform when exposed to high temperatures.

  Second, the second choice-natural wooden chopsticks wooden chopsticks?

Many chopsticks are made of wood. They are all wooden chopsticks. Can they be used?

of course not!

I recommend the natural wooden chopsticks.

On the other hand, those wooden chopsticks painted with paint are the least recommended for everyone.

  Third, it is not recommended for everyone to use-colorful paint chopsticks Colorful paint chopsticks are very beautiful and the shape has changed a lot, but it is precisely these beautiful chopsticks that I do not recommend that you use often.

Because of the heavy metals, lead, and organic solvent benzene in paint, there are many unknown hidden dangers to the body and affect health.

  Fourth, don’t plan cheap, throw away-plastic chopsticks, plastic chopsticks, a bag of 20 pairs, 10 yuan?

Sounds cheap.

The main thing is that the colors are bright and there are many choices. Only the color can distinguish the owner and the guests’ chopsticks. The colorful ones are placed in the cabinet, which is good-looking.

However, the texture of plastic chopsticks is relatively brittle, and it is easy to deform and melt after being heated to produce substances harmful to the body.

Would you like to continue using it?

  Five, different style of chopsticks-silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks, silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks with Chinese flavor, and the spread of Korean meals in recent years, the Korean stainless steel chopsticks that have become increasingly popularYes, but it is a bit heavy to use and feels bad, especially for children and the elderly.

Moreover, it has strong resonance. When you eat extra food, it will easily burn your lips.

Ceramic chopsticks are fragile and cannot be bumped. It is not recommended as common tableware.

  How to wash chopsticks to reduce bacteria and viruses?

  When eating, people often put a few or a dozen pairs of chopsticks on the same plate to add vegetables.

In fact, mixed chopsticks can easily contaminate various bacteria.

Studies have found that many germs are transmitted through chopsticks.

According to tests, a pair of unclean chopsticks may carry tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses.

Once people use such chopsticks, they are susceptible to related diseases such as hepatitis, ulcers, typhoid fever, and acute inflammation.

When parents use such chopsticks to feed their children, or many people at the table use chopsticks to clamp the same dish, these pathogenic microorganisms will spread through the chopsticks, causing cross infection.

This is not to be underestimated, the chopsticks at home should be dedicated.

  Experts from the China Centers for Disease Control pointed out: “Chopsticks should be placed in a hollowed out chopstick tube and placed in a dry, ventilated place.

“Surveys have shown that too many people place chopsticks in sealed or tilted chopstick tubes, or lay them casually on bowls.

“These places are airtight and surrounded by the environment. In addition, many people do not drain the chopsticks after washing. Over time, bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks are prone to mildew, odor, and even not detectable by the naked eye, but chopsticksIt is already covered with bacteria. If it is not replaced often, bacteria will endanger health with food.”Experts explained.

 How should I clean newly purchased chopsticks?

  Newly purchased chopsticks need to remove the viruses and bacteria that accumulate during the production and transportation of chopsticks, as well as certain chemicals.

You can wash it with tap water first, then use the dishwashing liquid for the second time, and finally put it in the pot and boil it in boiling water for half an hour.

  Note that the bamboo chopsticks must be carefully shaved off.

If the new chopsticks have a strange smell, you can soak them in vinegar for half an hour or use tea for half an hour.

The trademark adhesive on the newly purchased chopsticks is sometimes difficult to remove. It can be slowly lifted off by blowing heat with a hair dryer; you can also use a lighter to slightly bake the trademark adhesive so that the glue can be easily melted off when heated.The place can be used medical alcohol (high spirits, wind oil can also be) coated on the adhesive with paper or cloth can be wiped off.

  What’s more important is to wash chopsticks thoroughly.

Many people wash chopsticks very “luxury”, put the whole chopsticks under the tap and knead it, and then insert it into the chopstick box to wash it.

As everyone knows, bacteria can easily grow on chopsticks and enter the body with food.

The correct washing method should be: first rinse the surface of the chopsticks, then carefully wash the chopsticks with detergent, then put them in a disinfection cupboard to disinfect, dry them, or rinse and drain the water before putting them in the chopstick box.

  How often should household chopsticks be replaced?

  Chopsticks need to be changed frequently.

Everyone knows that toothbrushes need to be changed regularly.

However, in many families, it is common for a pair of chopsticks to be used for two or three years.

