How to Condition the Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach

How to Condition the Deficiency of Spleen and Stomach

There are many reasons for the spleen and stomach deficiency, and the common ones include irregular diet, unscientific living habits, etc., which cause the spleen and stomach disorders.

So, how to regulate the spleen and stomach deficiency?

Below we take a look at the conditioning methods proposed by experts.

… How to adjust the spleen and stomach deficiency to change life habits: develop good habits in daily life, drink less alcohol without smoking, some spicy foods, fried foods, carbonated drinks and so on.

Keep warm in your daily work and eat less cold food.

  Persist in a healthy lifestyle of eating “eight fulls” every day: if you experience symptoms of gastrointestinal upset, indigestion, etc., you must not take it lightly, or you should receive treatment immediately.

  Have breakfast every day: drink milk or soy milk appropriately.

  Relax: Don’t be overjoyed and overworked.

  Don’t take analgesics indiscriminately: It is a drug that is three points poisonous. Taking more analgesics will lead to physical decline and symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Reduce the amount of anger: otherwise anger will cause great damage to the spleen and stomach.

  Condition the spleen, stomach and stomach from coldness in the diet. Pepper pork belly soup Ingredients: pepper, pork belly, red dates, raw powder Method: scrub the pork belly with raw powder and salt, then rinse with water; put the prepared pepper intoPork belly, then put in the thread; put the pork belly and red dates into the pot together, and then add an appropriate amount of water; after the high heat is boiled, simmer for 3 hours on a low fire; add the appropriate amount of salt before seasoning, and thenYou can eat pork belly and red dates directly.

  Efficacy: How to regulate the deficiency of the spleen and stomach, this recipe is a good choice. It can effectively protect the spleen and stomach, eliminate cold, and make the whole body analgesic.

Especially for the treatment of some patients with stomachache, cold spleen and stomach.

  Rice porridge material: rice, water method: wash the rice clean, then add the water of the waiter in the pot; after the high heat is boiled, cook on a low heat, you can start to eat the pot directly after about forty minutes.Serve after cooling.

  Astragalus Jianzhong Decoction Material: Huanghuang, Jianzhong Method: Wash Astragalus and Jianzhong thoroughly, then add proper amount of water to the pot to cook; after about forty minutes, remove the residue and directly take the medicinal solution.

  Efficacy: Astragalus has the effect of invigorating qi, while Jianzhong can warm the spleen and stomach to dispel cold. After the two herbs are combined, it can effectively treat the spleen and stomach deficiency.

To stay healthy, it ‘s best not to quit milk for life

To stay healthy, it ‘s best not to quit milk for life

The body’s absorption rate of calcium in milk can reach more than 32%. Many parents can insist that breast milk becomes half a year old for their children, and choose milk products as complementary foods after breast milk replacement is over.

However, many children start breastfeeding to varying degrees after the age of one.

Many people gradually give up the habit of drinking “milk” as they age.

Nutrition experts point out that in fact, there is no age limit for drinking milk and edible dairy products.

To stay healthy, it is best not to quit milk for life, and choose the right dairy products for you at different stages of growth.

  The body’s absorption rate of calcium in milk is relatively high. “Someone is best to start supplementing milk from infants and young children, which is of great help to improve their physical fitness.

“Zeng Qingshan, director of the nutrition department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said at 25?
Before the age of 30, the human body will reach a bone tip, that is, the level of calcium in the bone will reach the upper limit, but the loss continues, so before the age of 25, calcium supplementation is very important.

In many foods, the absorption rate of calcium in milk by the human body is relatively high compared to many foods, which can reach more than 32%.

Therefore, after weaning from infants and young children, children and adolescents who are in the stage of vigorous growth and development, consume 250 ml per day?
500 ml of milk can better promote the normal development of children, increase the amount of calcium in the bones of adolescents and adults, and delay bone aging.

  People who don’t like milk can use cheese and yogurt. For those who don’t like milk, Zeng Qingshan recommends edible cheese and other dairy products instead.

  ”In general, everyone can choose to drink milk.

“She said, but for pregnant women, hyperlipidemia, the elderly and other special groups, formula milk can be purchased on the market as needed.

In addition, in general, children over one year of age can properly supplement yogurt.

Yogurt not only has the same nutritional value as milk, but also has the functions of protein, vitamin AD and vitamin B, and also has the function of regulating immunity, preventing infections in the body and improving rehabilitation.

  Zeng Qingshan introduced that milk is a food with high nutritional value.

Mammals can provide all the nutrients needed for body development in the first month of life.

The amino acid composition of milk protein is close to that of the human body, and it has a good digestion and absorption rate and conversion. It is recognized as a high-quality protein in nutrition.

In addition, milk contains almost all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and also contains a large number of physiologically active substances such as lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, growth factors.

