[Maternity of red bean soup]_ postpartum _ how to do

[Maternity of red bean soup]_ postpartum _ how to do

The body of the child is still recovering just after birth, so at this time, nourishing soup and water is very important. In addition, you can drink a little red bean soup appropriately after giving birth. The red bean soup promotes digestion and absorption, and at the same time nutritionThe value is also very high, and it can nourish blood and nourish qi, nourish the heart and nourish blood, and nourish qi and spleen. In addition, the red bean soup should be made worse, which will be more beneficial to digestion.

First, Yangxin From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, red beans can raise the heart’s effect. Drinking more red bean soup can help the mother clear her heart, make the mother’s mood more stable, optimistic, and reduce the mother’s unhappy mood all day.

Second, red beans have the effect of maintaining blood and promoting heart health and promoting heart health. Maternal drinking of more red bean soup is of great benefit to heart health.

In addition to being able to replenish blood, it also has the effect of replenishing qi. Drinking more red bean soup is the most suitable for pregnant women with qi and blood deficiency.

Third, the spleen and stomach red beans have a very obvious spleen and stomach effect. Maternals drink more red bean soup, and you will find that your digestive ability has improved and your appetite has improved.

This is how red beans play a role in strengthening the spleen and stomach. Maternal spleen and stomach are better, digestion and absorption will become better, and they will become more appetite.

This naturally promotes the health of the mother and baby.

Fourth, eliminating edema Red beans have the effect of removing dampness and swelling, so the mothers drink more red bean soup, which can make the women’s bloated bodies become slim.

In order to achieve better dehumidifying effect, some women add some red rice to the red bean soup, but the red rice is cold and not suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, everyone can use the red bean soup. Do not add the red rice to cook the soup.

What are the benefits of maternal drinking red bean soup?

Maternal suffering from red bean soup has the above-mentioned four aspects of benefits. After the mothers give birth to the baby, they may wish to ask the family to cook some red bean soup for themselves, and add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to the soup, so that it tastes better.Can enhance nutrition, drink more can promote maternal physical recovery.