Once the chopsticks have been used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and they are often used. Scrubbing also easily makes the chopsticks rough, many small depressions and cracks appear, and it is very easy for pathogenic microorganisms to remain and breed.

Therefore, chopsticks are best replaced like toothbrushes every 3 to 6 months.

  Say “NO” to disposable chopsticks!

  CCTV 3 this year.

At the 15th party, there were insider exposures to the potential consumption rules of multiple industries. Regarding the process of disposable chopsticks, after processing of multiple chemical raw materials, disposable chopsticks have undergone various chemical processes such as smoked sulfur, paraffin, and hydrogen peroxide in the production process.The processing of pharmaceuticals and the production process are shocking, and even more unexpected is that during the processing of chopsticks, workers have to “turn over” chopsticks with their feet, and the feet are in close contact with chopsticks, which can be seen everywhere in the chopsticks factory.It’s not surprising that your factory chopsticks saw footprints.

Even the manufacturers themselves acknowledge that “the majority of disposable chopsticks now have residues that exceed the standard”, and such “hygienic chopsticks are actually very unsanitary”.

  I always thought it was safe and hygienic disposable chopsticks not only did not give me protection, but also brought trouble.

A pair of disposable chopsticks seem clean, pure white, and are processed by industrial chemical raw materials, bleached and processed. Do you dare not use disposable chopsticks in the future?

  Facts show that its so-called “hygiene” and “convenience” are just some kind of illusory psychological expectations of people. Its use is essentially the same as “folding branches as chopsticks”, cleaning and disinfecting each meal, and does not require a large production base and tedious transportation.The multiple chopstick scores during the process are neither sanitary nor convenient.

  All that has happened is the result of our continuous improvement in the quality of our lives. As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth, the disposable chopsticks exposed today, and the gutter oil exposed tomorrow, I do n’t know what it is the day after tomorrow.

These one by one, which are closely related to the people’s livelihood, have been exposed, which really strikes us a heavy alarm.

The more messy the rice is cooked, the higher the nutrition

The more “messy” the rice is cooked, the higher the nutrition

Rice is the staple food that most Chinese people eat every day. If you master the health principles of eating rice, you can accumulate it over time, and you can play an anti-aging and anti-aging role without knowing it.
  Try to make the rice “light”. Try not to add fat to the rice, so as not to add extra energy, and to avoid more blood lipids after meals.
Therefore, it is best to eat less fried rice, add sausage to cook rice, or use rice containing fat to cook rice, which should also be avoided as much as possible.
In addition, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to the rice, to avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it is not conducive to controlling blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular accidents.
  It needs to be explained that the practice of adding vinegar, wrapping with laver, and adding vegetables and raw fish in the middle is in line with the principle of lightness.
Vinegar itself can reduce blood sugar response and help control blood lipids; seaweed and raw fish are also cardiovascular beneficial ingredients.
As long as you have not eaten salty dishes at the same time, laver rice rolls are a staple food suitable for chronic patients.
  Try to make the rice “crude” and the so-called thick, that is, reduce the white rice as much as possible. Their blood sugar response is too high, which is very unfavorable to the control of blood sugar and blood lipids.
Only eating enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time can adsorb cholesterol and fat in the intestine, and play a role in reducing blood sugar and blood lipids after meals.
Some rice with high nutritional and health value, such as brown rice, black rice, germ rice, etc., although it is good for health, but eat 100% brown rice every day, it feels uncomfortable on the taste and it is difficult to persist for a long time.
Therefore, when cooking rice, it may be better to use some “coarse” grains to cooperate with rice, and the taste will be more acceptable.
It is best to soak the “crude” ingredients in water overnight so that they are cooked at the same time as the rice.
  Try to make the rice “disorderly” when cooking rice porridge, it is best not to use a single rice, but to cook together rice, coarse grains, beans, nuts and so on.
For example, red bean rice, peanut oatmeal rice porridge, etc., are rice foods that are very suitable for chronic patients.
Adding these food materials, on the one hand, increases the B vitamins and minerals, and on the other hand, it can play a role of protein and nutritional complementarity, which can reduce animal foods while ensuring adequate nutritional supply.
  Try to make the rice “colored”. Fine white rice has a low vitamin content. If you choose colored rice and use other foods to match the rice, you can make the rice colorful, which can greatly improve its nutritional value.
For example, the addition of green peas, orange-red carrots, and yellow corn kernels when cooking is not only beautiful, but also provides vitamins and carotenoid antioxidant ingredients, which is particularly beneficial to prevent eye aging.
For another example, choosing purple rice, black rice, red rice and white rice together can also provide a large number of anthocyanin antioxidants to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Chinese medicine tells you: physical diseases that can be judged by looking at the tongue

Chinese medicine tells you: physical diseases that can be judged by looking at the tongue

If the tongue is red and the moss is yellow with red complexion, dry throat likes cold drinks, ulcers in the mouth, and irritability in your heart, then your symptoms are the symptoms of yin deficiency and fire in TCM.