Jade Bird Yoga: Printed Vest + Loose Trousers

Jade Bird Yoga: Printed Vest + Loose Trousers

Commodity: Blue Bird qN Premium Yoga Wear Brand: Blue Bird qN Market Price: ¥ 280.

00成份:冰爽蚕丝棉+氨纶名称呼:印花背心+宽松长裤规格:M L XL型号:QWY-1931颜色:白色+黑色产地:北京制造商:北京青鸟体育器材有限公司  适用人群:女重量:500g safety load: 180kg Technical certification: The fabric used by Jade Bird qN advanced yoga clothes has been tested by “Beijing Textile Fiber Inspection Institute” and meets the national “GB18401-2003” standard, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

  Grade: First-class products Suitable for age: 16 years old and above Instructions for use: 1, please wash with water for 30 seconds or less, do not use chlorine bleaching 3, low temperature ironing 4, dry cleaning 5, can be tumble dried Note: 1, do not stain with oil, Do not touch near open flames when contacting corrosives.

  2. Please use neutral detergent, wash the shades separately.

Whitening skin drink drinks away spots on the face

Whitening skin drink drinks away spots on the face

The formation of freckles is due to local pigmentation on the skin.

In the summer, these annoying little spots will become apparent.

Faced with these annoying facial spots, have you tried many whitening methods?

In fact, it is not so complicated to remove them!

Teach you a few simple ways to help you “drink” these spots!

  Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily can supplement freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, it is known as “the warehouse of vitamin c”.

Vitamin c can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

  Rice and cucumber porridge to correct freckle take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of refined salt, 10 grams of ginger.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the heat on the rice, ginger, and Wuhu boil, then use the gentle heat to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick, and season with salt.

Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.

 Drink lemon juice often, you can stir lemon juice with white and tender skin, add rock sugar and stir.

Lemon is rich in vitamin c, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin c.

It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins.

Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tenderen the skin, but also prevent skin blood vessels from aging. Black fungus removes black spots. Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.

Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.

Every morning and after dinner.

If you take it regularly, you can take care of your skin, remove freckle, build muscle, and treat facial dark spots.

The black fungus in this recipe is described in the Compendium of Materia Medica to remove dark spots on the surface.

Black fungus can moisturize the skin, prevent skin aging, jujube and qi, strengthen the spleen and moisturize, and help black fungus remove black spots.

  After washing your face in the morning and evening every day, pat your face with fresh carrot juice and grind and squeeze the fresh carrots. Take 10-30 ml.Pat your face with your hand.

In addition, drinking 1 cup of carrot juice daily also has a freckle effect.

Because carrots are rich in provitamin a.

Vitamin a can be converted into vitamin a in the body.

Vitamin a has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

Oil control has strategic homemade mask to drive away shine

Oil control has strategic homemade mask to drive away shine

It’s so shiny, no face at all, this is not the life you want.

Therefore, Xiaobian recommends four homemade oil control masks, perfect oil control, to help you smooth away the shine, to give you fresh and beautiful skin, take a look.

  First, celery lemon oil-control mask material: 50g celery, half a lemon, 50g grapefruit Method and usage: 1. Wash the celery and cut into small pieces, then put it into the juicer together with the grapefruit meat.

  2. After squeezing into juice, filter out the residue, and then mix the lemon squeezed juice inside and set aside for later use.

  3. After cleaning the face, apply the mask evenly on the end face, keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water.

  This can effectively remove the greasy and impurities in the skin pores, and can promote the skin’s absorption of moisture, so as to achieve the effect of cleansing, purifying and moisturizing the skin.

  Second, aloe green tea oil-control mask material: 50g of aloe, 10g of green tea powder, proper amount of mineral water Practices and usage: 1. Cut the aloe into small pieces and put them into the juicer.

  2. Pour an appropriate amount of mineral water together and stir into a sticky state. Finally, add mung bean flour, mix and stir well, and set aside for later use.

  3. After cleaning the face, apply the mask on the face and wash it after 15 minutes.

  After using this mask, you can immediately feel refreshed.

  Three, cucumber carrot oil control mask material: 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, 1 carrot method and usage: 1, clean the cucumber, tomato, carrots, and then peel and peel.

  2. Cut into small pieces and put into a juicer to make a sticky paste.

  3. After washing the face, take an appropriate amount of the mask and apply it to the face, keep it for 15 minutes and wash it with water.

  This mask can improve oiliness and dull skin.

  Fourth, tomato and strawberry oil control mask material: strawberry 40g, tomato 1 method and usage: 1, after washing the tomatoes and strawberries, cut into small pieces.

