[Fast food for seven days]_How to eat again_How to eat again

[Fast food for seven days]_How to eat again_How to eat again

Many people are very desperate in order to lose weight. They can achieve their ideal weight by fasting. Although fasting can quickly reduce their weight in the short term, once they return to food, it is easy to cause rebound.Some unscientific methods of weight loss. When you lose weight, do not follow blindly. You need to combine your own physical conditions and choose the method that is suitable for you. What is the seven-day fasting table?

On the first day of reopening, you should eat vegetable soup. Wash and chop all kinds of green vegetables directly, and then add an appropriate amount of water to boil and serve.

Remember not to add any condiments when cooking vegetable soup, and you should not eat too much, just one bowl of soup a day.

After opening the valley, you can eat rice soup for breakfast and lunch on the second day of re-eating (that is, boil with rice or millet with water, just take the rice soup on the rice).

For dinner, you can eat rice porridge in moderation.

On the third morning, you can drink rice porridge or noodles on the third day of re-food. After eating the noodles, remember to use less condiments, and you can cook the noodles before eating.

Noodles are usually eaten with dinner, but be careful with fried vegetables.

On the fourth day, you should eat rice porridge, noodles, and boiled eggs. After dinner, you can eat soft rice and stir-fried vegetables in moderation.

On the fifth day after the break, you can eat eggs for breakfast, and you can eat fried vegetables or fried tofu for dinner.

You can start your normal diet on the sixth day after the valley is cleared, but you still need to avoid spicy foods and greasy foods.

On the seventh day of re-eating after the development of the valley, you can add fish or pork as appropriate on the basis of a normal diet. At this time, you should especially avoid overeating.

Warm reminder: the diet after the valley is very particular. If you want to get the ideal effect, you can refer to the above introduction in the diet after the valley, so as not to affect the effect of the valley because of improper diet.

When the time of re-eating after the trough is more than one week, you can increase the amount of food you eat on the basis of your normal diet. At the same time, you should control the amount of food you eat. Remember to avoid overeating and avoid spicy and greasy foodsNot good for your health.

It is very important to re-eat after the valley, and the end of the valley is our first step in finding health, a new beginning.

Before meals, prepare the meals you want to eat, set a certain amount, eat less meals, avoid salt replacement, women substitute excessive salt, it is easy to edema and get old.

how to eat?

The first three days: fruits and vegetables, millet porridge, nuts, and liquid food are all good foods to protect our stomachs, less oil and less salt on the fourth day?
Day 7: Normal diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetables or fruits are required for dinner. People at the end of the valley can easily find a recognized attitude towards food, and everything that feels sparse and ordinary food appears precious at this time.

Hope every one of us can find this feeling, this kind of gratitude for food recognition.

You can learn to be grateful when eating, thank you for the growth of rice, thank you for the energy of vegetables, thank you for the animals and plants we eat.

They were eaten by us, disappeared, and no longer existed.

They haven’t really disappeared, they have become part of our body, our lives come from their lives, and we carry them in their lives.

You can also thank the sun and rain for the normal growth of fruits, vegetables, animals and plants. Eating in this state of gratitude is the most nutritious, the best for the body, and the most upholding of our character.