  Spicy and fatty foods should be avoided. Ophiopogon, south flower, fat sea tea can be used, and honeysuckle can be added for severe sore throat.

You can also use the front or ear tip bloodletting method to clear fire.

If you still have breath, you should eat more easily digestible foods, such as vegetables, fruits, etc. It is best not to drink or smoke.

  The tongue is pale, and the moss is white. If you have such a condition and you are afraid of cold, you feel pain, no sweat, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy sore throat, white cough, and sputum. This is “cold cold”, as long as you sweat.Just cold.

  The tongue is cracked. If there is no tongue coating on the tongue and there are many “cracks” on the tongue, if there is no lack of sensation, it is physiological and does not require treatment. For example, after a severe illness, the tongue is cracked, the tongue is red and mossy, and there is discomfort.Yin deficiency requires medication.

  Some places have thin moss, some are smooth and mossy-free, and an irregular “map-like” appears, called “map tongue”.

If there is no discomfort, it is only a physiological phenomenon and does not require treatment.

If there are chronic stomach problems or other chronic diseases and the “map tongue” appears, it is mostly a manifestation of yin deficiency. While treating the primary disease, you can drink American ginseng tea, 9 grams per day, brew with boiling water, drink frequently, and promote self-healing.

  There are tooth marks on the tongue. The tongue body is fat, the tongue is thin and white, and the tongue has tooth marks. This may be due to the relatively insufficient spleen and stomach transport function, and the digestion and absorption of food are prone to be impaired.

If it is accompanied by whiteness, fear of coldness, cold limbs, loss of energy, sore back, soft legs, thin stools, frequent swelling, and lower limb edema, it may belong to spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

First of all, pay attention to keep warm, usually boil chicken soup, bone soup, soup with yam, wolfberry, astragalus better.

Research on Yan Yu

Research on “Yan Yu”

Encounters are like grass and trees, enchantments are like waves, enchantments are like golden jade, enchantments are like pearls, enchantments are like diamonds. Encounters have different results at different levels.
     When a person has a friend of the opposite sex, most people collectively refer to it as “encounter.”
In fact, the emotional encounter between the opposite sex can be divided into five levels: 草 曰 “Meeting of trees”: purely because the appearance attracts or desires, or just because they are bored or even because of money, it is the two parties coming togetherAfter a short joy, they went their separate ways and soon forgot about each other, leaving no memories worth remembering.
This is the lowest level of “encounter”, also known as “relentless encounter”.
     The second is called “The Encounter of Waves”: The two were in loneliness and met because of some kind of opportunity, such as water and wind, and collided with the shore. After experiencing a brief mutual understanding and mutual familiarity, they found some common points.The water splash in my heart gave rise to excitement, and the two sides soon fell into the illusion weaving love network.
When the external conditions changed and the hallucinations disappeared, the two became strangers again.
“Enchantments” at this level often do not last long. After separation, there are feelings and grievances. After a long time, the impression becomes blurred.
     Third, “Jinyu’s Encounter”: When one party encountered an outstanding or outstanding opposite sex, he was amazed by the heavens, so he tried his best to deliberately pursue it.
The pursued party was finally attracted and moved. After a long period of interaction, the two sides found many similarities in temperament, personality, and scholarship, and then gradually developed feelings, also known as “love”.
If conditions permit, it may become a “lover” or it may become “LOVER”.
If the external environment does not support it, it may just be a friend of the opposite sex.
Regardless of the result, the time of interaction will become a good memory in life.
This level of “enchantment” is what ordinary people long for.
  However, it is often constrained by external conditions such as appearance, temperament, personality, talents, money, status, etc. If this happens, it can be considered gratifying.
     The fourth is the “Pearl Encounter”: The two parties encountered each other unintentionally. Without any thought preparation, they were attracted to each other’s inner culture or smiles, or because of a small matter revealed unintentionally, which resonated with them.Impressed in their hearts.
In a short period of light interaction, neither side deliberately did anything or said anything.
After parting, each side of the sky.
In the depths of memory, the scene of the first encounter often flashed.
Maybe later I will contact by letter, phone, or maybe do nothing.
Neither side has any intention to change the status quo of life, but to cherish the beautiful emotions in the heart, such as the collection of smooth pearls in the heart.
If each other’s cultivation is good enough, that’s all there is to it; if they are not careful, they will fall to the third level, then they will “fall into love”.
     Fifth, “the encounter with diamonds”: often in a glance, or a sentence, or one thing . Instantly hit the hearts of both sides like lightning, the two quickly left a special space in the heart for each other,Induction, mutual affection, concern for each other, cherish each other, become fate for a lifetime.
Of course, such things can only happen between the opposite sex, but the two sides often ignore each other’s appearance, region, status and other external things, and only focus on spiritual communication and spiritual care.
Generally speaking, the “enchantment” at this level lasts the longest, even for a lifetime, or it can be touched to the deepest and become a wonderful story.
As for whether there is a happy ending, that is a secondary issue.
It is worth noting that this emotional encounter at the highest level is often difficult to grasp, unless both parties have high cultivation and self-control.
Diamonds are the most precious, but they have edges and corners, which can sometimes sting when hidden in the heart.