  2. Put into a juicer to make a sticky state and set aside for later use.

  3. After cleaning the face, apply an appropriate amount of mask to the face, avoiding eyes and lips, and wash it with water after about 15 minutes.

  The above homemade oil control mask can control the oil effect axially, but the best recommendation is twice a week.

Why does my child suddenly not speak?

Why does my child suddenly not speak?

When he first saw Xiao Cong, he followed Xiao Wang like a little fart, without saying a word.

Dr. Wang took us to an empty activity room and sat down, specially, let Xiao Cong sit opposite me.

At this time, I was able to take a closer look at Xiao Cong: it ‘s a little different from a normal twelve-year-old boy. Xiao Cong is very thin, with a pointed chin, to avoid stretching and legs above.Because of his earlier development, Xiao Cong’s hair is thicker, her eyebrows are thicker, and her skin seems dark due to the weight of her hair.

Such a skinny boy is also of this age. It should be said that he should be a lively elf like a little monkey, and Xiao Cong sitting in front of me, not only some people think he is shy, even, his expression is a little bitsluggish.

In fact, Xiao Cong’s situation is even worse. Before coming to Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital for treatment, he had not said a word for two years!

  A ten-year-old naughty child suddenly becomes “dumb”!

  Xiao Cong was born in an ordinary family in Guangning County, Guangdong Province. His father worked with the construction team all year round to do engineering. His mother was a less-educated housewife and was responsible for taking care of Xiao Cong and his 5-year-old sister at home.

In the first grade, Xiao Cong was smart and smart, and he scored 100 points on Chinese math exams.

After entering the second grade, the little boy ‘s active personality began to show up. He talked with his classmates in class, engaged in small movements, and his grades began to change. In the third and fourth grades, Xiao Cong ‘s average number of Chinese words was only sixty or seventy.separated.

Xiao Cong was very anxious, but he couldn’t help himself, and in the meantime, two other things that had a great impact on Xiao Cong happened.

  Starting from the second grade, I don’t know why. The students around him started to call Xiao Cong “fool”. Primary school students called each other by nicknames, which were very common, and the extremely insulting nicknames hurt the sensitive Xiao Cong., Especially when his results continue to break, the title of “fool” is particularly harsh!

Xiao Cong told the teacher more than once that his father had told his classmates to call him a “fool”. Sadly, this did not cause the teacher and parents to realize enough that the abusive behavior between the children had not been effectively stopped.

  If the teacher did nothing in the nickname incident, and another thing, the teacher’s handling method greatly hurt Xiao Cong.

Because the class had a small meeting and repeated small teaching actions, the teacher was angry and transferred Xiao Cong, who was sitting in the second row of the classroom, to the last row. This caused Xiao Cong, who had strong self-esteem, to be hit.

  The occurrence of a single incident made Xiao Cong gradually become dumb.

And when the teacher and parents finally noticed, the ten-year-old Xiao Cong, who was originally active, no longer said a word to anyone!

  What happened to the child?

  Because he couldn’t communicate with others, Xiao Cong had to leave school at home.

The anxious father took him to the hospital for an examination, and the result was that the proper system was normal, and Xiao Cong’s body had no problems, but he couldn’t speak!

According to the doctor’s guidelines, his father took Xiao Cong to the psychiatric department of the local hospital for treatment, but due to various reasons, Xiao Cong only received psychological outpatient treatment, and the doctor prescribed some antidepressants for Xiao Cong to take home to take., But nothing worked.

  Seeing that the originally lively, even naughty son did not say a word for two years, his father finally quit his job and took Xiao Cong to Guangzhou for medical treatment.

At the doctor’s suggestion, Xiao Cong underwent in-patient surgery and was formally undergoing psychological treatment at Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital.

  ”When he first arrived, Xiao Cong was very unaccustomed and often cried because of homesickness, but even crying, he just opened his mouth and couldn’t make a sound.

“Dr. Wang, who is in charge of Xiao Cong’s psychotherapy, introduced us to the situation that Xiao Cong had just been admitted to the hospital:” Considering that the child has not spoken for two years, we first checked him and found that there were no problems with the appropriate biological organs such as the vocal cords, so,We started interventional psychotherapy.

“Because this is the first time they have been exposed to such cases, doctors at Baiyun Psychological Hospital are also very cautious.

  After experiencing the initial discomfort, Xiao Cong slowly got used to the changes in the environment.

Because of his young age and special condition, the hospital gave Xiao Cong more care in psychotherapy.

In addition to normal medication, the attending psychotherapist, Dr. Wang Zhengan, conducts face-to-face psychotherapy with Xiao Cong for at least an hour every day, and often brings Xiao Cong to the outdoors for light exercise and relaxation.

Worried that Xiao Cong would not speak for too long and his language function was degraded, Dr. Wang also instructed the nurse to help Xiao Cong slowly perform vocal exercises.

In a gradual and gradual environment, Xiao Cong, who had a trust in Dr. Wang and the nurse, miraculously broke the silence that lasted for two years after only one week in hospital!

  ”In the beginning we tried to read some small booklets to Xiao Cong. Xiao Cong stood there, looked at the booklet, and opened his mouth, but there was no sound.

We were all worried. Imagine for a while that Xiao Cong was able to make some hoarse sounds. Although it was muddy, at least, there was a sound!

We are all very happy, so we continue to encourage him . “Speaking of the scene when Xiao Cong finally began to speak, Dr. Wang was still excited:” Progressive, Xiao Cong’s appropriateness is clearer, I can hear him as a wordOne word is being read. Although he is reading very slowly, and many words cannot be heard clearly, how great a progress it is!

Now, Xiao Cong has been admitted to the hospital for almost a month. Basically, daily and less complicated communication has been achieved. Xiao Cong still loves to sing. He often sings by himself with a microphone in the activity room, right, Xiao Cong!

At this point, Dr. Wang raised his head to Xiao Cong, and Xiao Cong smiled wryly.

  ”Although Xiao Cong’s situation is much better than before, in fact, the underlying problem in his heart has not been truly solved.

Dr. Wang slowly put away a smile and said without limitation: “Although through this step of communication and treatment, we know some of the reasons that caused him to have a language barrier, but it is easy. This is only a small part, and it belongsPart of what happened at school, while the more profound family reasons are still unknown.

Every time I talked to Xiao Cong about things at home, he basically returned to a state of silence. Even so, when we asked him some questions about his personal feelings, he was always silent.Speaking of this, Dr. Wang showed a little helplessness: “Originally we still wanted to understand Xiao Cong’s condition at home from my parents, but because the family is far away, I haven’t met Xiao Cong’s mother so far, and his father does notAt home, many conditions are unclear.

This is a very unfavorable condition for our treatment. In the next step, we plan to take more measures to start from the family side and analyze the root cause of Xiao Cong.

Based on the preliminary judgment of the current situation, the reason why Xiao Cong did not speak for a long time was because of the stress disorder caused by peripheral external stimuli, which caused silent symptoms.

“For the treatment of Xiao Cong, although the current performance is good, Dr. Wang is still very worried:” Because of economics and some other reasons, after seeing Xiao Cong start talking, Xiao Cong’s father wanted toLet Xiao Cong be discharged home.

However, in fact, many of the root causes have not yet been identified, and Xiao Cong is still in the early stages of recovery. If the environment is changed at this time, the environment that has been protected, cared for, and taken care of by the hospital will be converted to a place with few protective measuresSocial environment, a certain school, if something similar to the nickname event, teacher punishment and other things happen again, this will probably hurt Xiao Cong more than before. If there is another accident, and then you want to recover, it will be difficult.
Therefore, we are also working hard to communicate with parents, hoping that Xiao Cong can be treated here for three months. I think such a treatment time is more suitable for Xiao Cong’s current situation.

“What is mutism?

  Silence as a special symptom refers to the absence of organic lesions in the speech organs, the lack of mental development and the absence of speech.

The disease generally has no organic cause of the brain.

At present, it is thought that it is caused by mental factors acting on children with certain personality characteristics, which may be related to the following reasons-1. Children with personality characteristics before the disease?
They often have sensitive, timid, shy, lonely, fragile, and dependent personality traits. Parents of children often have personality abnormalities and mental disorders.

  2. Although mature children with delayed development have acquired language function, the time to start speaking is significantly longer than that of normal children, and often accompanied by other language problems.

It is also often accompanied by other developmental disorders such as functional enuresis, functional enuresis, and some of the children’s EEG manifestations are immature EEG and other abnormal changes.

  3. Children with psychosocial factors often experience emotional trauma in early years, such as family conflicts, parental disagreement, parental separation and divorce, parental abuse of children, and sudden changes in family environment. Some children are affected by family environment changes or a significantOnset after mental stimulation.

  How to tell if your child is suffering from mutism?

  The accurate diagnosis of mutism in children is quite difficult and requires a comprehensive examination and evaluation, including neurological examination, psychopsychological examination, hearing examination, social communication ability examination, learning ability examination, language and speech examination, and various related objective examinations.

At present, relevant experts in the United States believe that there are 5 clinical features that can be used as a basis for diagnosis. -1 “Cannot” speak in situations where verbal communication is required, but speak normally in other environments.

  2. Duration of more than 1 month.

  3, no speech barrier, no language problems caused by speaking foreign languages (or different dialects).

  4. It is because of entering the school or changing the school, relocation or social interaction, etc. that affect the children’s life.