Why Yoga Is Heating

Why Yoga Is “Heating”

It is reported that hot yoga consists of 26 stretching exercises and 2 breathing methods. It also belongs to flexible exercise, which can improve the spine softness, and is especially suitable for office workers.
It directly stimulates the nervous and muscular system through some static movements of twisting and stretching and the rest time between movements, and can reduce weight.
  At the invitation of the hot yoga instructor, Mo Huiping from the Sanfang Apartment Gym Yifang Yoga Center, the reporter attended a hot yoga class to find out more about hot yoga.
  1. Experience hot yoga. Before the class, the reporter complied with coach Mo’s instructions: Do not eat for 3 hours before training, and it is best to drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the class.
  Entering the hot yoga classroom, there was a wave of heat coming up front.
Although the spacious and bright practice room is full of people who come to practice, it is very quiet. Everyone has a bottle of water and two towels by their side.
Coach Mo said, “Because the room temperature is hot, towels are used to wipe sweat, and water is used to replenish water during training.
“Class on time.
After the instructor introduced the schedule and requirements for drinking water, he began to practice posture.
The reporter started to sweat just after starting one or two moves.
During the training, each posture coach is required to repeat it.
Although Coach Mo allowed reasonable relaxation after the trainees finished each posture, the reporter still felt that the big sweat beads of soybeans were flowing down the cheeks.
  In this warmth, it seems that everyone’s flexibility has reached its optimal state, stretched and squeezed to the maximum, and let the sweat “swell out” unscrupulously. After a while, the clothes are soaked.
At this time, it seems that the pressure in the body can be discharged together with the toxins.
  As this is the first time to participate in the training of hot yoga, Coach Mo told reporters, “Beginners will sometimes have difficulty adapting to the stress of yoga and the respiratory system caused by yoga practice at this temperature, and they will have dizziness.normal.
At this time you can lie down and take a break.
“2. Coaching weight loss like hot yoga coach Mo told reporters that practicing yoga can indeed reduce weight.
Yoga does this in two ways.
  First, some positions can stimulate loose glands to increase hormone release.
Because the thyroid gland is directly related to the body’s metabolism, it can affect weight.
Hot yoga, including shoulder standing and leaping dragon gates, is particularly suitable for adjusting the thyroid.
Fat metabolism is also increased by yoga, so fat is converted into muscle and energy.
This means that while reducing fat, you can also get better muscle texture and a higher level of vitality.
  Second, deep breathing exercises in yoga can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body, including fat cells, which increases oxidation and burns more fat cells.
  ”If you are not overweight, your weight will remain the same.
If you are underweight, you will gain weight.
The increase is healthy, solid body tissues, not fat.
In other words, yoga can create the ideal weight.
This is because yoga has the function of normalizing glandular activity.
3. Why yoga should be “heated” Hot yoga was founded by Indians Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga, a branch of yoga.
  In the Hot Yoga series, Bikram retained the 26 poses of the original Hatha Yoga and arranged them scientifically.
These 26 movements are scientifically arranged in the order of pulling and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Bikram believes that if the practitioner jumps to the 15th movement without proper preparation of the relevant muscles, the result will be as unpleasant as a hasty backflip.
Therefore, you should follow the instructions of the coach when you practice, otherwise you will make mistakes.
  Hot yoga requires practitioners to be at a room temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, because Bikram believes that it is easy to be injured while practicing yoga when the body is not hot, which is like heating a piece of steel and then easily using a hammerChange it into the shape you imagine, and there is no way to change the shape of the iron without using a hammer.
  The advocates of Hot Yoga believe that this set of exercises can coordinately restore the body to a balanced state within 90 minutes, so that the whole body can be exercised.
It can systematically deliver 100% of oxygen-filled fresh blood to all parts of the body, allowing them to return to a healthy, natural working state.
  In addition to weight loss, hot yoga has a therapeutic effect on insomnia, migraine headaches, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, and gastrointestinal diseases.At the same time, yoga practitioners can reduce facial wrinkles, make people feel younger, live longer, and can increase disease resistance, improve vision and hearing, weight loss, mental and emotional health, and sharper intuition.