  5, did not suffer from such autism, schizophrenia, mental retardation or other developmental disorders such as development or mental illness.

  How is mutism treated?

  When parents find that their child has symptoms of mutism, they must not be taken lightly. Instead, they should take the child to a professional psychotherapist for help in time. Delays may lead to the child’s illness and increase the difficulty of recovery.

  At first glance, Xiao Cong, the editor’s note in front of me, is such an ordinary, but temporarily quiet child. Maybe in the next second, he will jump up like a little monkey and yell, just for the badBadly jump everyone down!

But Xiao Cong has been sitting so quietly, lowering his head slightly.

Encouraged by Dr. Wang, he finally looked up and slowly asked, “What’s your name?

“The black man, with a little dazed smile in his eyes.

When Dr. Wang asked Xiao Cong if he could tell me his experience, Xiao Cong shook his head first, but then he heard Dr. Wang say that this was done to tell more people to care about their children, protect them, and keep them from changing.When many children encountered what he had experienced before, Xiao Cong nodded immediately.

What a kind and sensible child!

  After listening to Dr. Wang’s introduction to Xiao Cong’s experience, it is true that Xiao Cong was ill and had a lack of personal characteristics. However, why no one can detect it in time and make the poor child suffer for so long?

In addition to the past, there are two factors that need our serious attention.

The first is the school factor.

Once a child enters school, they spend a lot of childhood, a large part of their studies, and social interaction in the school, and the school should take important responsibility for the growth of the child.

It ‘s true that nicknames are common among children, and the teacher’s strict discipline is reasonable at the same time, but why are not sensitive teachers like Xiao Cong for years?Extra attention?

Are there too many students?

Or is the current educational purpose still to train good students who can score high marks, but ignore the healthy growth of children’s psychology?
The second factor is the family.

Indeed, the work of adults today is too busy and tired, and many parents are unable to spare more time to accompany their children to grow up, which makes the majority of the only children today more lonely, so they may cause psychological problemsIt has increased greatly. However, in the limited time spent with children, parents still judge how their children are based on their achievements. So who cares about children ‘s mental health?

  Maybe Xiao Cong’s example is only a very small number of cases, but we can still see the problems reflected from it. How can we make children’s mental and physical health grow up as well?

This is still a thought-provoking question and requires the common attention of the entire society!

Positive psychological cues can alleviate child anxiety

Positive psychological cues can alleviate child anxiety

There were more young faces at the scene at 2 pm. When the reporter walked into the academic lecture hall on the second floor of the Chengdu Library, the front seats were empty.

What ‘s different from the previous six famous medical museums is that the average age of the citizens who came to listen to the lectures is much younger. The upcoming middle and high school entrance examinations have affected many parents ‘hearts. Many parents lead their children to come together during the weekend.Attend class.

  ”Sometimes parents don’t necessarily listen to what they say, and by communicating with other people, they can make children have a certain understanding.

Mr. Chen, a citizen who came to the class, pointed at his daughter and said that she had typical pre-examination worries. Seeing that the mid-term exam was about to happen. Although the child was also working hard, the effect was not very satisfactory. In this period, the words of parentsThe effect is likely to cause consequences.

  ”The child is in a cram school today and there is no way to rush over to listen to this class.

No, my son asked me to come to the class with his dad, and he was responsible for conveying the content to him in the evening.

“Ms. Xiao said,” Coming to the lecture will also expand our horizons and teach us how to decompress the child when he is particularly stressed.

“Score the concerns and resonate” Parents please see if your child has any of the following situations in daily life, such as feeling that the child is more likely to be nervous or anxious than usual, or fearing for no reason, etc. Now we use the level of worry to ourselvesTest the form to give your child a score and see if he is a high-anxiety person.

“Opening the multimedia courseware, Yuan Yin asked students and parents to look at the 20 questions and silently calculate whether or not these conditions existed, and to what extent they existed.

  ”Dad, I think most of the questions mentioned above are similar to my current situation.

“After finishing the question, a girl told her dad.

“Don’t be nervous. If you don’t exceed 50 points during the self-test, then it is a normal worry factor.

“Yuan Yin said,” Don’t worry about discoloration. In fact, moderate worry will have more positive effects, so that you can maintain the alertness of your studies, concentrate your energy, and mobilize your body energy., Keep the brain excited enough to promote the brain to improve work efficiency.

“On the side of the narrative,” The Death of a Small Staff “, Yuan Yin made the attendees aware of the dangerous consequences of excessive worry.

“Every day, positive psychological cues and self-regulation will make children feel better about worry.

“Yuan Yin, who is different, used a picture of Zhou Xingchi with tears in ancient costumes as the picture to end the lecture, and made parents and students burst into laughter and applause.

Yinchuan survey shows that students live with low body weight and obesity

Yinchuan survey shows that students live with low body weight and obesity

Ningxia Yinchuan City Youth League Committee recently conducted a survey on the nutrition of primary school students, randomly selected 2,198 students from the city.

According to the survey, among these students, malnutrition and weight loss accounted for 35.

8%, overweight, obesity accounted for 12.


  Seeing the results of this survey, many people have fallen into the trap: experiencing socio-economic development and improving people’s living standards. Even in rural areas, children can eat and eat well. Why is there malnutrition?

In the city, people are paying more and more attention to healthy eating, but why is the child’s physical condition still not satisfactory?

  According to Guo Yang, the head of the school department of the Yinchuan Municipal Youth League Committee, the nutrition survey follows the type and economic level of the school and adopts a random selection method of multiple age groups to conduct physical examinations for three school students.A 24-hour nutritional value survey was conducted and 1,800 primary school nutrition status questionnaires were distributed in 12 schools.

Among the 2,198 students surveyed, 1102 were boys, 1096 were girls, 1,301 were rural students, and 897 were urban students.

  According to the survey results, 787 of the 2,198 students had “soybean sprouts”-type malnutrition, accounting for 35.

8%, “Little Pit” 265, accounting for 12.


Among them, the detection rate of malnutrition for boys and girls was 41 respectively.

3% and 30.

3%; the detection rate of overweight or obesity for boys and girls is 15, respectively.

34% and 8.


  According to the analysis of the investigation team, the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, so that the malnourished people in the students are gradually decreasing, but the malnutrition in the primary schools and the children of migrant workers in rural areas are still widespread or improved.Very few.

In fact, due to increased nutrient supplementation, reduced physical activity and a unilateral understanding of nutrition issues by parents, the “Little Pit” in urban primary schools has doubled.

  In the interview, the reporter found that in rural primary schools, most of the children are thin and weak, while in urban primary schools, the chances of seeing “Little Pound” are great.

Chen Qizhong, head of the nutrition department of the Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, said that a large part of the “patients” who came to the specialist for nutrition problems were parents of obese children.

  The “five sins” that lead to malnutrition in students can be ground from the findings, and malnutrition and obesity have become common nutritional problems affecting students’ health.

According to relevant experts, in fact, overnutrition is also a malnutrition, so students’ health problems can be basically classified as malnutrition in a broad sense.

A comprehensive analysis by nutrition experts and investigators found “five sins” that led to malnutrition among students.

  First, urban parents believe that nutrition is more money, blindly high expenditure.

Chen Qizhong said that many parents still hold the traditional concept. They simply think that the child’s nutrition problem is a problem of “complementing and not making up”, so blindly buy various nutrients and supplements for the children, which are high in occupancy but not effective.

“Parents should have primary responsibility for nutritional problems.

Second, the family income of rural and migrant workers family students nutritional status.

According to the survey report, as the income of the family increases, the average height of the students increases significantly. In terms of weight, the annual income of the family below 2000 yuan is too low, which has reached the standard of malnutrition.

In fact, students with annual household incomes offset by 2,000 yuan are generally malnourished.

Similarly, the analysis of rural children’s absorption of energy, on average absorbed 2118 kcal per day, lower than urban children.

  Third, eating habits are not scientific.

According to the survey, the problem of picky eaters in urban schools is more prominent. 69% of students choose foods they like to eat, 47% prefer foods on fried foods and stalls, and eat high-energy and high-income foods.It is the main factor for the overweight of urban school-age children.

In the interview, the reporter found that this phenomenon has a tendency to spread to the countryside.

No matter which school, before and after school, students will buy food around the stalls. It is neither healthy nor safe for students to eat while walking.

  Fourth, the variety is single, the nutrition is not balanced.

The scientific expectation should be to maintain a reasonable and balanced relationship between the three major nutrients of protein, trace and carbohydrate.

However, many students currently have three meals at a time, resulting in nutritional imbalances.
According to the survey, rural primary school students and urban workers have a single diet. 83% of the students basically eat bread, 74% of the students only drink porridge at night, and 61% of the students eat more than 3 kinds of vegetables every day.
This is bound to cause serious shortage of energy and nutrients in this part of the students, affecting their learning efficiency and physical development.

  Fifth, food nutrition and hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

At present, the food and beverage stalls on the market are dirty, chaotic, and poor. The hygiene conditions of some small dining tables and dining stalls in front of the school are worrying.

  Experts suggest that a reasonable mix of food is a key fact, and the nutrition problems of primary and secondary school students have long attracted attention.

In August 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture and other seven ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Notice on the Implementation of the “Student Retirement Milk Plan”” and jointly launched the national “Student Retirement Milk Plan”.