  4. People who are practicing hot yoga for heart disease should be cautious. The main principle of yoga nutrition is to consume less and eat high-quality food.

Yoga practitioners recommend eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole shells and raw nuts. Because of their vitality, meat must be eaten less or not eaten at all; you can also eat fresh and raw foods, not too hot or coldthing.

Alcohol is considered to be detrimental to health and hinder yoga progress.

  Mo Huiping suggested: 1. During the training, you breathe through your nose: Nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and it can also stabilize your nerves and make your body healthier.

  2, do not eat for an hour before and after practicing yoga: keep fasting.

  3. Grasp the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement are more important than completing posture.

  4. Keep the number of breaths when completing the posture, limited to your physical fitness.

Beginners can keep the number of breaths 3-5 times, and then increase the number slowly.

  5. As long as you practice yoga persistently and do your best, you can achieve results.

At the same time, law enforcement officials should be reminded that high temperatures can cause discomfort.

Glamour gene

Glamour gene

Men are often more skeptical of charm, but more about being strong, well-trained, and determined.

In fact, although charm cannot completely replace ability and character, it is a powerful weapon for interpersonal communication. It is a force summoned from our Y chromosome.


One of the strongest things about Clinton’s concentration is that he convinces every housewife that he understands their pains and difficulties.

He seems to have abused this talent, but according to his professional characteristics, it is understandable.

Clinton is good at discovering some people’s characteristics from others but never staring at them.

Because women say that they will never be able to think of words related to charm, they will only make their hearts feel hairy.

And to the man, if someone stares at me desperately, I will be angry and resist, “Hey, don’t stare at me constantly, you make me uncomfortable.

“Of course, on some occasions, it is very important to stare into the eyes of a loved one.

  Psychological keywords: Pygmalion effect The ancient Greek sculptor Pygmalion devoted all his efforts and emotions into a perfect girl statue. He fell in love with the works he created, and looked at the sculpture with affectionate eyes all day.Almost sick.

Finally, a miracle appeared, the girl became a living person, and the happy people became dependents.

The “Pygmalion effect” is widely quoted in psychology, meaning that people’s expectations have a significant impact on people’s behavioral effects and psychological development.

It was verified in the psychological experiment that the students’ positive changes were caused by the teacher’s false expectations.

Although in most real-world scenarios, expectations are first generated based on social perception, deliberately arranged expectations and concerns can expect the other party to be implied and produce the feeling of being perceived, thereby subconsciously moving in the expected direction.

So even if you don’t really pay attention to the other person, you can try to focus and give the other person a fulcrum of self-esteem, and at the same time you will get respectful returns.


Occasionally, from the legendary Ji Kang to Leslie Cheung, the apostasy means surprise.

Do you know the woman who married you?

When you come home from work tonight, try something different than before, such as tenderly hugging her from behind and kissing her tenderly, and giving her a honey-filled message board, because she is with youOld companion.

This action does not need to be done often, but occasionally.

Charm is a little bit of naughty, improving those bland days.

  Psychological key words: Do you always feel that you have no extra energy to make changes in your life?

The most important Yuyuan method of the mind in the theory of psychologist Yeller is called “excitement”, and the most important source of excitement is the mobilization of reserve power.