From 2000 to 2005, the “Student Alternative Milk Program” was promoted in 10,000 primary and secondary schools in 28 provinces, districts and cities, and the daily supply of students was 2.43 million.

  At present, various kinds of “nutritional breakfast” or “nutritious lunch” have been launched all over the country. For example, Yinchuan City has piloted a free nutritious breakfast in the students of the two schools. The price of each meal per student is 2.

Around 52 yuan, provide large cakes, eggs, soy milk, Hanamaki, dairy products, etc., reasonable mix every day to improve the nutritional structure of students.

  Chen Qizhong said that “student milk” and “nutritional breakfast” are good attempts, but real implementation is not easy.

He believes that parents are the key to protecting children’s nutrition. Parents are advised to change their mindset first, paying attention to their children’s academic performance, paying attention to their children’s diet and nutrition, and earnestly studying nutrition knowledge, from a layman to an expert.

  Chen Qizhong said: “Citizen parents should learn to reasonably mix food for children and avoid children’s picky eating habits; rural parents do not hinder the search for reasonable substitutes because of economic conditions. For example, rural children may not have the conditions to drink milk every day, but it is cheap.Soy products can also provide enough protein and calcium for your child’s growth and development.

Chen Qizhong said that there is no bad food, only a bad match.

As long as parents can properly match their children, they can avoid malnutrition.

  At the same time, experts also recommend the promotion of nutrition knowledge into the teaching of schools, the establishment of nutrition health classes, and publicity to students through a variety of forms.

Chen Qizhong said: “The “Guide to Compensation for Chinese Residents” is good. It should be promoted among students and parents.

“The lowest, the primary school nutrition status surveyer also suggested that the government strengthen the supervision of small meals and small stalls outside the school to avoid the food safety threats of primary school students.

At the same time, promote standardized nutritious meals, introduce practical support policies, promote the help of all sectors of society, and establish a “green channel” for students’ nutritious meals.

Practicing Yoga is good for obese people

Practicing Yoga is good for obese people

Are you obese

Want to have a slim and fit body?

Because of obesity, it is always difficult to accept.

Practice yoga to eliminate your worries!

  Being overweight will hinder your health and reduce life. If your weight exceeds 20%, you will greatly increase your chances of cardiovascular disease, encephalopathy, hypertension, diabetes, gout and gastrointestinal diseases.

Of course, if you exceed 30%, 40%, or 50% of the standard weight, the danger is also relatively increased. It is like assigning a bomb from time to time, will you be able to do whatever you want?

  How is obesity caused?

Simply put, it is caused by the reduction of the body’s metabolism rate, that is, the body cannot effectively convert nutrients into the raw materials or energy required by the cells. These unconvertible nutrients are stored and become the main cause of obesity.

At present, all the only yoga exercises that have been proven by non-mathematicians are the most economical, most effective and safest way to control weight and promote metabolism to reduce weight.

  The practice of yoga can make the internal organs function from the inner harmony of gentle and mutual advancement, and create new physiological functions.

The inner sense of smoothness, smoothness and coordination, activates the metabolism and effectively converts nutrients into the raw materials or energy required by the cells, and the extra waste is discharged from the body without being stored to achieve the effect of maintaining weight.

It also helps to maintain skin and maintain the beauty of curves.

  Here are a few postures: abdominal movements and walking in the air, strengthen your hard work, you will notice that the abdominal muscles have become stronger, the abdominal muscles have disappeared, and the weight is not easy to increase.

  1: lie flat and take a deep breath 2. Inhale, feet 90 degrees high, toes straight, exhale, feet down to 45 degrees, back and forth 6 times 3, inhale, feet 45 degrees off the ground, stay for a few seconds,Take a deep breath.

  4. Slowly restore.

Hold the abdomen with both hands.

  2: 1. Lie flat on the ground and take a deep breath.

  2. Inhale, hold your hands and feet at 90 degrees and exhale.

  3, with the left hand down and the left foot down, but not on the ground, then change the right hand and right foot down, and the left hand and left foot will pull back to 90 degrees.

Do it ten times on each side.

  4. Relax and restore.

Adjusting your breath to maintain a good shape is just one of the purposes of practicing yoga. Yoga can bring you more health and mentality.

Watermelon covered with plastic wrap and added to the refrigerator will kill people

Watermelon covered with plastic wrap and added to the refrigerator will kill people

Half of Ms. Lan’s watermelons in Anhui were kept in the refrigerator for two days, and she was afraid to waste, so she took them out.

Soon after eating watermelon, she felt a little feverish, afraid of cold, and dizzy and flustered. She thought she had a cold, took some cold medicine and ate it, but soon started to spit and diarrhea.

The coma was closed the next morning.

  Later, the cause of the fever was unknown, shock, damage to multiple organ functions, and his critical condition was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Second Affiliated Hospital of An Medical College.