Your exhausted mind is not actually the whole mind, which is why there are often situations that are considered to exceed human limits.

And in ordinary life, to surpass the tedious status quo and get unexpected surprises, you must learn to use this hidden reserve power from time to time, create some ideas, and use a little humor.

People suffering from mental illness are particularly prone to fatigue. Psychotherapy is to stimulate the reserve force to achieve the purpose of treatment.

In this case, occasionally trying to touch this magical power, and even using it to become a habit, can not only prevent mental illness, but also improve living conditions.


Seeing through other people’s psychology Queen Victoria was asked, she prefers to keep Benjamin or William with him.

She replied that when she ate with William, she felt that he was the most interesting person in England; and when she ate with Benjamin, she felt that she was also the most interesting person.


Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby) once suggested that the best gift you can give someone is to look at them as they most expect to be seen.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is rather a weakness. Seeing through someone ‘s psychology is a high-level boring way. It is even more meaningless to classify people. People become so ridiculous, clumsy or vanity in harsh evaluation.

  Psychological Keywords: Self-efficacy Self-efficacy is a belief that you can fully perform in a certain situation. Your self-efficacy will affect your perception, motivation and performance in many ways.

When you don’t expect to produce results, you don’t try to take action or seize opportunities, and when you think they are not enough, you run away.

Judgment of self-efficacy affects how much effort people are willing to make and how long they can persist when facing difficulties in various situations in life.

Therefore, when you feel that you lack the ability to do one thing, first determine whether there is a problem with your self-efficacy.

  4.Keep memorizing Have you ever seen the best example of this lack of charm?

When Yang Ling had lunch with a friend, the friend mentioned that he had climbed Mount Everest last summer and was injured in an ice cave, leaving uneven scars on his body. After only four days, Yang Ling asked his friend if he wasBecause how strange and strange experience will leave scars.

Forgetful men are often condemned as egoistic, and although generally come from girlfriends for criticism, it may suggest to you that everyone is evaluating you behind the scenes.

  Psychological keywords: Processing level theory returns to why friends around you always repeat what you can’t remember or prescribe.

Let us first introduce a point of view, that the degree of processing of the information will affect your memory of the information.

The theory of processing level believes that the deeper the processing level of information, the possibility of it being stored in memory is that if the processing involves more analysis, understanding, comparison, and fine processing, the better the memory effect.

If you want to improve the situation, try to take the news seriously, try to connect with the surrounding situation, and then engrav it into memory.

Actually, if you really want to remember one thing, you will definitely be able to 5.

Outspoken blinking and smirking, turning corners can only delay time. If there is no more sense of humor and moderate irony, it will become more ridiculous and abominable.

Therefore, in this age where everyone is forced to learn cleverness, it is very precious to dig out of straightforward nature.

  Psychological Keywords: Self-interest Bias Can you objectively analyze your expectations?

In many contexts, one suspects serious attribution to success and situational attribution to failure.

It is the self-interest bias that leads people to attribute their success to themselves, denying or shirk responsibility for their mistakes.

These phenomena are extremely common in human groups, and people subconsciously create illusions to deceive themselves and others, becoming more conceited and hypocritical in an effort to maintain their perfect image.

The psychological state, which is hard to be detected, really exists, causing seemingly simple modesty and frankness to be unexpectedly difficult. Consider whether you have had such a biased attribution situation in your life?


Considering the opposite sex, some men make women of all ages feel their charm. Of course, it is not achieved through naked flattery, but a natural and passionate way.

Attractive men always have women who feel that if fate can put them in the proper environment and state, he will surely pursue her fanatically.

  Women always want others to pay attention to her, and hope that her temptations will be shaken.

Of course, men need to have a gentlemanly recognized woman, but the most effective contribution a man can make is still: dumping for women.

  Psychological Keywords: Gender Identity Are you more accustomed to being looked after by women, or are you taking care of women?

Different from the meaning of gender in biology, gender in psychology refers to a learned psychological phenomenon of gender-related behaviors and attitudes. Gender identity is the degree to which an individual understands masculinity and feminization.Gender awareness and acceptance.

These different identities are jointly determined by biology and culture, and the more people with a higher degree of gender identity can understand their own gender characteristics, play a good gender role, and men who consider women caringly are in this list.

They appoint themselves as big men, and show their concern for women calmly and gracefully, which is a symbol of the complete dissection of men and women, and men with incomplete gender identity may be more childish.