  The attending physician of the hospital introduced that Ms. Lan is a typical septic shock. Septic shock is one of the serious clinical complications and the mortality rate is high.

  Why is there such a situation?

The doctor explained that the reason is likely to be in the half of the watermelon she ate-the watermelon she ate had already grown a lot of bacteria. After the bacteria entered the body, they “run” with the blood and penetrated the organs.

  Amazingly, not only did Ms. Lan put the watermelon she bought into the refrigerator, she also wrapped it in plastic wrap, and there was nothing wrong with it!

This is also the way we use to preserve watermelons. What’s wrong with this?

  The truth is: cling film wrap watermelon, that is breeding bacteria!

  Further reading: What are the hazards of cling film?

  At present, foods sold in plastic wrap can be found everywhere in supermarkets, large and small, and are accepted by more and more families.

Cover the plastic wrap gently to keep the food delicious and bring great convenience to cooking.

However, more and more studies have found that this convenient convenience is actually not safe.

  In order to increase its viscosity, high and elasticity, a certain amount of plasticizer is added to the polyvinyl chloride plastic wrap, and the plasticizer contains a compound, which has a great damaging effect on the human endocrine system and will disturbHuman hormone metabolism.

After extended wrapping, the fat in food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic wrap, and when heated, it will accelerate the release of the compound in the plasticizer into the food. After eating, it will cause women to suffer from obesity and newborns.
Congenital defects, reduced male sperm counts, and even mental illness.

At present, plasticizers have been restricted in Europe and banned in Korea.

  Differentiate the types and reuse them At present, the cling film on the market is roughly divided into two types, one is ordinary cling film, which is suitable for refrigerator cling film; the other is microwave cling film, which can be used for refrigerator freshness and microwave oven. ConsumersPay special attention to the difference in use.

It is not suitable for cooking and heating in a microwave oven if it is not specified for a cling film suitable for a microwave oven.

Even some cling film corrections can be used in microwave ovens, and the use time should not be too long to prevent the food temperature from rising and causing the cling film to melt and stick to food.

There should be a minimum gap of 25 mm between the cling film and the food surface.

Choosing heat-resistant glass, porcelain plates, etc. instead of cling film to cover food is an ancient but very effective method, so as to avoid melting of cling film and plasticizer in cling film being absorbed by food.

  The cling film may contain chemicals such as phthalates and DEHA, which can cause carcinogens when heated in a microwave oven.

Therefore, when wrapping any fresh-keeping film in food, it is best not to use a microwave oven for cooking or heating in a steamer or rice cooker; even if it is not in contact, it is best to remove the fresh-keeping film.

When storing food, use a covered porcelain bowl or stainless steel container.

If possible, use your own paper to wrap the meat when buying it.

Food is packed in uncovered ceramic bowls. If it is covered with plastic wrap, do not fill it up to avoid touching it.

  Which plastic film, plastic bag or plastic container do you choose?

  The plastic wrap is suitable for preserving water and fruits and vegetables.

For example, apples, pears, tomatoes, rapeseed, chives, etc., can not only keep fresh, but then increase some of these nutrients.

Experiments show that 100 grams of leeks coated with cling film have more vitamin C content after 24 hours than when not wrapped1.

33 mg, rapeseed, more lettuce leaves 1.

92 mg.

However, the experimental results of some vegetables are contrary. After 100 grams of cling-wrapped radish were stored for one day, their vitamin C content decreased by 3%.

4 milligrams, the beans are reduced by 3.

After 8 mg of cucumber stored for one day and one night, its vitamin C loss is equivalent to 5 apples.

For these vegetables, eating them early is the best way.
  For staple foods such as steamed buns and dim sum, it is very inconvenient to use the surface of plastic wrap. For reference, the plastic wrap is relatively thick, the air permeability is not very good, and it is relatively suitable.
  Cooked foods, hot foods, and oily foods, especially meat, should not be stored in plastic wrap or plastic bags.

After these foods are in contact with plastic wrap and bags, it is easy to cause the chemical components contained in the materials to volatilize and dissolve in the food, which is not good for health.

Most of the plastic wraps currently on the market are made from vinyl masterbatches as well as commonly used plastic bags.

Some materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC for short). This material is often added with stabilizers, additives, auxiliary processing agents and other raw materials, which is harmful to the human body.

Therefore, it is recommended that you restore the habit of using porcelain dishes and plates for many years.

  The main role of the fresh-keeping box is sealing, which can effectively store raw foods in isolation and block the odor.

Therefore, cooked meat products bought from the supermarket, eat the remaining cooked meat products, foods with strong odors, it is best to seal them in a fresh-keeping box in time to avoid cross-infection of bacteria and to ensure that food does not smell.